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Meeting new people and dating is terrible as it is, but when you're a cannabis consumer, it's even worse. Say you're on a first date and everything is going very well. You have genuine chemistry and a good rapport with your date, you have the same taste in movies and TV shows, and then you mention you like to smoke a joint or two after work. Suddenly, everything gets awkward because cannabis still has a negative stigma in some circles of society.

The Londoners Who Sell Drugs Online

MDMA, cannabis and even cocaine are all available on mainstream websites such as Craigslist. Alongside listings for second hand cycling helmets and composting bins, Craigslist's 'for sale' section features around 10 new ads a day openly offering drugs. Alternatively, buyers can simply click 'reply' on the ad, and respond anonymously via their email address, which isn't visible to the person receiving the message. Still, it sounds a risky business.

Who's willing to sell illegal substances in view of the entire world? Daniel, from Columbia, has been selling drugs in London since he was 'transferred' here by his boss two years ago. He started placing ads online a month ago, on the advice of another dealer, "I decided to go online and promote our business," he says, "I found Craigslist! Craigslist ads — which are free to place — stay online for 45 days, but new ads are placed all the time, pushing the older ones down.

Daniel places a new ad every one or two days, receiving responses to each, and an average of responses a day. So how many clients is that in total? Marijuana is his most popular product, and while some clients are tourists who buy from him as a one-off, the majority are repeat customers living in London. Daniel says he knows his products are good, based on feedback from clients. But have any complained? We tried it ourselves to confirm if what he was saying was true — then we changed our supplier.

Drug-related deaths in the news are bad for business, says Daniel: When Daniel deals with a new client for the first time, he asks them to pay upfront via Western Union or Bitcoin. They pay, and we drop off. If that's successful, then the next transaction, they pay cash on delivery. Michael is in his early 30s and has been selling drugs online since he started dealing just over a year ago: I've got a young family and it put a strain on us — I had to make money.

He got the idea to advertise online from a friend who put an ad up on Gumtree two years ago: Michael also advertises on forums which he declines to name where people discuss drugs. He says he's not the only dealer who does this: Who's buying these substances off Michael? The majority of clients are in Canary Wharf and Surrey Quays, "'cos there's a lot of people in those areas who are quite rich. Only scammers, he claims, would ask for money upfront: It don't make sense.

They pay these people and sit there waiting hours for a product that's never going to turn up. This happened to Anna, a year-old barista who arrived in London a month ago from Australia. Anna has been smoking marijuana since she was 17, and buying from Craigslist for the last two years: I was like, 'no way, I didn't think that would actually work! The person I dealt with was like, 'transfer me the money and I'll get it to you. Since being in London, she's answered an ad to buy from a dealer in Canning Town, and she's one of the few buyers to place her own ad in the 'Wanted' section, stating, ' Wanted North.

Anna is faithful to Craigslist: Anna's confidence extends to meeting dealers face to face. I used to worry a bit, but either they bring a friend or I bring a friend, and it's like, eight o'clock, so it's never one-on-one in the middle of the night! Indeed, many dealers still like the personal approach, even if they're using online forums as well. Shouldn't we go round a street corner? Because if you're spotted, a sophisticated person, with a person who's dressed in a tracksuit, going round the corner, anyone who sees that would say, 'What's going on there?

When he arranges to meet a new client for the first time, Michael sometimes asks what they look like — other times, he trusts he'll spot them: They're anxious because they don't know what to expect. He was looking at me like, 'what's going on? However, this isn't always fool-proof: So I walked straight up to him and I was like, 'alright mate?

I put my hand in his hand and I took time to shake it, and he was looking at me like, 'what's going on? Michael's never turned up to find the client's not there, "I speak to them on the phone, and I'm a good judge of character. However, he does receive hoax calls from his competitors on Craigslist: They say they want a delivery on the other side of London to put me out of the equation — it gives them a chance to make sales or scam people.

Michael believes the dealers behind the calls are the ones who are out to scam buyers using anonymous messaging app KIK: So when I do get their call, I ask them certain questions. If I'm unsure, I pretend that I forget about them — if they really want it, they will call you back! Like Daniel, Michael says he knows what he sells is good quality, because he trusts his suppliers and listens to client feedback.

However, unlike Daniel, Michael worries about his clients having adverse reactions. I asked them if they'd done it before, and they said yeah, but I can tell they haven't, because they asked me how to take it. So I knew straight away, and I was like, 'no way'. I say to them 'if I know you got uni tomorrow, I'm not giving it to you! There's no point you doing this and messing up your studies. Even when it's weed and I have certain women call me, I ask them what kind of buzz they're looking for, because I don't want to give them something so strong that they start to panic or don't know what they're doing.

