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Since that time he has answered almost 6, questions related to vintage ukuleles. Over many years, Chuck assembled his own world-class collection of vintage Hawaiian and Mainland ukes, including some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. Search the Uke Yak. Previous Page Jump to page: Dan Marek Subject: Old Martin?

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Played a Favilla this weekend. Spent the weekend in the Texas Hill Country and had a close encounter with a Herk Favilla all-mahogany guitar made sometime in the s, probably early in that decade. Probably an F5, based on my online searching I didn't take notes from the interior label It belongs to a woman who was one of my wife's best friends since they were 13 and her roommate back in college. Thought I'd share my thoughts AND find out how many other folks here have tried or currently own a Favilla.

I recall playing this little instrument many years back, and every time I've tried it, I've been favorably impressed by its tone, clarity and playability. This time, alas, it was showing its age and need for some serious TLC. Strings were ancient and crusty: The original tuners are still on The saddle is probably at its lowest point before needing some hard decisions about sanding the bridge or resetting the neck probably not a smart financial move on an instrument this inexpensive at its outset.

And right now, the original pickguard is warping and curling badly at several places, exposing unfinished wood beneath apparently, the finish was applied after the guard was fitted. Still, for all that, the neck is straight despite the apparent lack of adjustability It's a very comfortable size: Neck a slightly chunky C. Wish I'd had a set of strings with me to change out, since one of the things I've always loved about the Favilla is the clear precision and articulation of notes on the bass E and the A The thing about this Favilla is that it beats every older all-mahogany guitar I've ever played, with the possible exception of one small-body 15 Martin.

The all-hog Gibsons and Epiphones my friends had back in the '60s couldn't come close for resonance, tone and projection. These days, of course, we have Santa Cruz making the astounding series and Martin's newer 15 series and even Bedell I've played one of their all-hog models a couple of years back that did impress. But for its day, this Favilla must have been truly special. Apparently all solid, all American built save for a handful of imports toward the end of the marque's existence , and really obvious build quality, for quite affordable prices.

Or a classical model? Or one of their ukes? If so, what was YOUR impression? I looked up the brand name online and found this article, which has comments from the last of the family of builders Fran Guidry. Find all posts by Fran Guidry. I have a Favilla Classical all mahogany. Is the first guitar that i was exposed to.

My dad played it for me when i was 6 mo old, i've got the picture. Then, when about 16, i picked it up to learn on. The neck was a bit wide for a new learner, but nylon strings were o. I always remember it being around. My dad bought it new in early , so it could be a few years older. It is really resonant and loud, has a nice warm sound. I know that Favilla guitars were made in New York, so their distribution may have been more regional than national. Not sure. Personally, I never saw Favilla guitars here in Texas during the s and '70s.

OTOH, maybe I just wasn't looking in the right stores "back when. Had one of those smaller bodies Favilla mahogany guitars. VEry nice but it did need a neck set and I let it go. Pogreba Standard scale Weissenheimer "weissenborn style" amazing! Steve DeRosa. I started collecting Favilla instruments in I bought my first, a mint soprano, with tags and case, from legendary mandolin jazz plaer, Tiny Moore. Mr Moore had a music store in Sacramento , Calif. I was taking mandolin lessons from him at the time, and the uke was in his shop I spoke with the Favilla Bros about these instruments.

They helped date them for me. It is not well known that the Favillas went to Japan to work with makers there to design and build instruments. This resulted in some serious animosity from other American manufactures, not unlike aiding the enemy. The Favillas were honorable people and built to a high standard, and did not copy other makers. I prefer their ukes over and above Martins. The all mahogany classical was one fo the finest classicals I have owned and played.

There is a spruce topped one locally, I believe it is still available. Look at the gold shield logo closely and see if there is anything odd about it.. I will mention it is oh so subtle on some instruments. Originally Posted by bohemian. I am still playing my Favilla. I still play this guitar every day, it has been my only guitar since then. It's still got all the original parts, the only piece I had replaced was the bridge.

