Hayward super pump electrical hook up

Hayward super pump electrical hook up

After 17 years serving as the face of Tara Manufacturing, Ron Shults, the company's vice president of sales, Right now, life for the pool and spa retailer is going swimmingly. As we found in our SOI retail In an effort to level the playing field between brick-and-mortar dealers and online sellers,

Wire Hayward Super Pump for 115

This page is a buyers guide and industry professional review for single speed pool pumps. If you are shopping for a variable speed pump read the variable speed pump reviews section which will help you to understand how much cost savings you would experience if you choose a VSP for your pool. Shopping for pool pumps can be a frustrating process due to the number of pumps on the market combined with the fact that each pump is made for a specific type of application - choose the wrong one and you may find yourself shopping for a new one again sooner than you hope.

Even shopping from a major retailer requires a grain- of-salt type approach since not all advice in the pool industry is created equal. The industry as a whole carries a negative stigma, not unlike that of used car salesmen, which is largely due to an industry-wide lack of congruency in training practices. In short - there is no trade certification in this industry that can produce a well rounded and skilled tradesmen.

Each pool technician is only as good as the sum of their individual experiences, which unsurprisingly, results in a great deal of contradictory advice. This confuses customers and results in a mixed bag of solutions to every problem and without any official protocol manual of any kind to reference there is no way to fact check as a consumer. All this means is that as a pool owner you must be diligent in doing your homework and selective about who you take advice from for your pool.

Ultimately as the pool owner the financial responsibility for the pool rests on your shoulders - educate yourself and protect your investment or pay the consequences in the future. This page will help you to find the right pool pump - If you want to buy your pump online this is the guide you need How To Choose The Right Pool Pump The process of sizing pool filtration equipment is a technical calculation in which the pump is sized against the volume of the pool, the size of the plumbing lines and the limitations of the filter.

In the most simple of terms the pump needs to be powerful enough to turn over the volume of your pool times every 24 hours without exceeding the maximum design flow rate for your filter. As a bonus it would be nice if the pump did not cost a small fortune to operate - however if running costs are a concern of yours you would be absolutely crazy to not get a variable speed pump. The only reason that you would ever choose a single speed pump is if you simply can not afford the upfront cost of a variable speed pump.

Variable speed pumps save so much energy money compared to single speed pumps that many jurisdictions in Canada and the USA are mandating variable speed pumps for all new pools. Service companies can now get fined for servicing single speed pumps in these areas - it is simply a matter of time before variable speed pumps are installed on every pool.

Assuming that your situation requires a single speed pump, such as a pool that operates the pump only certain hours of the day, you should look towards higher quality brand name pumps as opposed to lower quality models. More so than 10 or 20 years ago the market is flooded with very poorly made pool pumps. Even the brand names do not seem to last as long as they used to which is not simply old people lamenting about the world changing - pool pumps, and all pool equipment for that matter, are lower quality in general.

Pentair - The Pentair brand is much larger than most people are aware. It is little wonder why so many pool professionals feel that Pentair pool pumps are the highest quality pumps on the market - or at least the first, highest quality pumps on the market. Hayward - Hayward Pool Products is the largest manufacturer of residential pool products in the world and started in Regarded in the industry as cost effective and reasonably high quality, the Hayward brand is a great choice for budget minded consumers who expect professional quality performance from their equipment.

In Hayward acquired the Goldline control brand and positioned themselves as a leader in residential and commercial automation and control systems in a continuation of their mid 's shift to being a one-stop manufacturer, attempting to provide all of the equipment for a pool instead of only individual components. In Jandy merged with Zodiac Pool Systems which itself had grown from a recreational boating company first registered in A and EVAC.

As a pool owner you can be sure that any product from any of these manufacturers listed above will be of professional quality - It is more a question of who makes the pump that suits your needs the best for the least amount of money. Eco-boost - Eco Boost pumps were started in as a new form of energy efficient pool pump. This was right around the same time that variable speed pumps started to catch on in the residential pool market. In summary EcoBoost makes efficient 2 speed pool pumps and do a lot of counter-selling against variable speed pumps saying that they are prone to failure.

The market of variable speed pumps has shown that these claims are unfounded - while an increase in technology can increase the potential for failure rates, most variable speed pumps are meeting and exceeding industry expectations with some experts talking about the potential for some to last upwards of 20 years long. Time will tell but this heavy handed information manipulation by Eco Boost makes me wary to recommend their products - combined with their relative new standing in the industry versus the more established brands.

Waterways - While Waterways pumps are advertised as American made products they are still lower quality that the major 3 manufacturers and one only needs to look as far as the price to determine this. A good deal on a pool pump is only a good deal if you can get at least 7 years of life from it. As of this point in my professional career the Waterways pumps I have been exposed to were too inferior in quality to recommend. If you purchase a Waterways pump it will very likely meet your needs for the short term but might likely sacrifice some longevity as compared to other brands.

