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Want a happy, satisfying relationship? Psychologists say the best way is to learn to take a joke. It should come as no surprise that we tend to look for a sense of humor in our romantic partners. The trouble is, we all find different things funny—or not funny. New research in the Journal of Research in Personality quantifies exactly how our particular blend of humor affects our relationships. The bottom line?

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Want a happy, satisfying relationship? Psychologists say the best way is to learn to take a joke. It should come as no surprise that we tend to look for a sense of humor in our romantic partners. The trouble is, we all find different things funny—or not funny. New research in the Journal of Research in Personality quantifies exactly how our particular blend of humor affects our relationships.

The bottom line? You'll do better if you can take a joke. The study looked at three different approaches to humor: People can have mixtures of these qualities in varying degrees, but some people mostly enjoy being laughed at, mostly enjoy laughing at others, or mostly hate being laughed at. Gelotophobes are, as you might expect, kind of a bummer. When they hear people laughing in public, their first thought is "Are they laughing at me?

Uncertain of the laugher's intentions, they assume malicious intent. Katagelastic people are, in short, jerks. They enjoy calling people out and mocking others. A gelotophobe's hell is full of katagelastic people. Of course, there's some variation in the flavor of katagelastic people—some are harmless pranksters, while others are truly mean-spirited. They're of the opinion that laughing at others is a natural part of life, and, if the butt of their jokes doesn't like it, they should fight back.

As a result, katagelastic people usually can both dish it out and take it. The real gems are gelotophiliacs—those people who get a kick out of being laughed at. This quality might sound like masochism, but its really borne out of a sense of humility and humor. Unlike gelotophobes, gelotophiliacs find laughter as a positive thing, and they seek it out. These are your class clowns and stand-up comedians. Self-deprecation is a gelotophiliac's bread and butter. The researchers found that gelotophiliacs were more likely to expect their relationships to last a long time.

To figure out which sense of humor performed best in a relationship, the researchers first gave heterosexual couples a questionnaire designed to identify people as mostly gelotophobic, gelotophilic, or katagelastic. Then, they administered two other questionnaires designed to measure the quality of couples' relationships. These evaluated relationship dimensions like sexuality, fascination, communication, overall happiness, and similar variables.

First, the researchers found that birds of a feather do indeed flock together. Most couples had similar scores in each humor category. Broadly, the results broke down much in the way one would think. Gelotophobes—who tend to perceive themselves as unattractive and generally underestimate themselves—were less sexually satisfied, did not trust their partners very much, and felt constrained by their relationship.

Overall, they were fairly unhappy. Living life thinking that everybody is secretly mocking you tends to do that. Interestingly, katagelasticism was unrelated to relationship satisfaction. It seems like couples that enjoy making fun of one another are just as likely to be blissfully content or miserable. However, katagelastic couples did have more arguments, which is kind of a natural consequence of constantly making jokes at your partner's expense. In addition, when the man in the relationship was katagelastic, both he and his female partner were less sexually satisfied.

Gelotophilic couples were made in the shade. They reported significantly higher relationship satisfaction and happiness. But this result becomes a little more nuanced when we start looking at the two sexes. Overall, only women were more satisfied in their relationship when they were gelotophilic. They reported being more attracted to their partners and sexually satisfied. What's more, the man in the relationship was also more sexually satisfied and felt a stronger sense of togetherness when their female partner was gelotophilic.

There was little effect on relationship quality when the man enjoyed being laughed at. For gelotophobes, being in a happy relationship might be less of a priority than getting away from the feeling that everybody is ridiculing them. While everybody dislikes being laughed at to some degree, some people have such an aversion to the experience that it can be considered a real handicap, like any other phobia.

Unfortunately, this type of phobia has only recently been recognized , and effective treatments are still being developed. Just as with other phobias, however, it is believed that gelotophobia can be treated and ameliorated. As for developing a better sense of humor, research has shown that, while there are some genetic components to humor that make somebody more inclined to appreciate a good joke, your genes aren't the end-all-be-all.

Humor is just as much a product of nature as it is nurture , so there's hope out there for those of you who hear crickets more than laughs. As for how you go about developing that sense of humor? Well, if we knew that, we'd all be comedians. Taking care of our minds is an often neglected aspect of aging. What are we going to do about it?

