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Three Day Rule. Log In Get Started. To the top Testimonials Want to know what it is like to work with us? Hear directly from our members: Three Day Rule is so different It's such a smarter way to approach such a big, big decision in your life.

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Three Day Rule. Log In Get Started. To the top Testimonials Want to know what it is like to work with us? Hear directly from our members: Three Day Rule is so different It's such a smarter way to approach such a big, big decision in your life. Married, Callie really takes the time to understand her clients - and working with her was not only incredibly enlightening, but also a lot of fun.

Without Callie's intuition, expertise, advice and guidance, and Three Day Rule's expansive network of quality singles, I would have never met my wife Sarah - the most kind-hearted, genuine, funny and quirky woman I know - my better half! We are so thankful to Callie and recommend TDR to all our single friends. Working with Jaime and going through the TDR process changed my life for the better!

I needed something different than traditional online dating and a way to meet different people. Jaime helped me to get outside of my comfort zone, learning about myself and what is truly most important to me in long term love. Jaime's honesty, insight, guidance, and intuition helped me along the way. I am now happily married. I would highly recommend working with Jaime and TDR! Working with Devyn has been a life-changing experience.

I've met some great matches without the time and struggle of finding that needle in a haystack through online dating. But the part that has been unexpectedly impactful has been the date coaching. I've learned so much about myself and what I'm looking for in a relationship. Devyn has been wonderful in helping me figure out what's truly important to me and why certain relationships did or did not work out.

It's had a huge effect on how I approach dating and I now feel ready to find the right guy for me. She has made the dating process so much more fun and less of a mystery. Engaged, I don't know why I didn't find TDR sooner as it was the best thing that ever happened to me. They were so committed to finding love for me.

The seamless process from meeting with my Matchmaker Marisa, to her following up with me even when I was traveling illustrated their dedication. Through the process I realized that my priorities were all in the wrong order - I needed that extra boost and TDR was there to give that to me. Marisa was always professional and committed through the entire process, she ensured that I was comfortable, and made me feel open to share my concerns and questions about finding a match. I loved having the photo shoot which made me feel more confident.

I also really enjoyed the relationship coaching with Anna - it opened up my eyes to allowing myself to be vulnerable. The resources and tools recommended by TDR were priceless. Marisa still follows up to see if everything is going well with Ian and I. I would recommend TDR to everyone, you really have nothing to lose. Trust your Matchmaker. These are the experts, they are born to do this I did and I ended up meeting the love of my life. Alexa and Nora and the whole TDR family were great!

All the women I met were lovely, successful, and refined, but they saved the best for last! Christine is beyond a dream come true, because I never would have dared to dream of a woman like her Thank you so much - she's amazing and perfect for me. It really is more than I could have wished for! Alexa thought she had a great potential match for me so we chatted about my preferences and long-term goals, and then Alexa introduced me to Chris who is affectionate, kind, hardworking, successful, handsome She listened to what I was looking for in a man when I didn't know Chris even existed.

I am so grateful Three Day Rule and Alexa came into my life - they truly know what they are doing, and are invested in both their clients and matches. Thanks again! Working with Devyn and TDR really changed my perspective and mindset on dating! She made me think about things in a whole new way and helped me get out of a mindset that was honestly holding me back.

This process really opens your eyes - articulating my must-haves versus the nice-to-haves with Devyn and reflecting on my past relationships, as a means to identifying what I want going forward, forced me to take an honest look at what was important to me. We often think the partnership we seek will "magically appear" - Devyn helped me to realize that I have to choose love and put in work towards finding the right relationship, similar to how I work towards everything else in life.

I sometimes stand in my own way and it is so helpful to have a coach, both for accountability and support - Devyn has provided that to me and more. She gave me very actionable tips to fight against my own self-sabotage and was there for me even as I met men outside of TDR. My work with her facilitated meeting the man who I hope is 'the one"! Thank you, Devyn and TDR! Working with Erika has been such a pleasure. It has been such a comforting and uplifting experience knowing that I had someone in my corner finding me intelligent, attractive, kind-hearted potential partners who have similar goals as I do.

Erika was understanding when I needed to take some time to myself and was enthusiastic and upbeat when I was ready to come back to the process. That was when I met the love of my life. He was my last match and I was his first. Without Erika, I'm not sure this could have happened. I have never been so happy in my life! Dating in this digital age can be so frustrating and intimidating. That is the reality for everyone - real talk.