The most common mistake that uniformed purchasers make is to buy a "more powerful" pool pump when in reality, if anything, they need a smaller pool pump. The reason why variable speed pumps are so efficient is that single speed pumps in general provide way more flow than the average residential pool needs. You can turn off the average pool pump for 12 hours and still meet the minimum required 24 hour turnover rate - upgrading to a more powerful pump will do absolutely nothing positive for your pool!

It will cost more money to run every second of its life and can even potentially damage other components such as the filter so don't make this common mistake. For example if a 20 x 40' pool requires about 86, gallons every 24 hours as an average then this means it needs to pump gallons every hour - or just under 60 gallons every minute to meet this requirement.

For this pool you would want to buy a pump that can deliver up to 60 gallons per minute. If you are matching this pump to a suitable filter you would then need to verify that the maximum designed flow rate for your filter is at least 60 GPM or more. If you want to read more about how these numbers are calculated then check out the section on filter sizing for a more detailed breakdown.

Electrical Considerations - The electrical supply that you have available for your pump will ultimately dictate what size of pump motor that you can have. If you have volt power only then the limitation will be that you are restricted to pumps that are less than 1. This means that a volt, 15 amp circuit should not exceed 12 amps sustained draw.

Current creates heat so higher current means higher heat, and from a technical perspective, heat is a form of energy loss - energy loss is just wasted money. If possible you want to upgrade your pump circuit to volts. Above Ground Pool Pumps An above ground pool pump is designed for light duty applications and a very low price point and typically comes wires with a volt cord end. Above ground pumps are usually low head or medium head pumps, which refers to the amount of lift the pump is able to overcome.

The lower price point and lighter duty components make above ground pool pumps likely to fail earlier than a similarly sized inground pool pump. Can I use an above ground pool pump on an inground pool? There are certain occasions where you can get away with this such as with very small inground pools or onground pools partially submerged pools. If you have an inground pool, in general, you will be doing yourself a disservice to try to get away with an above ground pool pump.

This is one of the lowest cost, brand name quality above ground pumps. Motor size - 1. This is the entry level above ground pool pump from Pentair same as Sta-Rite. The OptiFlo line are a direct drop-in replacement for the Hayward Matrix series pumps. It has a vertical discharge and is a drop in replacement for a Hayward Matrix pump. Also approximated for all above ground pumps listed here are the suitable pool volume sizes. There are many factors that will change the mathematical calculation of flow rates and turnover rates and so these numbers are intended to be used as a general guideline as opposed to a hard value.

Inground Pool Pumps Choosing the correct pool pump for an inground pool can seem overwhelming since there are hundreds of models, brands and sizes made for all different kinds of applications. If you make an uniformed decision this can cost you in the form of poor performance all the way up to early failure or damage to other equipment - it is very important that you understand some basics about pool pumps.

Motor ratings - Pump motor ratings can be true rated, max rated, up rated, peak rated and this refers to the service factor of the motor. Service factor is a multiplier used to calculate the operational performance of the motor and is something that is specifically used by pump manufacturers to enhance the salability of a product. To understand these values further is beyond the scope of this pump review but this discrepancy in terminology can confuse the average shopper.

Instead of looking at horse power of a motor you need to consider the electrical draw and the flow rate - two numbers which can not be manipulated so easily. Head resistance - Head resistance is the restriction to flow that your pump will have to work against in order to pump the water. Since a pump can not operate effectively in all performance ranges, there exists specialty pumps for applications where the resistance to flow exceeds that normally found in a swimming pool installation - or in applications where higher flow rates than normal are desired.

Above ground pool pumps would be classified typically as low head and medium head pumps, where inground pumps will usually come in medium head and high head models. Medium head pumps are usually found on circulation systems where high head pumps are used for very large circulation systems as well as booster jets, waterfalls and water features. Always be sure to check the maximum design flow rate for your filter and make sure the pump flow rate will not exceed this value.

Electrical connections - All inground pool pumps should be hard wired not a cord end and should be installed on circuits that are GFCI protected. While some inground pumps under 1. This way the pump draws less current, which in turn produces less heat less energy loss which is both inefficient as well as one of the biggest concerns for longevity - heat dissipation. Heat can kill a pump motor so the less of it that your motor experiences the better. Hayward Pool Pumps 0.

This pump is perfect for circulation systems and is a cost effective single speed pump that is available in multiple motor sizes to suit every application. This pump uses a 1. This pump is intended to meet the needs of the entry level price point while still providing professional level performance. This pump has a smaller wet end chamber and strainer basket than most which is not ideal for pools that have a lot of debris in them. This pump also comes with threaded unions which allows you to disconnect the plumbing lines quickly and easily.

What makes this pump unique is the large volume of water that this pump can deliver for a relatively small amount of energy use. The larger size motors can also be used for circulation systems where high water volume and a single speed pump are needed. If you intend to use this pump for a circulation pump you should be sure to check the maximum design flow rate for your filter as these pumps can exceed the flow rate for most sand filters.

