Hook up hotline

Hook up hotline

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CallKit Tutorial for iOS

Download the starter project for this tutorial, and unzip it. Open the project file in Xcode, and select Hotline in the project navigator. With the project selected, go to the General tab, and find the Identity section. Change the bundle identifier to something unique:. Next, look for the Signing section.

This will allow Xcode to automatically create the provisioning profile for the app. They are mostly responsible for setting up the UI, and handling user interactions, but there are two main classes which are worth a look before moving on:. By adopting CallKit, your app will be able to:. The diagram below shows all the key players:. Time to dive in! Your app will use CXProvider to report any out-of-band notifications to the system. These are usually external events, such as an incoming call.

Whenever such an event occurs, CXProvider will create a call update to notify the system. Call updates encapsulate new, or changed call-related information. In turn, whenever the system wants to notify the app of any events, it does so in the form of CXAction instances. CXAction is an abstract class, which represents telephony actions. Actions are identified by a unique UUID, and can either fail, or fulfill.

Apps can communicate with CXProvider through the CXProviderDelegate protocol, which defines methods for provider lifecycle events, and incoming actions. The call controller uses transactions to make these requests. The call controller sends transactions to the system, and if everything is in order, the system will respond with the appropriate action to the provider. Set the name to ProviderDelegate , and click Create.

The next step is to ensure protocol conformance. Still in ProviderDelegate. With the App group highlighted in the project navigator, open AppDelegate. The final piece of the puzzle is hooking up this call to the user interface. This is because you still have to implement the piece responsible for answering the call. Go back to Xcode, return to ProviderDelegate. Build and run the app, and start an incoming call again. When you answer the call, the system will successfully transition into an ongoing call state.

The ongoing call shown on the home screen, and the main screen of Hotline. Answering a call reveals a new problem: The app will support two ways of ending calls: Notice the difference between the first step: No matter which way you want to support ending calls, your app has to implement the necessary CXProviderDelegate method for it to work. Open ProviderDelegate.

This takes care of the in-call UI. With the Call Management group expanded in the project navigator open CallManager. The call manager will communicate with CXCallController , so it will need a reference to an instance. Add the following property to the CallManager class:. The final step is to hook the action up to the user interface. Open CallsViewController.

When the user invokes swipe-to-delete on a row, the app will ask CallManager to end the corresponding call. At this point, your call will end. Whenever the user wants to set the held status of a call, the app will send an instance of CXSetHeldCallAction to the provider. Open CallManager. The code is very similar to the end call: Whenever the user taps a row, the code above will update the held status of the corresponding call. Build and run the application, and start a new incoming call.

Build and run the app on your device. At this point you should see the new call appear in your list. You can simulate this by first placing an outgoing call, then an incoming call and pressing the Home button before the incoming call comes in. At this point, the app presents the user with the following screen:. The system will let the user decide how to resolve the issue.

Based on the choice, it will wrap up multiple actions into a CXTransaction. Both actions will be wrapped into a transaction and sent to the provider, which will process them individually. You can test it by resolving the scenario above; the list of calls will reflect your choice. The app will only process one audio session at a time. If you choose to resume a call, the other will be put on hold automatically.

Why not add a directory extension to Hotline? Name it HotlineDirectory , and click Finish. Xcode will automatically create a new file, CallDirectoryHandler. This method will be invoked when your extension is initialized. In case of any errors, the extension will tell the host app to cancel the extension request by invoking cancelRequest withError: It relies on two other methods to build the app-specific directory. Replace its implementation with the following:.

When a number is blocked, the system telephony provider will not display any calls from that number. Now take a look at addIdentificationPhoneNumbers to: Replace the method body with the code below:. Whenever the system receives a call from this number, the call UI will display the matching label to the user. Build and run the Hotline scheme on your device. At this point your extension may not yet be active. To enable it, do the following steps:. Testing a blocked call is easy: In fact, if you put a breakpoint in the implementation of reportIncomingCall uuid: To test identifying calls, launch Hotline again, and simulate a new call; but this time, enter the number You can download the completed project for this tutorial here.

I hope you enjoyed this CallKit tutorial. If you have any questions or comments, please join the forum discussion below! Or is it? Hanging up now! I can make calls now?! Implementing features without additional code! Sometimes iOS needs a little extra help to use your extension. This app is awesome!

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T6, T6R and T6R-HW Smart Thermostat Support

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Download the starter project for this tutorial, and unzip it. Open the project file in Xcode, and select Hotline in the project navigator.

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T6, T6R and T6R-HW Smart Thermostat Support

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Hook-Up Hotline - Single

A hotline is a point-to-point communications link in which a call is automatically directed to the preselected destination without any additional action by the user when the end instrument goes off-hook. Therefore, dedicated hotline phones do not need a rotary dial or keypad. A hotline can also be called an automatic signaling , ringdown , or off-hook service. True hotlines cannot be used to originate calls other than to preselected destinations. However, in common or colloquial usage, a "hotline" often refers to a call center reachable by dialing a standard telephone number, or sometimes the phone numbers themselves. This is especially the case with hour, noncommercial numbers, such as police tip hotlines or suicide crisis hotlines , which are staffed around the clock and thereby give the appearance of real hotlines. Increasingly, however, the term is found being applied to any customer service telephone number.

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