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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Elena Nicolaou. Not only would there be sexual tension in Justice League between Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Batman — the dynamic had been deliberately heightened in reshoots with Whedon. I wondered why I, of all people, was flaring up at the idea of two fictional superheroes and grown adults! With this comment, all Affleck did was guarantee that Justice League would have at least a little of one of my favorite movie ingredients — sexual tension.

Batman and wonder woman dating fanfiction, she needs to...

Hey, guys! Starting a new fic. Unfortunately, school is starting again, so I won't be able to update super often. I'll try to post the next update in a week or two, but we'll see. I'm also trying to make the chapters longer now so there's more material to read between updates. Anyway, hope you enjoy! Diana was sprawled out on Shayera's couch, a table covered by empty Chinese food cartons to her right. The Thanagarian was as stuffed as Diana was, sitting on the floor with her back against the couch.

They had just finished watching 10 Things I Hate About You , and it was time for their weekly girl-talk session. It was at times like these that Diana was especially grateful that she and Shayera had patched up their friendship. Diana had few female friends as it was, and most of them were happily in relationships. Dinah had Ollie, Helena had Charlie. Shayera understood her situation and was having some guy troubles of her own. But maybe not as big as serenading him in front of a bunch of people while making a fool of yourself," Shayera suggested, laughing as she remembered the scene from the movie.

Diana frowned and turned her head slightly to look at her friend. Shayera pursed her lips in thought. It might let you crack that hard exterior of his. Especially if it's done in front of a lot of people. He would just withdraw further from me. Besides, Patrick did that because Kat was angry at him for rejecting her kiss, and he wanted her to forgive her. If only I were in Patrick's situation. Bruce isn't angry at me because I wouldn't let him kiss me.

He's just trying to avoid a relationship with me. I hurt John, and I need to wait until he is ready to forgive me, if he ever is. But I hate that we sit here, week after week, discussing our practically non-existent love lives. Nothing is changing, and I'd like it if at least one of us saw some improvement. Diana eyed Shayera's upset expression and sighed. She was probably the world's biggest sucker. Batman has excellent self-control. He's always completely focused on the mission.

Shayera smirked. Don't worry, I already have an idea. Diana saw Bruce in the kitchen, pouring himself some coffee. It's now or never , she thought to herself. She still wasn't completely comfortable with Shayera's plan, but she couldn't back out of it now that she'd already agreed. Besides, the idea did have some merit. If she was having trouble forcing Batman to act on his feelings for her, she could try to get him to act on his attraction to her.

She entered the kitchen, walking towards him, and he looked up at her from his drink. As soon as she got within an arm's length of him, she allowed herself to stumble, falling forward. She exhaled a small breath of relief as he quickly set down his mug and caught her. It would have been embarrassing if he had let her fall to the ground. Now that she was in his arms, she suddenly froze, unsure of herself once again.

She wasn't acting herself, and he was a bit worried. Like I would be for any other teammate , he added in his head. She had no idea what she was doing, and at seeing Batman's unresponsiveness, she was ready to strangle Shayera for putting her in this humiliating situation. Thinking back to the list of actions Shayera had told her to do, Diana could only continue on and hope for the best. Bruce was confused at the almost breathless quality of her voice.

Had she just been doing strenuous exercise? Then he understood as she started stroking his chest in lazy circles: He was about to tell her off coldly, but then she licked her lips and focused her beautiful eyes on his mouth. For someone so innocent, she definitely knew how to test his self-control.

Then again, he shouldn't have been surprised. Diana could tempt most men without even trying. Then she moved her hand to his cheek, touching the corner of his mouth with her thumb, and Bruce felt the air around them get hotter. Diana wished she could see his eyes, but they were covered by the white lenses of the cowl.

She was sure her desire was clear on her face, but he was much harder to read. She thought she had heard a slight hitch in his breath when she had touched his face, but she couldn't be sure. Then he lowered his head a fraction of an inch. Was he going to -? He might have kissed her - not that he would ever admit that to himself - if not for the sound of pattering feet coming down the hallway. Batman quickly jerked back, releasing Diana, but not before the Flash had caught sight of them.

