Dating vera scarves

Dating vera scarves

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Vera Neumann — Biography and Comprehensive Online Guide

This was my favorite era — I was a teenager and wore all the crazy and wild clothes. Feature Designer for the Month of April: We love Vera! Vera Neumann. She used vivid, bold, brilliant colors, floral patterns and sometimes the ladybug trademark. Her scarves are highly collectable; her designs are still fashionable today - as they never go out of style. Check out our store and auctions, we have one of the largest collections of Vintage Vera scarves on eBay. Accessorize with Vintage Scarves.

Posted by At Razberry Boutique at 6: No comments: Links to this post. Posted by At Razberry Boutique at 7: Thursday, June 3, Vintage Scarves for Summer? Why Not! Vintage Echo Scarf. Posted by At Razberry Boutique at Vintage Vera!! Monday, March 1, Vintage Vera for Spring!! Vera for Spring Break!! If you want to find out more about Vera scarves you can go to the Vera Company Blog. They can provide you with information on how to date Vera scarves and some creative ways on how to tie Vera scarves.

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This scarf measures 15 X Below is a mod floral print by Vera. This one I wanted to keep for my self however, I can't keep them all. It has a different feel than most silks - could this be made of parachute silk? Signature is white and is hard to see there is no copyright after Vera's signature. We think this signature dates back to We have over in or inventory that we will list in our store in March. We have not set the date yet. We will keep you posted.

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One of the questions I get asked the most is how to date a Vera Neumann scarf. It's not an exact science, but there are clues in the signature. Vera Neumann (), primarily a scarf designer, was a Here is a timeline to help date Vera scarves using the signature printed on the.

Vera Neumann, a visual artist turned textile designer, began designing textiles in after she and her husband, George Neumann founded Printex along with their partner Werner Hamm. They used a small silk-screening style printing machine to print the designs onto linen, which were then made into placemats. Hamm took the finished placemats to B.

This was my favorite era — I was a teenager and wore all the crazy and wild clothes.

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Early Vera Neumann scarf. 1940-1950 rare.

Throughout her business career Neumann was first and foremost an artist, whose works translated graphically into everyday objects. She maintained close relationships with her contemporaries in art and design, sharing similar aesthetics. Neumann was an avid traveler, gathering inspiration from her visits to countries around the world, including Mexico, Peru, China, Japan, India, and Iran, among others. Vera Salaff was born in Stamford Connecticut. She married George Neumann in February In Vera, her husband, and their friend F.

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Vera Neumann , primarily a scarf designer, was a wonderful colorist with great graphic style.

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Vintage Vera

To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Glamour takes a back seat in the fashions designed by Vera, whose collections reflect the wild things that breathe, eat, grow and create—flowers, leaves, ferns, grass, and always the sun. Her home, her factory, and all her showrooms were designed by Marcel Breuer, an architect schooled in the Bauhaus discipline. This means focusing not only on the beauty of esthetic design painting, sculpture and architec cure but also on function—the application of science and technology. Vera's house, flanked by soft green woodlands, is terraced with rock that frames its view of the river and is garnished with granite and metallic sculptures around the gardens. Vera's designs reflect the Bauhaus blend of painting, sculpting and science, whether they are scarves, tableclothes or coasters. They all offer a mixture of earthy beauty, sprays of pink and violet petals and lacy ferns, or bold geometric patterns—bursts of precise cubes. Vera attributes her success against peers in New York, Paris and Rome to her unyielding preference for purity and simplicity of design. We used to go into the woods and select leaves and then simply photograph them flat onto the screen.

Vintage Scarves

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to date a Vera Neumann scarf. Well, almost always, as some solid scarves have only a label, but those are not commonly seen. I have an article about Vera Neumann on my long-neglected Fuzzylizzie. Here are my five red, white, and blue Vera scarves. I have placed them in their likely chronological order.

Vera Oberlin

Image above: Although Vera is known for her iconic scarves that became hugely popular in the 60s even Marilyn Monroe was a fan — she posed with a Vera scarf in her photo shoot for Vogue just before her death , Vera got her start by creating housewares. One of four children growing up in Stamford, Connecticut, Vera was encouraged to be artistic. Her father would pay her fifty cents to fill a sketchbook! She was initially thrilled to get a job straight out of school but balked at being asked to blatantly copy the work of other designers.

Vera: Designer of Simple Purity

Sometimes you just never know what you have in your possession till you decide to research it. I bought a scarf because of the colors. It was bold, bright and geometric. I believe there are others making this same error. Now that I found who made this wonderful scarf, I discovered how collectible her scarves are. Especially those signed with her name and the ladybug beside it. Made from modern fabrications such as acetate, polyester and silk. Vera was born in Stamford, Connecticut on July 24,

Past & Present: Vera Neumann

They used a small silk-screening machine to print designs onto linen, which Vera then made into placemats. Hamm then took the finished placemats to B. Altman, where he made the company's first sale. In the post- WWII period, army surplus silk which had been used for parachutes, became available at cheap prices. Printex started buying it, and soon they were in the scarf business, making the items in their Manhattan apartment, a loft on 57th Street, where Vera and George handled the entire operation. The "vera" trademark was first used in In , the business had out-grown the loft and was moved from Manhattan to Ossining, NY.

Vera Oberlin is one of six main love interests in Monster Prom. She is voiced by Cristina Vee CristinaVee. Vera is a gorgon, with dark green snakes for hair. Her skin is a lighter shade of green, and she has red eyes. Her lips are painted a light shade purple, and match her nails. Vera's default wear is a short black dress underneath a royal blue blazer. She wears a golden necklace with two matching gold bracelets, one on each wrist.

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