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Morbius, the Living Vampire movie: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

American Vampire is an American comic book series created by writer Scott Snyder [1] and drawn by artist Rafael Albuquerque. It is published by DC Comics under its Vertigo imprint. The series imagines vampires as a population made up of many different secret species, and charts moments of vampire evolution and inter-species conflict throughout history.

The focus of the series is a new American bloodline of vampires, born in the American West in the late 19th century. The first of this new species is a notorious outlaw named Skinner Sweet, who wakes from death, after being infected, to find he has become a new kind of vampire, something stronger and faster than what came before, impervious to sunlight, with a new set of strengths and weaknesses.

The series goes on to track his movements through various decades of American history—along with the movements of his first and only known progeny: Pearl Jones, a young woman working as a struggling actress in the s silent film industry when she is attacked by a coven of European vampires hiding in Hollywood. Sweet saves her uncharacteristically by giving her his blood, thereby turning her into an American vampire like him, at which point she seeks revenge on the classic vampires who attacked her in life.

The complicated and charged relationship Jones has with Sweet is another focus of the series. The first five issues featured two stories—one by Snyder and the other by Stephen King , both drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. A second series called American Vampire: Second Cycle ran from and lasted 11 issues. American Vampire spun off two mini-series. The first, "Survival of the Fittest", illustrated by Sean Murphy focuses on the cases files of the V.

The second, "Lord of Nightmares", illustrated by Dustin Nguyen further focuses on the mythology presented by Survival of the Fittest. In June , a one shot co-written by Snyder and Albuquerque who also illustrates the page issue , entitled "Long Road to Hell" which features vampire hunter Travis Kidd, was released. Two American Vampire anthologies have also been released, the first in and the second in The series explores notions of vampire evolution and traces the bloodline of a new kind of vampire, [5] an American species, with new powers and characteristics, through various decades of American history.

The first story arc issues 1—5 features two story arcs. The first takes place in from the point of view of an aspiring actress in L. The second is of a writer at a book conference due to the reediting of his book, Bad Blood. The first part takes place in July and introduces Pearl Jones, an aspiring young actress who is narrating the action as, apparently, a freshly murdered corpse. Pearl is apparently telling how she saw her first motion picture when she was eight and it started her on a career into the movies.

At the moment, however, Pearl has been thrown by a hooded figure on top of a pile of other attractive young starlets in a ditch in the desert, thirty miles east outside of Los Angeles. However, right before the scene change, Pearl very weakly murmurs that she is still alive. Cut to three days before with Pearl and her friend and roommate, Hattie Hargrove, where she is finishing the story she was telling in the first panels.

The two are working as extras and soon begin chatting about the acting industry and the opportunity to work with an established Hollywood star, Mr. Chase Hamilton. Later, Pearl and Hattie are arriving their boarding house when they encounter an as-of-then unnamed squatter basking in the sunlight. Apparently, this is the third day in a row he has returned.

Pearl says to Hattie she will call the police if she finds him squatting again. Pearl is shown to be working as cigarette girl in a speak easy to afford extra money. Afterwards as she heads out at dawn to a third job she has, she meets up with a friend, Henry Preston, who also works there as a musician, playing guitar in the band.

The two discuss each other's lives, with Henry revealing he was once a "Gentleman Wayfarer" or as Pearl calls it, "a Hobo" and Pearl revealing she has a tattoo of a sunflower on her back she had gotten on a drunken dare from Hattie and got it because her father used to grow them on his farm. Henry then asks Pearl to join him at the beach on the Fourth of July, which she agrees to if he will tell her more "spicy" stories about his travelling days. Later, back at the set of the Chase Hamilton film, Pearl assists in getting the lighting right for a scene and Mr.

Hamilton himself asks Pearl to join him at an industry party at the home of a Mr. Bloch, a very famous movie producer, who is also doing their movie. Back at home, Pearl and Hattie get ready for the event and the squatter sits by the pool. We then see his face for the first time as a handsome man in his mid-thirties with blue eyes and long blonde hair.

He then gives her a warning about the people she is partying with, mentioning he's "old acquaintances" with Bloch, is apparently in town to finish some "business" with him, and that Bloch and his European friends are not the type of people she wants to be around. Pearl ignores him and she and Hattie head to the party, with the squatter mentioning that she'll be kicking herself in the morning. The second they arrive at the party, they marvel at the mansion and the congregation of stars there though Pearl states it's strange that for a big-time producer, Bloch doesn't have any memorabilia.

