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We are always excited about Korean Dramas, but some of the dramas coming in have us completely fangirling. Would it be too shallow if we just said Lee Jong Suk??? Two words: Goblin couple. We expect this drama to be brimming with chemistry and hilarity.

Hope for Dating

We are always excited about Korean Dramas, but some of the dramas coming in have us completely fangirling. Would it be too shallow if we just said Lee Jong Suk??? Two words: Goblin couple. We expect this drama to be brimming with chemistry and hilarity. Admittedly, this drama did not interest us when we first heard about it. The rookie attorney plot has been done …and done …and done.

But the teasers for Legal High have been so refreshingly cheeky that our interest is sparked now in the biggest way. His longing looks and melodramatic stares were just MADE for the genre. If she could do less crying and more kicking butt and taking names, then we will be totally behind this. And finally, the story is completely intriguing: A Catholic priest who gets hot under the collar hehe teams up with a docile detective and an ambitious prosecutor to solve the murder of a senior priest.

A hot-tempered priest bent on saving his community one fist-pounding at a time? A warm-hearted doctor is driven from his hospital after being wrongfully accused of causing an accident. Left on his own, he takes a job as chief of medicine at a prison clinic. Yes, please! A stuntman survives a horrific plane crash only to uncover a national conspiracy behind it. Together with a good-hearted NIS agent, he works to expose the darkness threatening their world.

Based on the legends behind the founding of Korea, Asadal Chronicles follows the story of three fateful souls. Second to none, Asadal Chronicles is the most anticipated drama of Intended to blend myth with ancient history, the story promises to be unlike anything ever attempted in Korean Dramas before. Add on to that a star-packed cast and a massive budget and this drama is primed to blow our minds — or at least that is what everyone says.

But even without the excessive hype, we are optimistic it will be a highlight in for several reasons. Two half-brothers fight on opposite sides during the Donghak Peasant Rebellion of This drama promises to be all about the bromance, so we could not be more excited to see Jo Jung Suk take on his first historical drama alongside veteran Yoon Shi Yoon.

Although, considering the story, we are planning to stock up on tissues beforehand. Agreed by fans to be the funniest Korean Drama of all time , Eulachacha Waikiki has to also be one of the most relatable dramas of all time. Watching this makeshift family laugh, cry and grow together just like the rest of us is the perfect pick-me-up for any day. After eating a magical bread a beautiful prosecutor is turned into an average looking woman and an ugly guy gets turned into a hunk.

The prosecutor then goes on the hunt to figure out what happened to them. A discouraged grandmother gets magically turned back into her younger self — while still living her present life. The original Miss Granny the movie was a deliciously irreverent comedy starring Shim Eun Kyung as a reborn grandma. Among many things, we loved watching this granny adapt to her new self so imperfectly.

But more than just a comedy, it was also a story with a lot of heart and a compelling message of hope and love. The early rumors for this remake said that Shim Eun Kyung is considering reprising her role, which would just be the icing on this cake. It is difficult for us to not turn into blabbering fangirls over this drama.

Second, Yang Se Jong as a Goryeo warrior?? Oh, yes, and YES. Just please, please, please dramaland, let him have a mane of glory. When a group of North Korean nuclear scientists mysteriously go missing, a race breaks out across the world to find them first. She builds a team with the former ambassador from the North Korean Embassy in Moscow and a mysterious young hacker. If they can, then this could easily be the cracktastic drama of She enjoys late night kdrama binges with her two dogs.

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Kim Ji Won & Choi Daniel - "Hope for Dating" stills Pink Hana LIKE - Sistar Dasom. Looking Forward to Romance-Daniel STARCMANTOVA.COM, Looking Forward to Romance- STARCMANTOVA.COM, Kim Ji-Won, Im Si-Wan. Daniel Choi · BoA · Kim Ji-Won · Im Si-Wan.

When asked about the dating rumors between them, the heartthrob denied with a smile, saying: Park Seo Joon also gave compliments to the actress for her role in the well-known mega hit drama Descendants of the Sun: When I saw it, I thought, Wow!

This has led to rumours that the two might be dating in real life.

Watching a lot of Korean dramas introduces us into a lot of love teams and on-screen couples. Seeing the sweet chemistry of the leading man and leading lady in a series will make us wish that they were really couples in real life.

