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Leggendo in apertura il nome della software house produttrice, un brivido ci corre lungo la schiena: Other Ocean ammette pubblicamente di essersi ispirata principalmente a Super Smash Bros. Noi ci vediamo dentro anche tanti altri giochi: Soccer Brawl, Speedball, Sensible Soccer

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A little caveat before I get into my review: And great it is! Developed by the small team at Other Ocean, IDARB started of as a single tweet and evolved into a crowd-sourced, 8-player arena ball game. Imagine a 2d pixel art soccer fused with the chaotic nature of Smash Bros and jet packs. Two teams battle across a symmetrical map, jumping from platform to platform, duck, diving and dodging on their way to scoring a goal, when out of nowhere…LASERS!!!!!!!!

IDARB takes a minimalist approach to gameplay. This control scheme makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play, while rewarding those who put in the time to learn the nuances of the game. The more you play IDARB, the better you play and the bolder you become, going from running the ball into the goal for one point to taking half court bounce shots for ten points. The more players the harder it is to keep up with the action a la Smash Bros but the more rewarding it is when your team scores a goal.

How are we doing so far? Following along? Good, now remember those lasers I mentioned earlier? These Hashbombs add not a dash but a giant handful of randomness to a match. To add icing to the delicious cupcake cupcakes over cake or pie all day! Afterwards, you can make a dream team with those characters and take it online. This is on top of the many included teams, such as Team Breakfast, where you can play as bacon or a cup of coffee.

The team over at Other Ocean has stated that they are working on increasing it to 4 Xbox Ones at once, but until then the online feels a little under-cooked. When everything is said and done, one fact remains: IDARB is fun.

Let's assume you've at long last discovered the home you had always wanted; maybe you have even arranged a deposit. However, it's absolutely impossible. Every time I try and connect to an online matchmaking game searching for teams with 1 player it eventually says "joining game session" but.

ID Xbox Independent Developers Xbox is a program by Microsoft allowing independent video game developers to self-publish titles for Windows and the Xbox One home video game console. Angela Hession was the Launch Architect of the program and developed the program based on input from Independent Developers. Chris Charla is director of the program. Developers who are registered in the program get access to two development kits at no cost, as well as access to all required technical documentation. Additionally, there will be no fees to update any game submitted through the program.

For everyone else, I implore you to pick it up; you seldom see a game quite like this. The further you are away from the goal when the ball sails in, the more points you earn.

Mix equal parts basketball, hockey, Super Smash Brothers, fizz, Twitter interactivity, a music creator, with endless character customization, and you have just about half of what IDARB embodies. Accurately depicting what this game is about is a struggle, but it can be summed up simply in just one word; fun. There is something undeniably satisfying about scoring a fifteen point double bank shot as your friend frustratedly fizzes around and the announcer enthusiastically recites old movie quotes.

#IDARB "More than a feeling" update adds a ton of new features.

Part combo-based arcade game, part hockey, part basketball, and part Super Smash Bros. Just make sure you have a good number of players, or your teams will end up lopsided, bored, or both. IDARB moves fast, and with two teams of two, matches are chaotic and ripe with opportunity for memorable plays. With four players on each team, IDARB is borderline impossible to keep up with -- which makes playmakers feel all the better when a plan comes together. Scoring is hard, but because IDARB is so responsive and skill-centric, it makes getting a goal all the more rewarding -- and it gets even better as the player count increases. Exit Theatre Mode.

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You're at a basketball game. The two teams are neck and neck in the fourth quarter. Suddenly, the crowd starts chanting, "Chum, chum, chum! While such an event will never happen in real life, it's a regular occurrence in the game of IDARB, the crowd-sourced, minimalist platform arena ball game. The level is set up as a 2-D platform-based arena, and the only tools at your immediate disposal are the ability to move, jump, double-jump, shoot, and, in the case of playing in teams rather than 1v1, a pass option. The initial rush for the ball sets the pace of the game. You and your opponent dash and drop to get to the central platform. You've grabbed the ball! Do you drop through the platform and try to ascend for an easy shot, or do you play footsie with your foe to try to slip past them as they attempt to swipe the ball from you? Ah, you've managed to evade their attempts to steal!

A little caveat before I get into my review:

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IDARB made me feel old. Each match seems to move faster than while the game allows for two teams of four players each, I found it nearly impossible to make any kind of coordinated plays with so much happening around me. At any point during your match, viewers on Twitch or Twitter can submit your lobby number and a specific command to change the field in real-time. IDARB demands a lot of reflexes and precision amongst players who want to succeed. Movement and aiming the ball are both mapped to the left stick, a decision that forces players to act quickly and keep the game moving at supersonic speeds. Players can pass the ball to teammates and alley-oop it to score, creating a bonus multiplier for a short period of time. The points you earn for each shot depends on the distance from the goal, whether or not it bounced in, or whether a teammate assisted you. IDARB invites big plays and being able to coordinate them between a team of four is a challenge that I was unable to overcome during my time with it. IDARB works best when you bring your own players. Also worth noting— IDARB only allows matchmaking into games with the same number of players you have.

NEWS – Massive #IDARB Update Now Available on Xbox One

If the social media revolution that took the world by storm during first half of this decade could be summed up by a single character, it would have to be the hashtag. This previously obscure piece of typography, once used to indicate a string of numbers, was adopted in the early days of Twitter to simplify search terms and has rapidly become a cultural phenomenon. Unless your breaking news story or event is trending with its own handy hashtag, you can be fairly certain it won't be making waves or going viral any time soon. As you'd expect, the games industry has been quick to jump on the bandwagon, with boycotts, campaigns, kickstarters, not to mention the highly controversial gamergate scandal all generating plenty of hashtag chatter. Taking it one step further are indie developers Other Ocean who have produced a game that was born as a direct result of a hashtag request for help.

After continued input from the community, the result became IDARB, an eSports game with an absurd sense of humor and a frantic, contagious energy. Where to go with this? I've started a new project, it draws a red box. Thinking platformer. The rules of the game are simple: Get the ball in the goal.

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The very first thing you should do in IDARB is go to the credits and listen to the song that is played. After that be prepared to enjoy an incredibly fun game with addictive gameplay. IDARB is a game that was created with input from the community. Where once was just a single red block on screen, turned into an immensely fun competitive multiplayer sports game. The basic game play is similar to most sports in that you need to get the ball to your opponents goal.

The eSport classic is now on Windows 10! Prepare to battle everything from Moustache Cops to Breakfast, in this game inspired by fast action, 8-bit sports and arcade classics! Built with the input of thousands of crazed internet gamers, IDARB is a chaotic 8-player eSport jumping future arena ball game. IDARB supports up to a whopping 8 simultaneous local players, and up to 4 vs. Additional features include a mind-blowing single-player story mode, wild half time competitions, and unlockable recipes. The only problem with this game is that there weren't enough people playing on the XBO. Hopefully this, with cross-play, will allow this game to thrive.

Let's Play: #IDARB 2v2
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