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Guy showed up, ordered a coffee and sat down across from me. It was comfortable, yet very formal. He started talking about how he had moved out east for a job, owned a condo and was now working with a friend on a startup project that seemed like an exciting, new opportunity. I had told him in a message or two that I was working on a few manuscripts.


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5 ways job interviews are like first dates. You've changed your outfit three times, practiced in front of the mirror and Googled the person you're about to meet. Forget simply falling in love. According to some headhunters, the secret to finding “the one” in NYC is to treat it like a numbers game.

The only thing worse than a first date is a job interview. In hiring, this routine is actually prized. Everybody — even Google — sucks at predicting how well someone is going to perform in their work just from the interview process, so in the interest of collecting consistent data, firms need their interviewers to follow really consistent interview scripts. But, as organizational psychologists Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson put it in a new post at the Harvard Business Review , super-routine tasks put the law of least effort into action, like how you can make your commute home from work without even thinking about it. Other management research has shown that absent of explicit hiring standards, hiring managers use themselves as the proxy of worthiness for a position — which is part of why companies hire the same type of person over and over again.

By Carole Martin Monster Contributing Writer Dating and interviewing -- how can these two very different things be so similar?

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7 reasons to treat a job interview like dating

There are a lot of parallels between job hunting and dating. With so many similarities between dating and job hunting, we can take some of the employment interviewing tactics recruiters use and apply them to dating. Before you accept a new job, you first make sure that you are happy with the conditions, i. You go in with the goals you want to achieve in mind as well. The same should be applied in dating.

Dating Fails

Feeling the pressure to bend the truth in interviews is not unusual. The thing is, job interviews are like dating, with both you and the interviewer trying to find a great match. If you stay honest, you both have the best shot of finding the right fit. Keep these tips in mind next time you sit down to find your match. In a job interview, your employer will have your full work history and skills at their fingertips, so why shouldn't you have theirs? Need a little break from exam study and assignments? Relax with a cuppa and find your fearless in the latest issue of HeyU with inspiring stories, fear conquering advice and an extra fresh design re-vamp Follow usqedu.

As large companies modernise their recruiting processes, potential job candidates can find themselves subject to a wide variety of weird and wonderful interview methods. One of the more popular trends you may encounter during your job hunt is speed interviewing — and if you are invited to such an event, you need to make sure you have done your preparation.

Admit it: You check Google, Facebook, Twitter and grill mutual friends before going on with somebody. Smart job candidates do the same thing.

How to Tackle Speed Interviews: 7 Questions and Answers

There are lots of successful women looking for suitable dating partners. However, women often treat dating as though they are interviewing an applicant for a job. Men know when they are being "grilled", and it quickly eliminates any sense of romance , adventure and fun. Women need to lighten up! Of course it is important to find out about a prospective partner, but it isn't necessary to learn everything at the first meeting. John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus , notes that in the workplace, women have learned to be independent, self-reliant and focused on solving problems and managing people. Outside of the office, these attributes are romance killers. For women to have fun dating and perhaps find the ideal partner, they should not be afraid to show their feminine side. After all, that is what men like about us in the first place! Wear a skirt, be less competitive save that for the office and sports , smile, talk about your interests.

Dating Specialist Interview Questions

Job interviews and dating: Is either scenario even fun anymore? Maybe during your early 20s, the thrill of the chase was exciting and new. Movies and TV shows tell us these things work out, eventually. The stars will align, and your dreams will come true. For most and somethings, going on dates and searching for jobs are simultaneous events — the likes of which were never taught in college. A woman searches for open positions online.

5 ways job interviews are like first dates

Advocates call the ruling a big win , while a business group calls it a major expense with no purpose. Yet while the Vogue editor and Goldman Sachs are relaxing their dress codes , career experts suggest you still err on the side of suiting up. Many shoppers say they spend more than the gift card amount. A daughter-in-law is fed up with the expectations that come with all the free swag from her in-laws. Here are 10 hacks to help you shed the pounds. The law of unintended consequences has already overtaken the president in two big areas:

By Christian Gollayan. July 18, 6: Forget simply falling in love. So to efficiently find the best possible romantic match, Zhu says to act like a headhunter when looking for love. Below she shares six ways to date like a recruiter. Scroll through their social media An easy way to start filtering out your prospective matches is to comb through their social media: Instagram and LinkedIn. Grab coffee, not dinner Instead of investing in a multicourse meal or a round of drinks on a first date, meet your match for some coffee or matcha.

After all, both interactions boil down to similar questions, such as whether you can picture yourself being with the other person a whole lot. Every day, maybe. Your mama always told you to be yourself, and you should take her advice — with an important caveat: By all means be yourself, but the best possible version of yourself. Brush, floss and run a comb through that mop. And practice being open without oversharing:

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