Cartridge filters are more suitable for matching to the Tristar pump. In order to get the most flow from this pump larger than 2" pipe size should be used. The union connectors for this pump are 2" slip 2. The most popular application for the Tristar pump is as a booster pump for spa jets, waterfalls, water features, laminar deck jets, sheer decent waterfalls and any other application where a high volume of water is needed.

Notice that the flow rating for this pump is different than the other pumps listed in that it compares the 40ft and 60ft head applications instead of the 20ft and 40ft like all of the other pumps. This is because this pump is intended for a specific application and is not a general use pump as it is often mistaken to be by uninformed pool owners. Also useful for waterfalls and water features, spa booster pumps and circulation systems that include solar heating where the pump must work harder than normal to lift the water.

There was very little information available in the "AZ Market" pump designation on these pumps so I spoke with Hayward and confirmed that this refers to a certification that was added when the lid design was changed from screw down bolts like the Super Pump to a threaded lid as now used with the Super II. At the time it was important in Arizona and so the AZ tag was added to the product number and never removed once the entire line of Super II pumps switched over to the threaded lid.

Pentair Pool Pumps 0. This is the entry level inground single speed pump from Pentair and the motors up to and including 1. The large wet end and low friction, energy efficient design make this pump idea for hot tub booster jets, water falls, water features, smaller lifts to solar heaters and very large circulation systems. As a frame of reference this pump is somewhat better in performance than the Hayward Super Pump and slightly less than the Hayward Tristar series in terms of flow.

This guide shows you how to wire a standard pool pump. Wire sizes generally run 14 AWG for motors up to 1 HP and from 14 AWG to 10AWG for In this example for Hayward pool pumps, red will go to the L1 terminal and black will go to. >2-speed pool pump wire colors may be different than illustration >For example High speed might be White and Low speed Yellow Connect Low speed to NC.

Pool pumps are wired to run on either V or V. Most are run on V and are preset at the manufacturers at V. If you are going to wire your own pool pump, you must first know what voltage is coming to your pump from the house circuit breaker. Also you must ensure that the electrical supply agrees with the motor's voltage, phase, and cycle and that all electrical wiring conforms to local codes and NEC regulations.

Get free estimates from local Pool Pump contractors. Many people enjoy having a swimming pool at their home for relaxing in the warm summer months.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This not only covers our brand name chemicals but also our most popular swimming pool supplies.

hayward super pump 1 horse

This page is a buyers guide and industry professional review for single speed pool pumps. If you are shopping for a variable speed pump read the variable speed pump reviews section which will help you to understand how much cost savings you would experience if you choose a VSP for your pool. Shopping for pool pumps can be a frustrating process due to the number of pumps on the market combined with the fact that each pump is made for a specific type of application - choose the wrong one and you may find yourself shopping for a new one again sooner than you hope. Even shopping from a major retailer requires a grain- of-salt type approach since not all advice in the pool industry is created equal. The industry as a whole carries a negative stigma, not unlike that of used car salesmen, which is largely due to an industry-wide lack of congruency in training practices.

Opening Your Pool

Page of 24 Go. Electrical Specs 1. Use copper conductors only. Connect pump to a 15 amp branch circuit in accordance with. A disconnecting means located at least 5 ft. Install, ground, bond, and wire pump in accordance with local or national electrical code requirements. Permanently ground pump. Use green ground terminal provided under access plate; use size and type wire. Connect ground terminal to electrical service ground. Bond pump to pool structure.

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Hayward Super Pump has connector coming out of the motor with two connections in it. Fit on the top two prongs - only place they can fit. One prong labeled other There are two places to put my black or tan wire. L1 or L2 is what the two different prongs are labeled. Instructions missing. Posted by kwhatley on Jun 13, If you look closely, you should see a small arrow on the black plastic piece on the terminal block jumper. That arrow lines up with either the or mark on the white terminal board. Make sure it is aligned with the Then put you two line wires on. It does not matter which wire goes to line 1 and line 2, just be sure you DO NOT put them both on the same terminal.

Opening your pool signals the start of warm weather and relaxed attitudes. Whether you're emerging from a long snowy winter or a quick brush with cooler temps, opening your pool can be a simple process. Turn on the filter pump and make sure all skimmers, bottom drains, and filters are functioning properly. After pool filter has been running hours, test the water. Retest water to see if any adjustments have to be made. Hayward websites have been developed in compliance with standards for Internet Explorer 10 or later.

I don't know the exact distance but feet is probably slightly long. Might be closer to Hellrazor to Inssomniak. I'm pretty sure the question is can the PUMP be wired for v Electricity doesn't care what color the insulation is though the inspector might.

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I want to connect to v, I just swicth the pug with 2 wires to the arrow on the connect clips and the arrow its now on v. But still have my power supply to connect and still have only the L1 and L2 to connect my power supply. So question: I do have 2 pics below, the first pic the hot wire is connect to the L1 and the withe wire or neutral is connect to the L2. The second pic my hot wire its connect to the L2 and the white wire or neutral is connect to the L1 boths pics the plug with the 2 wires its connect to volts..


Hayward Super Pump Voltage Change
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