Star trek dating uk

Star trek dating uk

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From Bristlr to TrekDating: we found love on a niche dating site

Absolutely something to look forward to. It looks like the series won't be chock-full of standalone adventures for the former Captain , when it finally lands on our screens. In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment , Patrick Stewart, who will be reprising the role of Picard at CBS AA, has said that the team on the new show "are writing a ten-hour movie" and that they're all hoping for more than one season to transpire.

This could be a matter of phrasing from the actor, but the idea that the series will be one long arc for the character is delightfully appealing. Frakes, for his part, knows at least a little something! He revealed that he's gearing up to shoot his episodes on the series. A trio of new casting announcements leads with Alison Pill coming aboard the series. More recently, she's been part of the American Horror Story cast, though. Harry Treadaway Mr Mercedes and Isa Briones Takers also now have roles, but nothing has been revealed about them just yet.

Some character breakdowns emerged via That Hashtag Show a while back. Hurd is playing a former intelligence officer who is a brilliant analyst with a terrific memory that has not been affected by her drug and alcohol abuse. Evan Evagora has also been added to the cast in a mysterious role, according to Deadline. A pic from the newly-launched writers room from star Patrick Stewart revealed that work on the new series was well underway.

Stewart, who made the official announcement of the Star Trek: The journey has begun. StarTrek pic. Eighteen years later. I think the fans are going to be thrilled and excited and surprised. I have had the privilege of reading the first couple of episodes and I have spent some time with Patrick who is so engaged [laughs] Sorry. He is obviously more excited. His announcing of it at Las Vegas—which I believe was his idea—was very smart. You know he is 78, and he is going to be carrying the show on his shoulders, his considerable shoulders.

The directing has been a mitzvah for me—to learn another craft. The Next Generation time period since the movie, Star Trek: Nemesis , which was the last time Stewart played the iconic captain of U. Enterprises D and E. The upcoming series will chronicle a storyline set during Picard's golden years, which were famously teased in an alternate-timeline setting in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series finale, "All Good Things," living a peacefully idyllic existence working his family's famous vineyards in France.

Firstly, they both confirmed that filming is due to start in April, , which doesn't seem that far away at all. The pair also revealed that this Picard-centric project is not set to be a limited series! There are multiple seasons of this new show apparently in the offing, which is terrific news. What he understood at that point … was that he was with people who desperately wanted to collaborate with him, that we weren't trying to exploit him," Kurtzman explained. It will feel more… real-world?

Spock showed the rebellious future Captain a plan that he'd concocted to use red matter to create a black hole that would avert a forthcoming disaster - a star that was going supernova was set to destroy Romulus. Unfortunately, Spock didn't manage to carry out his plan in time, and Romulus was destroyed. Kurtzman co-wrote this story, so it kinda makes sense that he's taken this event and merged it with the new Picard series, using it to catch up with the timeline 12 years after the destruction of Romulus.

It turned into a page document — with no way to shorten it. We were going on all in and he was going to read it or not read it, love it or hate it. It was our best attempt at trying to get him to say yes. He added "This is going to be a very thoughtful, psychological portrait in a lot of ways. He in some way has to go through a gauntlet to find that again. Things have changed for him and changed him in some ways, and yet he is so deeply and fundamentally still Picard.

View the discussion thread. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Star Trek Picard series cast, news, release date and more The forthcoming series will be set after events shown in the Star Trek reboot film May 1, See related. Star Trek: The Next Generation cast reunite in new pic. Star Trek. Patrick Stewart. You are here: Home TV.

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By James Gill. Showing on Netflix in the UK and CBS in the United States, the new season sees some personnel changes, with a couple of major deaths in season one likely to affect things this time around — though some of the deceased characters may come back in one way or another…. Furthermore, stand-up comedian Tig Notaro below has been confirmed as a surprise guest star. Meanwhile, Inhumans star Anson Mount will join the cast as Pike, captain of the USS Enterprise, from whom Discovery answered a distress call at the end of the season one finale.

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Star Trek: Discovery season two will officially launch in the UK January 18, on streaming service Netflix. The news was announced at this weekend's New York Comic-Con by executive producer Alex Kurtzman, where it was also confirmed that every Friday following the premiere, a new episode of the strong series will be made available to stream.

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Star Trek: Discovery brought the Trek franchise back to television, or at least smaller screens, after years off air. The series was announced as a prequel to the original Star Trek , and it takes place about 10 years before that series. The first season also gave the classic character Spock a half-sibling , a move many decried as rewriting established canon. With the latest Discovery Season 2 trailer , we've got a deeper look at Spock, and more insight into what we can expect from the addition of Capt.

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These days, you can find romance that aligns with every niche interest under the sun. Want to find someone to fall in love with your sonic screwdriver? Try this site for Dr Who fans. If you want to find a fellow Hufflepuff to spend the rest of your life with, go for the Harry Potter-themed Dating for Muggles. There's even one for Americans desperate to marry a Canadian and flee the Trump-ocalypse. But some romantics take it to where no man has gone before—and into the world of Star Trek fandom. Oliver Gough, the founder of Star Trek Dating, set up the site after he watched all of the TV series and wrote a novel called Stalking Shatner in The similarly named TrekDating , on the other hand, was set up by Jonathan Bird in

Find out more about the hotly anticipated reboot streaming weekly on Netflix in the UK. Star Trek:

This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Star Trek's promise of a golden future where humanity has united in pursuit of shared goals feels like a much-needed dose of optimism lately. Fitting then, that every episode of every Trek series is available on Netflix UK for your binge-watching, escapist pleasure.

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Star Trek Dating. OkCupid users not appreciating the way your Vulcan ears look in pictures? Star Trek Dating , largely populated by U. Likewise, the inveterate Trek Passions has been up and running since Been there , amiright? Trekkie Dating is hoping to break into quite the competitive market, but its user base already appears to be much more active than those on Trek Passions and the U. We also signed up for Trekkie Dating to see if our matches were any better. The universe is vast and dark: We get it: But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker.

When is Star Trek: Discovery released on Netflix UK? Who is in the cast? What will happen?

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Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2: Trailers, how to watch, release date, cast and more

Star Trek: Discovery 's second season finally has a launch date, though we will have to wait a few months unfortunately. A new poster for the anticipated second season has confirmed that it will indeed drop in January , so it seems we will welcome in the new year by living long and prospering. While the poster doesn't give a specific date, it does give us a little teaser with the tagline "discover the next adventure". The new season of Star Trek: Discovery will be shaking up a few things, particularly with the addition of Spock as well as a Klingon redesign. The latter particularly comes after some fans felt dissatisfied with how the Klingons looked in season one, and the new versions will apparently make viewers "freak out".

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Well, still not doctor, but in a few years.. I'm medical student interested in science. Not just biology, physics, chemistry and all sort of social sciences and philosophy. Also, big fan of fantasy and SciFi, mostly books, but also on screen. That could be really long I don't want to bore anyone.

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You and me on a date - make it so. Yes, one of my favorite lines. Never would've used a dating service or ever needed one but I can see meeting my wife through something like that. We're both fans, although not fanatics. We'll go to conventions, but no, we don't dress up.

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If you're looking for the perfect redshirt to snuggle with under a USS Enterprise blanket while watching " Star Trek " reruns, you're in luck. Single Trekkies of all sexual orientations can beam up their profiles on TrekDating. It worked, by the way. He and wife Dawn met on the website just two days after she joined. Jonathan Bird said the marriage is still going well, even though Dawn doesn't speak Klingon.

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