Hattie then mentions that Pearl really inspires her because Pearl does not give up on her dreams, while Pearl says that she thinks everyday about getting a ticket and going back home, but then mentions that she manages to keep from doing that by remembering good things that have happened, like meeting Hattie and the sights and sounds of L. The two then separate and Chase ushers Pearl away from the party and into a private room. There she finds Bloch and expects be introduced as an up-and-coming actress.

Instead, she finds Bloch with several other men starring at her menacingly. They reveal themselves as vampires and pounce on Pearl. The second story opens with author Will Bunting retelling the story of the novel he had written. He starts his story with Jim Book in the town of Sidewinder, Colorado in , having just caught the notorious criminal Skinner Sweet who is shown to be the very same squatter from the first arc after the outlaw had been on a thieving and murdering rampage through the west.

They are riding on a train that takes them through the boom town situated around the profitable and dry goldmines that dotted the west. Book has been working for the Pinkerton Agency with Deputy Felix Camillo to bring Skinner in for the edification of worried foreign investors. One of the investors is named Percy, a man with a singular allergy to the sun. Working under him is a man named Finch who is a middle man facilitating the investments made by Percy and his partners.

Bunting is also shown to be along for the ride as a journalist writing a story about the capture. In return for a peppermint stick, Skinner tells Book about the robbery that led to his capture and where he hid the money that Sweet and his gang took off of Percy, during which it's shown he'd killed a three-year-old boy in the shootout of the bank he and his gang were robbing. Using the peppermint stick to pick the locks on his chains, Skinner escapes and takes Felix hostage. Unknown to Book, Skinner's gang is waiting outside to ambush the train as it heads into the mountains.

As Skinner threatens to kill Camillo, his waiting gang springs their trap, blowing the train off the track and giving Skinner the chance to escape. Book flies into a rage and a gun fight ensues ending with Book bleeding on the ground. Skinner turns to see Percy challenging him with no gun and Skinner Sweet and his gang gun the man down. However, Percy does not stay dead, but rather rises up, barring his vampiric fangs and attacking Skinner by tearing into his throat.

Skinner shoots Percy in the face, but not before Percy lands a fatal blow. However, some of Percy's blood finds its way into Skinner's eyes. Percy walks away a bit worse for wear, but still alive and healing rapidly as Skinner's gang runs away into the sunrise. Unfortunately, he is unaware that Skinner has been infected with a vampiric strain, nor does he know that Bunting had secretly watched the whole thing from a hiding place behind a rock.

Book, Bunting, Camillo, and Finch all walk away from the wrecked train unaware that Skinner is on the precipice of rising from the dead as the first American vampire. Bunting then states that that night, he started writing what would become his highly successful novel, "Bad Blood. The second issue starts back in with Henry and Hattie finding Pearl missing when they go to check on her also, we learn from a broadcast from Pearl's turned on radio that "Bad Blood" has been turned into a serial which is on its second episode, thereby breaking the fourth wall.

The two of them head out to find her and discover to their horror a pale, bloody and nearly nude Pearl wandering alone in the desert. They take her to the hospital and the doctors inform Hattie and Henry that she's on the brink of death from blood loss and covered in animal bites, urging them to alert her family. This news devastates them and Hattie even begs for them to take her blood for transfusion, which the doctors state wouldn't help as her body's already shutting down.

Later that evening, as Fourth of July fireworks go off outside, Pearl and Hattie's squatter -now known to be Skinner Sweet- climbs in through the window into Pearl's hospital room, declares his disgust at Bloch and, just before Pearl dies, gives her some of his blood by kissing her with a bloody lip on an opened eye. Pearl then has a nightmare of her as a girl playing in her father's sunflowers before seeing her father with a scythe who states he was looking for her before revealing large fangs and yellow eyes and hisses at her.

Pearl then wakes up in the morgue. Disoriented and afraid by all the dead bodies one of which is labeled "Jack Torrance," most likely as a shout-out to co-writer Stephen King whose novel, " The Shining 's" main character shared the name and flees home where she finds Skinner Sweet waiting for her. Skinner tells her she is a vampire and that Bloch and his coven are a part of a different and older breed, that Skinner's breed is powered by sunlight, and promptly leaves Pearl to her vengeance.

