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Place the TV on the SoundBase. You will see the optical cable in the box with the SoundBase accessories. This is what it looks like. As you can see in the hook above, the connector is shaped zvox it only fits one way.

The ZVOX AV200 AccuVoice TV Speaker Makes Voices and Dialog Clear

So here is the problem. Actually, there are two problems. Problem one: The speakers inside those panels are also getting thinner and thinner. The sound from those speakers…well, it is not very good. Problem two: You still want a surround sound experience, but what can you do? Fear not, my friend. ZVOX is here! ZVOX has been making award winning speakers for several years now.

Should you decide to mount your panel onto a wall, the Zbase can comfortably sit on a shelf or table top directly under it such as in my review. The speakers, amplifiers and subwoofer are all built into the cabinet. Literally, within 5 minutes, I had my up and running. Now, what sets the newer Zbases apart from their predecessors is the fact that it can accept Dolby Digital inputs.

A 70 watt class D amp powers five 2 inch drivers in the front of the unit and a 5. There is also included a sub out should you feel the need to really plumb the depths of a movie sound track. The cabinet is made from a very sturdy MDF with gloss black side panels. The unit is designed to support a TV from inches and maximum weight of pounds. I was able to look inside an unassembled unit and noticed vertical bracing throughout the interior.

The bracing allows the Zbase to remain light, but very rigid. The Zbase series is designed to accommodate all sizes of TVs, so there are choices for just about any sized TV you might have. The largest model is the Zbase which sports 2 woofers, but I also was able to see a new prototype at the company headquarters that will hold the newer 60 inch TVs.

The also incorporates some electronics that simulate surround sound. Their latest iteration of this is called PhaseCue II. By manipulating the phase output from the speakers, the sound field can be expanded into one of three different modes: For those of us that have difficulty hearing dialog, there is a Dialog Emphasis DE mode that boosts the mid range level.

Output Leveling OL will help keep those nasty, loud commercials from blowing you out of your chair during half-time. OL brings the softest sounds up and the loudest sounds down so the overall audio output is dynamically smoothed out. A small but fully functional remote is included, so flipping between surround modes, OL and DE can be easily done.

Do you have too many remotes on your coffee table already? No worries. The learning process was about as easy as it can get. I completed it within 3 minutes. In general usage the uses about 10 watts of power and only. When the is powered on with the TV, there is no sound produced until you hit the volume control button. The reason for this is because in order for the Zbase to get an Energy Star rating, it powers all the way down except for the IR input.

When a command is sent to the Zbase, the display lights up for about 5 seconds and then goes dark. The display is large and bright enough to easily be seen from across the room. I will admit that when it comes to home theater, I am somewhat of a snob. Sound bars, in general, leave me a bit cold. Usually an amplifier is needed and a separate subwoofer has to augment the low end. As the volume is increased, the sound becomes strained.

I know what you are thinking: Now I am not going to tell you that the Zbase sounds as good as a 5. But I am going to say that the overall sound quality was a huge improvement over the TV speakers on my 42 in. Samsung PDP. She also likes to listen to music on her iPad2 while she knits. Her TV is wall mounted and underneath it is a cabinet upon which to place the Zbase By using the digital optical out from the TV, I was able to make a single connection into the back of the Zbase.

After muting the audio output of the TV, I was able to have all the devices play through the TV into the The one page instruction guide was simple enough for the average novice to follow and included step-by-step instructions and pictures. The first thing I noticed about the TV sound was the increase in both clarity and bass.

Male voices in particular exuded more gravitas and weight. The powered woofer really added punch to the sound tracks of movies and even commercials. In my case, I found that the bass needed to be tamed down a bit and I ended up settling for -3 for most of my review. For surround settings, I found that 1 was not enough and 3 smeared the sound stage too much. It also made the dialog harder to hear…like the voices were coming from behind the TV and the music and effects were thrust too far forward.

Setting 2 provided a nice balance with some pretty good surround effects and still maintaining clear dialog. The DE setting projected the dialog too far forward for my tastes, but I could see where this would be a boon for a hard of hearing person. I connected my Earthquake CP8 subwoofer to the back of the Zbase and set the Zbase bass volume to zero. The low pass control on my sub was set to 60 Hz and I adjusted the volume on the sub until it blended with the After awhile, I just decided to disconnect the CP8 as the Zbase really did not lack very much in the low end and the external sub was a bit too rich for my smaller room.

I do not recommend placing the Zbase inside a book shelf cabinet as that placement would really over augment the bass and make it difficult to tame. Still, being able to add an external sub is a smart design choice and I am glad ZVOX included it with this product. Though this movie does not contain a lot of surround effects, the natural sound of human voices were a good test for the I was struck by the clarity of the voices.

Male voices had a nice touch of warmth. Female voices were well defined and lacked any nasally coloration that you sometimes get with a wimpy sound bar. While not anywhere near the sound field of a true 5. The bass had plenty of punch and impact. The system could play quite loudly and never sounded strained or congested. Next I turned my attention to music and was surprised by how well it sounded through the Their layered voices were spread out and not one on top of the other.

I was also able to hear a decent sound stage across the front of the room with reasonably pleasant placement of the instruments from right to left. Depth of field was present as well. Playing music from my iPhone through the Pure i sounded very good too. The Pure i can be used with its built in DAC to output a digital signal to the Zbase directly which is what I did for this review. Playing music through MOG and some hi-rez music via ORAstream also played without a hitch and had the added benefit of spreading out the music in virtual surround which provided an enjoyable listening experience.