It's ok though - you are not alone Thankfully, there is a place like Three Day Rule with professionals to save you from dating hell and help bring love into your life. I decided to join Three Day Rule and was matched with a few great women from their network. I'm happy to say that my most recent date was my last date, as I married her this year. My wife and I feel lucky to have found each other through Three Day Rule. Callie was great to work with! She was very respectful and worked around my busy work schedule.

She paid close attention to what I was looking for and has a natural talent for knowing what makes two people connect. On the second date, Callie ended up matching me with someone that could not be more perfect for me. I'm very selective in regards to education and looks, and have a very particular type. I thought the probability of meeting such a person through TDR was low, but I found Carla to be very personable and confident, and decided to give it a try.

Working with Carla was great, and over time, we found someone who exceeded expectations and that I am really excited about, and who I would have never otherwise crossed paths with. This could have been the best investment of my life! I was impressed with the efforts Julia and Talia made to get to know me and how hands-on they were from the start. I met people who I felt had my same level of drive, ambition, and passion, which can be really hard to discern on apps.

I learned so much about myself in my time working with them and was really impressed with how thoughtful the process was. I'm happy to say that I think, thanks to Julia and Talia, I've gone on my last first date ever. In a Relationship, I went with no expectations and had no idea I would meet the love of my life. I saw her by the photo booth with friends laughing and was instantly captivated.

Not a fan of awkwardly breaking the ice I was contemplating how to make the next move, when a Three Day Rule employee approached me. We started speaking and instantly connected, and then for some reason I asked her to take a picture of us at the event. See the picture. The rest is history. Now we live together and she met my entire family in Australia and they all love her. She is truly the love of my life and it all started from a little party on Valentine's Day last year.

Thanks for making the process easy and approachable. You made it possible for a nice guy to meet the girl of his dreams. The plan was to stop by to see how it was and to move on to another bar! We were over by the photo booth and my friend asked this random guy to take a pic of all us. I thought he was pretty cute She introduced us and we just started talking. It was natural, fun, and all very unassuming.

As cheesy as it sounds, we both felt something special in those first few moments and it was very refreshing. We ended up talking all night and the next day he asked me out to lunch. We had so much fun at lunch that we made plans to see each other again two days later, on Valentine's Day of all days!

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Three Day Rule was founded in in Los Angeles as a tech-enabled personalized matchmaking company to help discerning singles find meaningful relationships. Our team of world-class matchmakers helps singles outsource their love lives, taking the stress out of dating. Our matchmakers combine the power of technology with intuition to vet potential matches for our clients. We are honored to have a reputation of being a trustworthy team that is compassionate and genuine in our approach.

Our world-class matchmakers provide clients with personalized attention, hand-selected matches, and valuable date coaching. All of our matchmakers come from impressive corporate backgrounds, but realized their true passion for connecting people and helping singles find lasting love.

If you could be a fit with a premium member, a Matchmaker will set up a meeting to get to know you. This proactive option means our Matchmakers work with you for a completely personalized experience.

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If you had told me that at some point in my life I'd be matched by a professional matchmaker, I would have laughed in your face, but here we are. In August, after I wrote about a party thrown by "elite" dating app The League , a "white-glove, personalized matchmaking company" named Three Day Rule contacted me on Twitter, saying that they'd love to match me. Naturally I was curious, because it takes either masochism or extreme confidence to ask someone who just eviscerated another dating service to review yours. You are SUCH a catch. We would love to match you!

Here's What Happened When We Got Matched By A Professional Matchmaker

Dating Unplugged. Considering trying the 3 day rule tactic? Here are 3 really good reasons not to:. No one likes a player. Everybody knows that it only takes a few seconds to write a text message, no matter how busy they are. And even if your date was really keen, the fact that it took you 3 days to respond to them might put them off and you could never hear from them again. All because you wanted to play it cool. If they have any sense they will have found someone a bit more worthy to go out with — someone who will get in touch with them when it matters. And if they do respond positively, do you really want to go out with someone who is seemingly needy enough to put their life on hold for three days, waiting for you to call? Ask the day after the date, and then you can either arrange another date and start to develop a relationship, or simply move on quickly.

Talia Goldstein founded Three Day Rule in , after quitting her day job as a TV producer to pursue her love of matchmaking. Since then, TDR has grown into a professional matchmaking service headquartered in LA with offices in 8 other cities:.

Incredible singles join our database daily. Members refer their friends, and we are proactive about recruiting the right people. From networking events to yoga classes, our Matchmakers recruit matches out in the real world.

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