Park Seo Joon Addresses Dating Rumors With 'Fight My Way' Co-Star Kim Ji Won

Star Wars: Sign in. The Hollywood legend has a blast showing his darker side in his new film The Intruder , and admits to some set-life secrets. Watch now. What are the most popular Korean language movies on IMDb? Check out our full list of popular titles to find out.

14 Korean Dramas We’re Excited for in 2019

The cast of the upcoming fantasy period drama Asadal Chronicles has gathered together to mark the start of the K-drama production on a newly-constructed set. Asadal Chronicles is a fantasy drama that takes place at the capital city of the Gojoseon kingdom, Asadal. The story will revolve around love, power, and conflict between the residents of Asadal as the city prosper and gives birth to a hero. Apparently, the set of the upcoming TV series took eight months to complete. The producers of Asadal Chronicles could have considered building a set as they might be thinking about extending the series run. There have earlier rumors that Asadal Chronicles is being considered to release in multiple seasons. Although nothing is confirmed yet, Soompi quoted a source from tvN that they are considering the possibility of giving the period drama a seasonal format. She is Eun Sum's first love and will later become the first female politician of Asadal.

What is important is not replicating the world, but interpreting it.

Uhm Ji-won made her acting debut in the late s, and after an early role in the Korean tokusatsu series Vectorman , went on to appear in a number of films and television drama series. In , Uhm played a leading role in Hong Sang-soo 's Tale of Cinema , and was praised for giving an "engaging, emotionally nuanced dual performance" as fictional actress Choi Young-shil. Uhm starred alongside Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Ji-soo in the film Traces of Love , portraying a survivor of the Sampoong Department Store collapse who still suffers from psychological trauma years later.

Kim Ji Won Joins BoA and Choi Daniel in Drama, "Hope For Love"

Watch ' Hope for Dating ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Can a dating expert help a young woman who always seems to fall for the wrong type of guys? But can he reform her choices and give her hope for finding a nice, dependable guy? Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Click here to learn more. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Log in with Email. Not a member? Sign Up.

Kim Ji Won and Lee Jong Seok Courted for 2018 K-drama See You Again

She has worked with numerous actors, including some of the hottest ones. Her romantic partnerships in the dramas really made us crave for romance in our lives and her looks made us to search for beauty tips and styles. Since all her scenes and relationships were so sweet and heart melting, there seems to be a good chance that she and her partner would fall in love for real! Kim JiWon: I wanted someone who can accept the faults I have and let me be and be a bad boy to other girls.

Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Kim JiWon

The drama co-stars Im Shi-wan Standby and Kim Ji-won To the Beautiful You in a love square about four very different perspectives on how to go about this business of dating. His only problem is that he fails to take his own advice. You mean like all humans? The two episodes will air in the primetime drama slot when Sword and Flower ends. Via Osen.

Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won. The actors have met with the writer and PD, who are more names to get excited about. The drama Asadal Chronicle is set in ancient times and is described as a fantasy period series centering around a power struggle and telling a story of love and growth. Asadal was the capital city of Gojoseon, the first Korean kingdom said to have been founded by the first king, Dangun. Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ok-bin. Song Joong-ki is up to play the main character of Eun Seom, who was born in a Blue Stone Village inhabited by a nomadic tribe under a prophecy wrought by the energy of a blue comet. He later becomes conqueror of Asadal, taking it from city-state to empire.

October 5, by kfangurl 40 Comments. A show that manages to showcase friendship, romance, family, and reaching for your dreams, all in one cozy, ragtag package. Despite bits of heightened drama, Show manages to feel organic and relatable pretty much all the way through. May 11, by kfangurl Comments. Things like appealing lead characters most of them, anyway , character relationships, the romance and the bromance. And not forgetting Song Joong Ki in his most schmexy drama outing to date ahem. October 2, by kfangurl 56 Comments.

This one surprised me. I thought it would be just another young people dating story, but the truths underneath the outward romantic comedy moments in the beginning of the drama underscored much deeper truths about human nature, and exposed the deceptions we tell ourselves and others while dating. The obsessive nature of thwarted and superficial "love" is explored lightly in the beginning, but as the story progresses the characters become more aware of their true natures and emotions, leading to honesty and personal growth by the end. The characters tell themselves they just want to date, not fall in love, with the result that all those superficial reasons for dating collapse at the end because they are based on everything but true love, which is always sacrificial in nature, not selfish. I always tell women friends if the men they are dating, living with, or married to, would not walk through fire to rescue them, at the risk to their own lives, then they really don't love them at all.

Waiting for Love - 연애를 기대해 - Ep.1 (2013.10.02)
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