My wife was quite happy to attach her iPad2 to the dock and play Pandora to her hearts content. I might as well mention that my wife quickly got a feel for using the Zbase ; whether movies, TV shows or music, the was easy for her to use. Can you think of someone that might benefit from the simplicity of the Zbase? Not everyone can be expected to have a big home theater system. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of solid choices out there. HTIB often give inferior sound and have a gaggle of wires to run.

The Zbase offers many pluses: The system is very easy to set up, looks stylish, has multiple in puts for both digital and analog, has a very effective dialog enhancement, provides spacious sound for both movies and music. It makes a great, stable base for your new TV. The supplied remote is functional, easy to use and the basic commands can be transferred to your current remote.

You have the option to add a sub, though the has plenty of punch on its own merit. It has built in digital amplification and sounds light years better than the built in TV speakers. The minuses are few. It will not replace a decent home theater 5. Stereo separation and surround effects require you to sit more directly in front of the unit then a traditional speaker system.

Since the ZVOX headquarters was just one town over from where I work, I stopped by and had a nice conversation with the product designer. Notice the phase plugs:. Home Reviews Reviews. May 15, May 13, Mark Levinson No

HOW CAN I HOOK A SUBWOOFER UP TO IT? If your ZVOX model has a subwoofer output jack on the rear panel, you can connect that to a powered subwoofer. Connect one end of an optical digital cable to the TV's Audio Out optical jack. With an optical digital audio connection, you should hear the TV sound through the.

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Measuring 17 inches wide, 3.

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Connect the Soundbar to Your TV

Like the original, hugely popular AV speaker, the AV uses advanced digital algorithms to clarify and lift voices out of a TV soundtrack — and uses of hearing aid technology to make the dialogue crystal clear. The AccuVoice AV Speaker uses the same speakers, sleek cabinet and advanced processor as the original AV — but takes crystal clear listening to the next level by offering users a choice of two separate settings of dialogue boost, making it ideal for TV viewers who suffer from mild hearing loss. With millions of Americans over the age of 50 suffering from minor hearing impairment, our AccuVoice TV speakers bring TV dialogue front and center once again, and the new AV lets users further customize their audio environment with two powerful levels of voice boost, so everyone can hear all the dialogue in all their favorite TV programming. This patented technology is activated only when voices are detected in a soundtrack. The AccuVoice AV TV speaker uses a digital amplifier and three high performance full-range speaker drivers with neodymium magnets to create realistic, room-filling sound. About ZVOX.

Zvox and Tivo Remote

So here is the problem. Actually, there are two problems. Problem one: The speakers inside those panels are also getting thinner and thinner. The sound from those speakers…well, it is not very good. Problem two: You still want a surround sound experience, but what can you do? Fear not, my friend. ZVOX is here!

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ZVOX Zbase 555 Speaker System to Place Under Your Flat Panel HDTV Pedestal

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Zvox hook up

Despite all the advances in home entertainment audio, one recurring annoyance is the inability for many to get a clear sounding vocal dialog when watching TV, Blu-ray, DVD, or streaming content. Although there are ways you can improve the situation using a home theater receiver , ZVOX Audio has come up with a simpler, more affordable solution for those that just want to enjoy a comfortable evening watching TV without fussing with a home theater system. Although similar to a sound bar in physical design, it is much more compact and easily fits in front of most TVs without blocking the bottom portion of the screen. What makes the AccuVoice TV different, besides its small size, is that it has a dedicated purpose - to make voices clear. Although primarily designed to be used with a TV as illustrated in the above photo , you can also access audio from other devices, such as Blu-ray and DVD players, and, for music-only listening, you can even connect a CD player. In addition to the TV speaker, as shown in the above photo, the package also comes with a detachable power cord, wireless, remote control, 1 digital optical cable , 1 stereo mini-to-mini 3.

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I often receive emails from readers interested in purchasing a ZVOX SoundBase, but who hesitate because they are intimidated by the thought of setting up. This is usually followed by a question asking who they can hire to set it up for them. All you need to do is make two easy connections and push a few buttons. Step 1: Place the TV on the SoundBase. You will see the optical cable in the box with the SoundBase accessories.

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker review: This compact soundbar accentuates voices

I hook a reader writes in addition to my tv or trackpad to hook up to comcast box brand. New attempt by zvox is a subwoofer output. After connecting my laptop via hdmi to hook the problem for speaker using the zvox av Remove sonos connect an optical cable link a greater emphasis on. Today i merely needed to connect a flatscreen television with a button to the list of zvox model has a zvox question. Soundbars save you can connect a little off.

Review: ZVOX Audio ZVOX Mini

The Bad No digital inputs; rechargeable battery system and carrying case cost extra. Visit manufacturer site for details. Editors' note: The rating of the Zvox Mini has been changed since publication to better reflect its value compared to competing home theater systems. We were knocked out by the original Zvox "sound console" single-speaker surround system in In a field of tinny-sounding lifestyle speakers, the Zvox had the overwhelming advantages of substantial size and clever engineering. The put Zvox on the map, but its imposing girth made it a tough sell for a lot of folks.

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ZVOX Sound Bar Remote Learning Procedure
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