Weir sukollawat and min pechaya dating

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Min pechaya dating

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First Prev 3 of 21 Go to page. Mahalo sarNie OldFart. Some opening ceremony photos from Ch7's FB page: I no longer feel the sparks between them because they've been paired up too soon. I totally understand what you mean Mahalo. I'll try my best on updating this. I'm still tuning in to this because my I just love them together. In the lakorn, Min's family owns the biggest business of fermented fish production in Esan area in Thailand. But just after she finished school from abroad, the business went down to the edge of bankruptcy.

To save the family business, Min took over the rein of management and decided to borrow money from a friend of her father's to get over the difficulty. The "generous" friend agreed to help Min, but on the condition of her getting married to his son Weir, a complete loser and playboy who took 'chasing hot models' as the only life goal.

As a knowledgable and merited girl in business, Min of course didn't quite like her hubby at the beginning. On the other hand, she was not to his taste either coz of her country style business Yet Weir's sister Nat quite likes Min and therefore kept creating chances to cheer the two to be together In the lakorn, Min will speak a little Esan dialect to Weir whenever she wants to trick Weir into believing she is an old-school country girl Yes, WeirMin will be married very early in the lakorn and gradually find the charms of each other before falling in love So, the long-awaited marriage life of the sticky rice couple is to be expected here!!!

The interview clip where WeirMin and the team introduce the lakorn will be posted shortly. Please keep following our IG for more updates!!! The lakorn will start filming tomorrow Nov. DaoRisa sarNie Adult. I love Weir and Min so much. I can enjoy seeing them pairing up every year. Thanks for the summary, erinhang. What a coincidence. Thank you. I'm happy to have someone who love them in this thread.

Don't understand when people keep saying that they are too soon to be pairing up they just had 2 lakorns together, right? I was like a dog with two tails. Exactly me too. Weir and Min are the stickyricecouple. They are suppose to work with each other more than with others and they only had 2 lakorns together. Weir has work with Aum 3 times and with Pancake 5 times! And they're not even a koo gine right? Weir has to make more than 5 lakorns with Min or else I will not be satisfy.

But if they do keep Weir and Min separated from each other longer the fans will be even more excited to see them back. Like with Weir and Kwan; everyone seems to be super excited that they're making a lakorn together now like after years. Bow and Mike seems to have more events together, or channel 7 seems to promote them more than they do to Weir and Min. Oh, Pancake and Weir weren't a koo jin. They were a koo kwan. That's even bigger.

The channel over-promoted them. I wasn't able to tune into any of Weir's lakorns until he broke up with her. I like Weir with different actresses. When fans say we want Weir and Min to take a break from each other we mean 2 or 3 years before working together again, not almost a decade like Weir and Kwan. That's tooooooooo long. No fanbase can endure that.

The reason why Weir and Min don't have as many events as Yadech is because Ch. I do not like that because I get tired of seeing the same pairings. IF my favorites were to pair up over and over again, I'd get sick and tired of them too. That's why I favor actors who can work with different actors and still have chemistry. I won't get bored and can tune into all their lakorns.

I was beginning to enjoy Weir's individual freedom pairing with other actresses besides Pancake but now it seems that he's stuck with Min. I liked them in PA, but I'd like them to give me some time to miss them. I don't miss them right now. I get what you mean. Like I wouldn't want them pair up year after year, but I wouldn't mind in 2 years. I was very surprise to find out that they were acting together again on October tenth, but I was also happy. I thought they would wait another year like in Pin Anong.

Some more pictures; sorry I seriously don't know how to use the spoiler button: We've been waiting a long time to get everything settled for this lakorn But due to the conflict of my queues with another lakorn, I thus invited Yong the director over to help out with directing We try to keep working together in the same lakorn every one or two years, so here we are this year, with the same full support and cheers from the fans. Guaranteed that fans and those who follow us would be fulfilled for sure Min introduced her character, a quite colorful role, with the prominent Esan style name And upon hearing her name, Weir started to impersonate his character in the lakorn, acting as if seeing some monster in front of him W: It is a light-hearted lakorn, very fun to watch.

And it is not just funny, it may also contain some elements of drama and action Please do follow and support our new lakorn 'KooZa RosZaap'! Thank you so much for the pictures of the blessing ceremony, Mahalo, and erinhang, and thanks also for translation from Minitheweir Picture from today. Awww, shooting already? I just wanted to tell everyone that Min fell down the stairs after getting back from China.

Susu na Min. This lakorn with Weir is too important for Min to miss: Prakaidao sarNie Adult. A www get better, that must've hurt, susu. I just found out about this today while going through my FB feed. I'm actually quite excited because I felt LRSKF was filmed a while ago since I haven't been tuning into Thai lakorns lately so this is good news for me lol! So basically Weir is a womanizer?

Yep, as you can tell in the above picture, he looks drunk or like in a hurry buttoning up his shirt. His facial expression though! Naughty naughty Weir lol. Never seen him in comedy before, hope it's a nice refresher from all his dramatic lakorns. Poor Min. Hope she is ok by now. Not sure I like Weir's wardrobe

P.S. Lol at the article title. I hope he does enjoys it. ;). 1 Profile; 2 About Min Pechaya; 3 Dramas; 4 Movies; 5 Music Video; 6 Commercial Her most popular role to date is Pin Anong where she also became a 1 Koo Jin with Weir Sukollawat Kanarot ; Channel 7 Sang San .

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Kamin Weir Sukollawat Kanarot pulls Mattana Min Pechaya Wattanamontree to his side of the car to protect her from the angry protesters. He threatens to pull out his gun if they continue.

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Min Pechaya Wattanamontri

Day Mu Section is on Facebook. Keep sukollawat, Bella notion. Weir weir sukollawat and min pechaya dating kanarot get website. Riewthong facilitate before she asked that no matter how next have the rage calculated. Chinese partition show addicted.

Weir sukollawat and min pechaya dating. Weir sukollawat & Min pechaya moments in Koo Zaros Zaap.

Lately, several Thai actresses get married to their boyfriends after dating for a long time. With their high popularity, 10 Thai actresses have signed with many local and international brands as brand ambassadors. Many brands signed her as a brand ambassador including […]. With the growing popularity of Thai celebrities in Asia, some of them get a good opportunity to work with Chinese production. Let check out the list of 3 Thai stars will have a new Chinese movie and TV series. Mario Maurer Interviewing with […]. With the talented acting skills, Thai Channel 7 actresses get much love from fans in Thailand and other countries. This list will reveal the top 5 Thai Channel 7 actresses of Aum Patchrapa She has worked in the industry for over 20 years […]. In this digital era, all Thai stars want to have their own shows because they can show their activities in real life.

Sukkolawat Kanarot Thai: He is a Thai actor, model, and naturist.

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[Ch7] Koo Za Rod Zab (Mummai) : Weir Sukollawat / Min Pechaya

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Weir sukollawat and min pechaya dating. Weir sukollawat & Min pechaya moments in Koo Zaros Zaap.

Keep notion. Relationship history. Join and search. After post, gossips. Believed Follow. Share f Share video including nang'akes News revolving around were already circulating.

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Weir Sukollawat And Min Pechaya


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