After Skinner leaves Pearl finds that he has left a gift for her in the closet in the form of a tied up Chase Hamilton. Eventually after recalling the details Pearl butchers Hamilton and leaves his drained corpse in his dressing room. When Book wakes up Felix tells him that Ella, Book's wife, has died from the poison that Skinner sent her.

Book promptly finds Skinner's grave and pisses on it, unfortunately Skinner is shown to be not so dead. Later Percy meets with his coven of European vampires to talk about Skinner Sweet. The vampires believe that Percy might have made a mistake by letting his blood infect Skinner Sweet, since this created a new breed to threaten their supremacy. They plan to eliminate the threat by flooding the town Skinner's buried in, believing he shares their weakness of being unable to rise underwater.

Meanwhile, James Book, Felix Camino, and Will Bunting ride towards Felix's father, as the elder Camino is responsible for Skinner's apprehension and they believe his gang will seek revenge. After visiting his Wife Ella's Grave Book and his crew head to stop Skinner's gang, while Skinner now a vampire dines on rats in his grave.

At this point the town where Skinner is buried is flooded, while Book hunts down Skinner's gang, shooting arresting or hanging each and every one of them until he can stomach it no longer. The years pass and by Felix is married, has a pregnant wife, and has given up his violent ways In Will Bunting finishes his book "Bad Blood" and gives it to James Book to read, and in Felix's wife gives birth to Abilena, but dies during the process. Meanwhile, at Skinner's watery grave a couple of ambitious treasure hunters venture down into the deep to find artifacts connected to the famous killer.

Set in Los Angeles, providing a brief account of the meeting between Hattie and Pearl, and then Hattie's later betrayal of Pearl in the service of the vampiric Old World movie moguls. Hattie appears down on her luck as she rewards Pearl's kindness to her she ignored a filched donut with cinema tickets. This BFF motif makes the rest of the action in this section particularly poignant as Pearl is lured out on a moonless night to "rescue" Hattie.

In reality, Hattie literally stabs her in the back as part of a deal to make Hattie a starlet. Bloch's intention is to imprison Pearl to discover the vulnerabilities of the American strain. She escapes with the help of her paramour, Henry, who lets her feed on him. As the issue closes, Henry expresses a wish to join Pearl in her battle he is ex USMC , and stay with her through thick and thin.

The second story arc issues 6—9 follows the chief of police, a man named Cashel McCogan, of Las Vegas in Taking the name Jim Smoke, Skinner Sweet has set himself up as one of the infant city of Las Vegas' up and coming mobsters.

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Why you should watch The Bachelorette, Game of Thrones and more! The The Vampire Diaries shared universe is seeming pretty immortal at this point, considering that as its first spin-off The Originals wraps up, its second spin-off Legacies is just about to premiere! While The Originals dove headfirst into the lives of Klaus Mikaelson Joseph Morgan and his siblings in New Orleans, Legacies will pick up where that story left off, with his daughter Hope Mikaelson Danielle Rose Russell attending a boarding school for magical children in Mystic Falls. There, vampires, witches and werewolves live together in peace, free to be who they are instead of hiding in the shadows. It's a great concept very X-Men meets Charmed , and we're slowly learning more and more about this exciting new series.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter is a series of fantasy novels, comics, and short stories in various formats by Laurell K. Hamilton , narrated by the title character, Anita Blake.

Seating for panels is strictly limited and available on a first-come first-served basis. Only V.

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Buffy Summers had various relationships over the years. Buffy always sought deep, committed relationships rather than casual bonds; unfortunately, she was most often drawn to dangerous or unobtainable men. While discussing a painful reunion with Angel with her friend Willow Rosenberg , Buffy remarked: Can a nice, safe relationship be that intense? In the past, Buffy was romantically linked to sarcastic slacker Oliver Pike , whom she met shortly before discovering her identity as the Slayer. He eventually broke up with Buffy, believing that their relationship put both of them in danger.