It sounds unbelievable, I've had guitar shops question if it is really a Martin, they had never heard of Favilla. Back when the internet first came out, I found the company in New York City and communicated with who I'm pretty sure was Herkemer's son. He asked me a few things about the guitar, checked the serial number, and verified that it was made in NY in Now in my 60s I'm finally getting up the courage to play out, and the idea of cutting up this old beauty for a pickup is just horrifying.

So I bit the bullet and bought a Cordoba from a guy here in Costa Rica for a crazy good price. But my Favilla will always be my baby, my go to guitar, my friend. All times are GMT The time now is User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Join Date: Aug Location: San Antonio, Texas Posts: Played a Favilla this weekend Spent the weekend in the Texas Hill Country and had a close encounter with a Herk Favilla all-mahogany guitar made sometime in the s, probably early in that decade.

Find all posts by dirkronk. Fran Guidry Registered User. May Location: Walnut Creek, CA Posts: My baritone uke is a Favilla. Jan Posts: Find all posts by louisjames. Jan Location: Hudson Valley, NY Posts: Find all posts by pickitPaul. Apr Location: Wisconsin Posts: Find all posts by mstuartev. Steve DeRosa Registered User. Mar Location: Staten Island, NY Posts: Find all posts by Steve DeRosa.

State of Jefferson Posts: Find all posts by bohemian. Originally Posted by bohemian Look at the gold shield logo closely and see if there is anything odd about it.. Sep Posts: So what was the answer to this riddle?

Valuation Reports for Used Favilla Brothers Ukulele STARCMANTOVA.COMe Boards; Uke Talk; Help needed dating Favilla baritone; Help needed dating Favilla. Favilla ukes can be difficult to date. Tom Favilla told me that black tuners, like the ones on your uke, on a U2 gave an 80% probability that the.

We're headed down memory lane at this point. Wondering what could be there with regard to ukulele literature, I was stunned to have the computer bring up the following list of ukulele instruction manuals Any that you have that aren't on the list, please let me know and I'll add them in at the earliest possible opportunity. That said, our first contributor is Todd Novak with three new titles-- Thanks Todd!

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Played a Favilla this weekend. Spent the weekend in the Texas Hill Country and had a close encounter with a Herk Favilla all-mahogany guitar made sometime in the s, probably early in that decade.

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Value for Money. Favilla, like Martin, were a mainland US guitar company who were quick to pick up on the trend for ukuleles in the s. They carried on making ukuleles up until and baritones up to but most Favilla ukuleles are from the s and 30s. Lot of money in those days. I still have it. It has a few scratches, not too bad, the alegator case is pretty much shot, but the uke still plays and sounds great.

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No embellishments have been made to the sound files of any of the instruments. Purchase Ukuleles Visit Showroom. Search for: Best Vintage Ukuleles. Vintage Tahitian Banjo Ukulele. Stewart Teardrop Soprano Ukulele. David Mahelona Replica Ukulele 1. Kamaka Concert Ukulele Tiki Model. Custom Martin Baritone Ukulele.

Those Fabulous Favillas.

Favilla Guitars, Inc. Originally called "Favilla Bros.

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Skip to main content. Vintage Baritone Ukuleles Refine Results. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. This uke has fairly new strings on it, and it sounds lovely and plays well. There is no label that I ca New York Sold by: In the right hands, it's well worth consideration! Used item. Jump on this opportunity!

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November 17, While a bit rough around the edges appearance-wise, this nice old Favilla uke only has one small 1" repaired hairline crack on the back, a light build, and a loud, warm, woody, gutsy voice. When you strum it really hard the top is actually so engaged via the strings that it almost distorts. When that happens you know you're playing a uke with plenty of volume at "comfort zone" strum-n-pick levels. It's a little funky to date this one because of contrasting features but I'm pretty sure it's a lates make and it's definitely the "U2" model due to the three small dots on the fretboard.

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Favilla Guitars, Inc. Originally called "Favilla Bros. Brothers John ca. The company produced instruments in various New York locations, but around settled into the West 16th Street location where it would remain until John Favilla died in , and when his son Herk took over in , the company was moved to a larger facility in Brooklyn. In the company relocated again, this time to Long Island. Around this time, guitar production peaked at 3,, per year.

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