Did I interrupt something? Diana picked herself off the floor, having not reacted quickly enough to levitate herself. I just tripped, and Batman caught me. She was about to go after him when Wally's words registered in her mind. In a split second, he chucked the can in the trash and sped off, no doubt to cause some trouble. She shook her head and flew down the hall after Batman.

Diana sighed. Bruce was making his displeasure with her clear, but she couldn't let this go yet. Not when he had finally showed that he liked her as more than a friend. She flew past him and then turned around, blocking his path. I'm sorry that Wally stopped us. But I'm not sorry that I did what I did. Batman stopped walking and turned to look at her. And don't ask me why. I've outlined the reasons many times.

I'm not right for you, and the sooner you accept that, the faster you can move on. I could help you. We could fight crime in Gotham, together. Gotham is my city, and I defend it alone. What would people think when they saw Wonder Woman fighting in Gotham? It would reveal my secret identity. The relationship itself could be plausible, since Bruce Wayne has met Wonder Woman before. However, thanks to your actions today, the Flash is probably speeding around spreading rumors to all the other heroes about us being an item.

Even if we could intimidate him into silence, we would eventually slip up. People already suspect that there's something between us. It would only take a smile or a glance on your part for people to realize that Wonder Woman likes Batman. And then they would reach one of two conclusions, that Wonder Woman is dating one man while she has feelings for another.

Or that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Now, you might say that the secret would remain within the League, but I definitely don't trust all these heroes with that information. Even if they could keep it to themselves, it would be too easy for villains to torture it out of them. Additionally, if Wonder Woman dates Bruce Wayne, that puts a target on his back. If someone tries to get to you through Bruce Wayne, I may have no choice but to defend myself, revealing that Bruce Wayne isn't just some idiot billionaire.

So now you see why we couldn't date, ever. Diana was silent after Bruce's long monologue. He had anticipated each of her arguments and made a solid case against them. In fact, she was starting to see how a relationship between them wouldn't be the best idea. Bruce watched her, a bit surprised that she had nothing to say. But then again, it was difficult to argue against such concrete reasoning.

Also contains good fics that center on just Wonder Woman or Batman. Justice League - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9, Batman and Wonder Woman's First Date. This is also available on YouTube. Part I: A Conversation in the Bat Cave. A quiet night it had been.

Hey, guys! Starting a new fic. Unfortunately, school is starting again, so I won't be able to update super often.

K - English - Humor - Chapters:

Batsy's Mistake. After Batman Bruce Wayne tells the reasons why he cannot date Wonder Woman Diana He realizes that he has made a terrible mistake, and is trying to woo Diana.

Batman & Wonder Woman Fanfiction

Superman, Batman and Green Lantern were in downtown Metropolis. They had tracked down Sinestro, Bizarro, and Toyman, three of the six remaining members of the Legion of Doom that they had yet to recapture. Superman was in midair dodging blows from Bizarro while Batman was trying to avoid Toyman's exploding marbles. When Toyman ran out of those, he threw four innocent looking toy army men at Batman that became life-sized and attacked him. You know she still cares about you.

Now this argument in between Bruce and Wally went on for three hours while Bruce was trying to make a cure for Scarecrow's fear gas. Throughout all this, the rest of us just stood there, for we didn't feel like getting into the argument. We all know, even Wally, that when you have an argument with Bruce Wayne - he always wins. And with that said we all went out to look for Scarecrow to stop his big scheme, but what happens next, none of us expected. Don't you listen to anything I tell you people? I don't think you deserve to call your self henchmen. Of course they do have a slit tendency to show up at the last minute, god I hate that! It is I, Scarecrow! As you a probably know I have something called fear gas, which makes all your worst fears come true.

Letting Go.

I've tried to keep in line with the comics continuity, but frankly it changes too fast so some is closer to the animated DCU. First fanfic, reviews and flames welcome. May 4th - Corrected some spelling grammar etc. Nothing worth a re-read.

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A quiet night it had been. No Bat Signal. No alerts. No calls. And yet he sat in front of the Bat Computer in the Bat Cave alone. It was one of those nights when, in the vacuum of action, a mind and a heart may wander. Batman turned from the computer to face his faithful servant and friend.

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