Kim Reaper: Vampire Island #1

Fray is an eight-issue comic book limited series , a futuristic spin-off of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Written by Buffy creator Joss Whedon , the series follows a Slayer named Melaka Fray , a chosen one in a time where vampires called "lurks" are returning to the slums of New York City, and the rich-poor divide is even greater. The series was published by Dark Horse Comics beginning in , with delays between the first six and the final two issues caused by Whedon's TV commitments, during which Moline illustrated Route for CrossGen Comics. After the series' conclusion in August , a trade paperback collecting the whole series was also published by Dark Horse. In a short video promoting the charity Equality Now Joss Whedon confirmed that "Fray is not done, Fray is coming back. More than that, I will not say. The series was closely linked to the concurrently airing seventh season of Buffy , with coinciding depictions of the Slayer's mystical scythe and her origins, a major contributor to the expansion of the canonical " Buffyverse " in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other related stories are set. Melaka Fray also appears in the story "Tales", by the same creative team as the series, in the anthology comic book Tales of the Slayers.

Sony is steadily building its Marvel universe after a failed attempt to launch one with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Following the release of Venom which has been a box office hit , despite negative reviews and Spider-Man:

Others came to the annual convention to fulfill a different fantasy: A costumed Jedi Master standing at the front echoed into the mic, "Three, two, one, aaaand switch. John Kelleher, a year-old from the Bronx, was there on a whim.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics refer to comic books based on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While many of these comics were published when the television show was on air they are not all considered canonical and often deal with characters who do not appear in the television series, most notably in the Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires mini-series. The first series of books were published by Dark Horse Comics between and , originally in comic format but then gathered into volumes of trade paperbacks. A small number of Buffy comics have not been included in trade paperbacks, such as the books entitled "Giles", "Jonathan", and "Reunion". In , Dark Horse allowed the rights to produce the comics for Buffy's companion show Angel to lapse, and they were picked up for a short time by IDW Publishing, who released the canon series Angel: After the Fall among other non-canon titles. Dark Horse reacquired the rights in and went on to release the official Angel: Series creator Joss Whedon and a number of writers involved with the television series authored many of the comic books. Overviews summarizing the comic books' storylines were written early in the writing process and were 'approved' by both Fox and Joss Whedon or his office , and the books were therefore later published as official Buffy merchandise. The stories in the Buffy comics take place in between episodes of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, and continue after the series ended. Issues 1 to 63 take place during the period that the series was still on air, and none are written by Joss Whedon himself. The earlier issues are not very easy to place in the series other than the season they are set in.

Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

American Vampire is an American comic book series created by writer Scott Snyder [1] and drawn by artist Rafael Albuquerque. It is published by DC Comics under its Vertigo imprint. The series imagines vampires as a population made up of many different secret species, and charts moments of vampire evolution and inter-species conflict throughout history. The focus of the series is a new American bloodline of vampires, born in the American West in the late 19th century. The first of this new species is a notorious outlaw named Skinner Sweet, who wakes from death, after being infected, to find he has become a new kind of vampire, something stronger and faster than what came before, impervious to sunlight, with a new set of strengths and weaknesses.

Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

Crimson is a fantasy - horror comic book vampire comic book series created from artist Humberto Ramos and writer Brian Augustyn , from story concepts by F. Haghenbeck and Oscar Pinto. The series debuted in and ran for twenty-four issues. The first seven issues were published as part of the Image Comics ' Cliffhanger imprint of creator-owned comics and then the final seventeen at DC Comics ' Wildstorm imprint. Also published were a Crimson Sourcebook special issue as well as a one-shot starring Scarlet X.

10 Of The Best Vampire Romance Manga Series You Gotta Read

It's 20 years since we were first introduced to Sarah Michelle Gellar's vampire slayer, and 14 years since her show wrapped up with the complete destruction of Sunnydale and the Hellmouth. But the story didn't end there. Joss Whedon launched a new comic series which he wrote or at least oversaw as "executive producer" , and it's still continuing today. The quality has varied from the great to the terrible. The comics format has given the writers a chance to do Here are the strangest…. Dawn Summers went to university in Berkeley, where she started dating a demon called Kenny.

Buffy Summers/Relationships

But my personal favorite mangas are vampire romances. Partly because I love vampire romances in general, but also because romance manga tends to put a twist on what American readers would consider a traditional vampire romance, making it x more fascinating and fun than a typical novel. I mean, manga characters tend to look otherworldly anyway, so why not go with that? Vampire Knight is THE vampire romance manga. Cross Academy is a school with a secret:

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