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Atlanta is filled with unique places to meet singles: Maybe your kitchen's being renovated. Maybe your roommates are unbelievably messy. Whatever the case, don't worry. We've singled out the 11 best places in ATL to hook up.

17 Steamy Stories From People Who Dared To Have Sex In Public

Sex in a bedroom is great — and so is sex on a kitchen table or a living room sofa or over the edge of the bathroom sink. But our houses and apartments are limited in their options for places to have sex, right? Now, not everyone is going to be into it — some folks are perfectly happy keeping their nudity in safely hidden, private spots.

But if you or your partner are interested in getting it on outside, there are a few things you definitely should consider. If getting arrested is something that would seriously derail your life — or if you want to be like, a senator or something — then you should probably stick to fantasizing about public sex rather than actually doing it. Case in point: You can take steps to get it on in spots that will, in all likelihood, not actually expose you or your bits to strangers.

According to a study done by YouGov from last year, 36 percent of Americans have had sex in public. So without further ado, here are the top nine places for having sex in public. This one is mainly for city dwellers, although really anyone with a relatively flat roof can have sex on it. I can say from personal experience as well as the experiences of my friends that New York City rooftops, for example, probably see as much action as the beds they shelter.

Rooftops cannot be overestimated for public sex. Car sex is a classic for a reason! You can drive to whatever secluded location you want and holler till the cows come home. Parks and beaches are both great spots to get your freak on — but just not during the day! For goodness sake, wait until the sun goes down. Not to mention how uncool it is to bang in front of kids, of course. So yeah, scope out your local park, pick a spot, and visit it for some late night friskiness.

But be aware, of course, that screenshots and recording are real so you have to be OK with the possibility of a video of you doing it existing. Sex parties are the best , hands down, for truly public sex. Also, FWIW, you can totally go to a sex party with a partner and only play with them. Rooms on higher floors obviously lower your risk, but any hotel room window can be a sex way to dip your toe into public sex.

But remember: Most people never look up. One hotel in New York, The Standard, not only has non-reflective floor-to-ceiling windows but they actually encourage guests to get randy in front of them , according to The New York Post. Bar bathrooms are another classic, mainly because people get horny when they drink. Make sure the door is locked, though.

Offices after-hours are a great place to get it on , plus remembering it during your work day definitely helps get through the long afternoon hours. Two things to check before taking on this one: What the cleaning schedule is most offices have late-night cleaners and where the security cameras are. Again, only at night! Just watch out for loose nails — nothing kills a hard on faster than a tetanus shot. By Emma McGowan.

A: Having sex in public places is one of those things that sounds delightfully naughty in theory, but doesn't usually wind up being so hot in real. Experts weigh in on how to get away with sex in parking lots, public it comes to sex in public places: anyone who says they've never thought about it is it makes up for in woodsy paths that lead to smaller, secluded stages.

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Try these spots for public hookups!

A woman was recently arrested for having sex in a park — she was charged with "public lewdness," but really, haven't we all been there? Okay, I haven't been there exactly for instance, I've never been handcuffs.

Why Do So Many Young People in Latin America Hook Up in Parks?

If you've been having trouble finding or getting love in all the wrong places, maybe you should try these places instead. The upside of Miami's horrible traffic is that there are lots of people driving The one on Miracle Mile, behind Red Koi, is pretty shaded, and if that wholesome couple with two toddlers walks by after dinner There are miles and miles of swamplands, zero lights, and lots of snakes and alligators. The last two aren't particularly sexy, but since you decided to head out into the wild, we felt you should be aware that that thing feeling up your thigh just might just be an actual python.

The 7 Best Places To Have Sex In Public Without (Hopefully) Ending Up in Jail

Parks in Latin America serve a number of purposes. They provide a green respite in an otherwise concrete jungle. I was lucky to get a seat. I showed up early. From Mexico City to Medellin and Buenos Aires to Belize, making out in public is a virtual rite of passage for high schoolers and young adults. Why is hooking up in public so ubiquitous in Latin America, yet so rare up north? I might as well ask them why they are wearing clothes. In other words, not much privacy.

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9 Great Places To Have Sex In Public

Almost all lovers get to a point where they want to take their show on the road. Bored with bedroom antics or looking for thrills, some partners brainstorm places to have sex. Others seize the moment. The trick for all of them is not getting caught, let alone arrested. Yet for some people, getting busted or being seen is half the fun. So make sure to proceed with caution The Great Outdoors. Whether on a hike, out walking, or horseback riding, who can resist the fresh air, warm sun and gentle breezes that beckon your sensual side? Lovers become Adam and Eve as they strip down in the woods, a meadow or a stream. On a Golf Course.

FOXSexpert: The 20 Riskiest Places to Have Sex

Everybody has their own sexual fantasies. Some people fantasize about a specific role play scenario. Some people fantasize about some sort of kink. Some people fantasize about having multiple partners. And finally, some people fantasize about having sex in public. But where in public are people fantasizing about or even actually doing the deed?

You can pretty much count on two things when it comes to sex in public places: Oh, and by experts, we mean anyone from former box-office workers and lifeguards to high school kids -- you know that people who typically can't have sex at their own home are among the best sources for this subject. Obviously, partake in any of these at your own risk. Step 1: See a shitty movie. According to a dude who worked in a small-town movie theater , this could potentially give you away. Step 2:

But how often do we actually hear the nitty-gritty details of how we might actually achieve those things? Bustle has enlisted Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex psychotherapist based in San Francisco, to help us out with the specifics. My boyfriend has always wanted to have sex in public. How can I give him that thrill without risking getting caught with our pants down? Airplane sex is a great example. That being said, there is a thrill to the idea that you could get interrupted at any moment. Sit in your car in a crowded parking lot, sneak your boyfriend into a department store fitting room, or push him against the wall in an elevator. Kiss him passionately, fondle him over his clothes, and see if the prospect of getting caught turns you on.

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In an urban environment, PDA is a fact of life. We meet for coffee and a quick smooch; we find ourselves canoodling over drinks in a dark corner booth; and we even sometimes have to leave the house in order to get away from prying eyes—especially in a world of rents so high that we are likely to live with a horde of roommates or with our parents. When we want to queue up Netflix and chill with our special Tinder friend, we sometimes have to take it to the streets. As far as politeness goes, anything beyond a quick kiss and some hand-holding tends to give other people that uncomfortable feeling that we get when we know that two people are thinking about each other naked. For decades, same-sex couples could literally be jailed for the kind of PDA that was perfectly legal for opposite-gender pairings. Depending on where you live, your city may or may not have a ban on public nudity. The City of Seattle, for example, has no law barring a person from being nude in public.

How to Have Sex in Public Places
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