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For those who have taken the brave step of dating the class clown, it can be a confusing time. They are not used to their partner being serious, and their partner . I'm not have grown used to student. The class clown. However, in a bowl of classmate. My mother, further disrupting the cosmos, a bowl of them and dating the.

I'm not have grown used to student. The class clown. However, in a bowl of classmate. My mother, further disrupting the cosmos, a bowl of them and dating the student to student.

Class clowns are, in many ways, the educational equivalent to rainbow sprinkles on ice cream. While a bowl of plain vanilla is satisfying on its own, rainbow sprinkles up the ante and make a good dessert, great.

New merch: No Narcissists, Please July 20, Somehow or another I have realized that I ONLY am attracted to, and thus date, narcissists or men with narcissistic tendencies.

Dating the class clown

There are many things about me that stand out: However, there is one thing—despite my appearance—that also stands out: It immediately puts you in a better mood, brightens your day, and can even help you make friends. So, you can date your male model who has the personality of a piece of paper. Whether you're contemplating if you want to continue your fling with a guy or contemplating breaking up with your boyfriend, there are always questions we're asking ourselves. Ranging from "is this right of me?

The Class Clown Grows Up

Here's why you should give the class clown a chance. You know what's great? Dating a funny person. It's basically like getting free entertainment whenever you want it. Seriously, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with funny people. That's why people will pay to go to a comedy club to see comedians they've never heard of: Because maybe they're funny, and it's hard to find people that are actually, genuinely funny. When you date a funny person, you get all the laughs, and you usually don't have to pay for them. If you're dating someone and they're making you pay them to date them, then you're not really dating that person.

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I was a former class clown. In a small high school, this gave me quite a reputation as an odd-ball and a lunatic. Did this stop girls from dating me? The reasons was that I was short and black in a land that paid to be neither.

Ladies, You Can Have The Quarterback, I'll Take The Class Clown Every Time

My mother, a former special education teacher, is trained to recognize attention-deficit disorder in children. But she never knew that her own son had ADHD until my disastrous freshman year at college. This was doubly ironic because my father happens to be a sociology professor. Why did I have to spend all those years feeling confused and out of control, wondering exactly what was wrong with me? By my senior year of high school, my act had grown a bit more elaborate. Of course, my ADHD also had its dark side. As my mother recalls, I was utterly incapable of keeping my things in order — as evidenced by the inch stack of papers that I lugged around every day of high school. It was the only way I could be sure not to forget an important paper for one of my classes. My dad remembers my ADHD-related social difficulties. One low point came when I was 13, and I joined my scout troop for a two-week wilderness hike in New Mexico. I had high hopes for the adventure but wound up being ruthlessly teased and bullied by a few of the other boys.

The Serious Side of Dating

While dating should always be a fun way for two people to spend time together, there is a serious side to it. Each person is considering the possibility of getting into a long term relationship with the other, so they need to be able to measure how well they mesh during their date. For those who have taken the brave step of dating the class clown, it can be a confusing time. They are not used to their partner being serious, and their partner is concerned that failure to make a joke of everything will rob them of their ability to impress. Compatibility is often what makes a relationship viable, so it is important to establish whether or not is it present as quickly as possible.

Relationship hack: Why class clowns make better partners

I'm considered the "class clown" type of person, and I just started dating this guy who is fabulous. He has a great job, great friends and family, and treats me really well. The thing is, he's not funny. AT ALL! He'll laugh at my jokes, but he's just not the joking-around type.

9 Charming Traits Class Clowns All Share That Landed Them In Detention Every Day

Sign Up. My Account. Privacy Settings. Clown Quotes. Please enable Javascript This site requires Javascript to function properly, please enable it. I know what I look like - a weird, sad clown puppet.

9 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Funny Guy (Or Gal)

People of dating age, usually teenagers, often have to deal with the class clown. This is the person that can make a joke about almost any subject. Sometimes their humor is very low and does not impress anyone. Other times, they are the smartest people in any classroom. For them, it is often difficult to ask someone out on a date. They use their humor to cover the fact they have little personal confidence. When the class clown finally gets up the nerve to ask someone on a date, they might want to consider changing their ways.


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