Michael doesn't worry about the police seeing his ad and calling his number. Jake, who hails from Kingston, Jamaica, has a rather different response: Man I don't care, bloodclart — gonna burn them! I'm going to kill him you know, fucking play around?! Aged 36, Jake has been dealing for 19 years, and now manages 12 runners who work different shifts. He started advertising online 10 years ago via Gumtree, before switching to Craigslist six years ago. It's now the only website he uses: I was given a lot of phones that had a lot of customers on it already.

Jake's runners also hand out leaflets. One of his runners explains "Not to anyone of course, only people that actually smoke. If it's the police I'll put a bullet in his head. Jake has his own procedures for selling to first time buyers: I send my runner to meet him face to face, with no drugs on him. My runner checks him, and if everything's kosher, he deliver the package. Like Michael, Jake says the internet connects him with clients he wouldn't otherwise encounter, and his online business is increasing.

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Alright guys. It's killing me. I've moved about 4 hours away from my usual contact. So now I'm stuck in a city that I know nothing about, with. The Cannabis Social Network. Your #1 source for cannabis info. Meet like- minded enthusiasts, experts, and friends. Download the app and make a connection.

But Facebook and other giants in the space have been known to abruptly shut down pages promoting cannabis. Sites like MassRoots and Social High are giving stoners a place to easily — and often anonymously — connect with like-minded people. There are sleek apps and clunky, insider forums.

For better or worse nah, probably for the better , weed culture of the modern era has far surpassed its stereotype-laden roots. And thanks to the ganja-loving nerds of Silicon Valley , there's now a whole wide world of wonderfully helpful and convenient apps out there just for the weed lovers among us.

MDMA, cannabis and even cocaine are all available on mainstream websites such as Craigslist. Alongside listings for second hand cycling helmets and composting bins, Craigslist's 'for sale' section features around 10 new ads a day openly offering drugs. Alternatively, buyers can simply click 'reply' on the ad, and respond anonymously via their email address, which isn't visible to the person receiving the message.

Is Weed Legal in Portugal?

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The Cannabis Thread

About four months ago, I moved to a new city for a job. I really don't know that many people, which is fine, but there is one thing that really bugs me: I know, it's a tragic situation. I started smoking in college and my next door neighbor was the hook up. I guess I just don't know how to go about locating a new source in a place where I don't know anyone. Any suggestions? One friend said that I should find the second shadiest bar in town and just start asking around. Sounds risky to me Fair Warning - don't get to specific in this thread or it will be locked.

This article is just for informational purposes, and to explain the drugs situation in Portugal.

But those of us who still live in the dark ages have to meet with our pot sellers in order to smoke some herb. Everybody who buys from marijuana dealers knows that they can be very interesting characters.

New Place, No hookups

Dude your an idiot, do you live do wn here? I carry lots of shit on me, cops see me smoking.. I got busted once and it was the price of a MIP smoking ticket.. Advertising Contact Us. New forums are now live. Check it out for yourself. Anyone got a weed hookup in vegas?? Oct Jan Sep

Anyone got a weed hookup in vegas??

Discussion in ' Surveys, Polls and Questions ' started by katbudz , Jul 15, Log in or Sign up. Marijuana Forums. Alright guys. It's killing me.

How Not to Treat Weed Dealers, According to Weed Dealers

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These social media platforms are made for cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs

When I was younger, people bought drugs from friends. On particularly invincible nights out, they bought drugs from sketchy men in dark corners of the club. Today, the possibilities are limitless. In early , Silk Road opened for business and darknet marketplaces proliferated across the web. With every round of busts, the marketplace operators, vendors, and buyers learn from the mistakes of others and find new ways to protect themselves from arrest or from being ripped off. Social media apps offer little information to go by when deciding which hashtag-riddled account of Snoop Dogg memes is going to have the better product. On the street, customers and dealers can read each other face-to-face. In the new, app-based drug economy, there is no reliable method for either party to establish a positive reputation.

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. In less than five minutes, a person can go from having zero contacts that could supply him or her with illegal substances to one text message away from a vial of LSD, cocaine, and even illegal weapons. The most popular items in their stock include marijuana, prescription painkillers, xanax, molly mdma , and lean codeine syrup mixture. Here is just a small sample of what we came across:. We found 50 Instagram dealer accounts in the scope of a day, simply by searching for different hashtags like weed4sale. We also took a sample of the hashtags they were using.

Close to half of all Americans have tried marijuana , and as more accepting attitudes prevail and social mores loosen, the number is growing steadily. For the curious languishing in places where medical or recreational marijuana is still illegal , that means interacting with a weed dealer, which can be a bit awkward, especially before something resembling rapport is established. That need not be the case. Because weed dealers—are you sitting? They want to sell you a product and move on with their day. No fuckery. No weirdness.

Drug dealer expects his cannabis sales to continue despite legalization
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