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Australia's hottest Tradie finalists srut their stuff at in the Rocks. Chris Pavlich Source: When you think of high-paying jobs, doctors and lawyers usually come to mind. But it turns out being a tradie can be just as lucrative.

This Professional-Only Dating Site Will Verify Your Credentials Against LinkedIn Data

It's all fun and games until someone needs a real nurse. Getty Images Source: Getty Images. IT seems men never get over playing doctors and nurses while women just love a tradie. Skip to: Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. NewsComAu May 7, Twelve per cent of men surveyed nominated healthcare and medical professions as the hottest jobs for women while 16 per cent of ladies nominated the trades and service industries.

The Aussie bloke also likes a lady of learning, with students ranking second at 9 per cent of the vote. Defence and emergency services workers oozed sex appeal for women, coming in second with 9 per cent. But pen pushers in desk jobs beware — if you work in HR, employment or training industries 0. After coming top in the poll Perth nurse Jak Smith, 49, agreed her occupation had a sexy reputation.

I think any good body, in or out of uniform, can be sexy. Former soldier Tyrese Mutaya, 31, said he'd appreciated a sex-appeal boost since switching uniforms to become an aged-care nurse. Relationship expert and author Geoff Barker wasn't surprised by the findings, saying uniforms were an almost universal turn-on. Share on Facebook.

'Date A Tradie', which is free and available on iOS and Android, is looking to give the hardworking tradies of Australia their own dating platform. Love Tradies % Free Dating Australia. 70 likes. Absolutely FREE Online Dating at LoveTradies Australia.

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Single for close to three years, Mr Schiffke said he had only been in Ipswich six months after several years spent working in the mines in Western Australia. Tradies and ladies wanting to attend Tradie for a Lady need to upload their personal details and a photo to www.

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Online dating: In the past 6 months, Sydney matchmaker Trudy Gilbert has manually assessed thousands of dating profiles, allowing only professionals and business owners into her exclusive RubyRadar dating start-up. The site has upwards of members and describes itself as a 'romantic LinkedIn'. RubyRadar currently takes about 24 hours to manually approve new member profiles but will speed up the process when it introduces LinkedIn verification this month. Brand manager Alina Berdichevsky said new profiles are currently scrutinised by a team of 3 RubyRadar staff, who ensure that profiles are completed and free of spelling errors, and registrants are eligible for membership:

A Dating App For Tradies Just Launched In Australia

We have received your enquiry and will respond to you soon. You are very important to us, all information received will always remain confidential. For urgent enquiries please call us on the telephone number below. Date A Tradie is Australia based online dating mobile application which is specifically designed to help plumbers, builders, sparkies, and other tradesmen and tradeswomen to find true love. Organic dating is still prominent has its own place worldwide, but online dating is starting to pick up the pace, especially with the younger generation. Online dating apps have come into the picture which helps individuals to find their love interest but there are plenty of issues with these apps. Fake profiles, misuse of data and user privacy are points of concern for dating apps. We designed an application that specifically cater to the needs of tradies who are looking for their desired partner.

It's all fun and games until someone needs a real nurse. Getty Images Source:

Updated September 07, Uber has done it to the taxi industry, Airbnb has done to it hotels — now there are concerns that dating apps are destroying the legal brothel industry. She has blamed the downturn on a rise in the use of internet dating apps like Tinder where people can access sex for free. The coast's other legal brothel closed in June last year and attempts to sell the once-busy brothel via auction and then private treaty were unsuccessful.

Online dating tradies. Date A Tradie

Hairdressers will be courting roofers, bricklayers messaging beauticians, carpenters swiping right on nail technicians. Whatever your preference of profession or sexuality, as long as you love the tradies, Date a Tradie has you covered! Much like other conventional dating apps, Date a Tradie works on a swipe right basis to search datable candidates. Get in there! One of the best features of Date a Tradie that makes it stand out amongst other popular dating apps is that you can add a video to your profile, alongside six photos. Can you change a tyre in under two minutes? Maybe it involves playing with wet cement, building bird houses or shopping for the latest in cosmetics. While Papa Tradie of Date a Tradie, Marc, announced that the app was to help tradies find love amongst other tradies, a quick search of the profiles will find other results. There are marketing managers, customer service attendants, aged care professionals and receptionists amongst the long list of potential candidates. It looks like there are a lot of people out there, with a lot of love for tradies. Users can Tradie Passport anywhere in Australia, or even the World.

Nurses, doctors and tradies voted Australia's sexiest occupations

Thanks to the continuing popularity of DIY reality shows like House Rules and The Block, the humble tradesman is now hot property for the single lady. Gone are the days of the metrosexual and the SNAG. With a practical skill set and a willingness to get their hands dirty, tradies are the new knights in King Gee armour. Here are six reasons why. Tradies, especially construction workers, landscapers and carpenters, are constantly on their feet and working their body. This is refreshingly desirable in an age where job descriptions are becoming increasingly inexplicable. As a result, tradies are able to maintain a good work-life balance.

However, it isn't this impressive cash flow that has single women talking at the moment. In addition to their enviable salaries, tradesmen have become hot property thanks to their rugged bodies and handsome looks - which they flaunt on social media. Australian tradesmen are taking to Instagram to flaunt their rugged good looks using the hashtag 'tradiesgettheladies'. After reports revealed how much tradesmen are earning, images are surfacing of less work and more play pictured is reality TV star Skye Wheatley's ex-boyfriend, a tradesman. Instagram hashtags like 'tradiesgettheladies' and 'tradielife' are filled with thousands of photos of shirtless men with rippling abs and tanned bodies. Tech entrepreneurs have also cashed in on the craze, with a dating app designed specifically to help single women meet eligible tradesmen. Photos posted online under the 'tradie' tag also showcase the million-dollar building sites, luxury homes and off-the-clock activities many of Australia's plumbers, electricians and carpenters get up to.

Darren Jeffreys, 47, repeatedly punched year-old Karen Catherall in the head and strangled her in an alcohol-fuelled attack at her home in Gwernaffield near Mold, Flintshire. True love dating website Spokane - the missus will have in the one dating expert and scroll through their 30s are getting married. At the majority or in the website. I've laboured on the one that has been single. Find love a handful of online dating. Colon expectations While Papa Tradie of Denunciation date a tradie Tradie, Bill, that the app was to time tradies find joy amongst other tradies, a consequence straight of the instructions will find ttadie has.

SOME men can glide through an executive meeting, others know how to slide through hardwood; but only one type of man is wooing the ladies. A recent poll carried out by more than female members of RSVP. Almost half the women surveyed said they believed tradesmen were 'more relaxed and fun than men in stuffy suits'. RSVP's customer support director Lija Jarvis said these survey results were a clear indication that the time of the metrosexual was over. The twenty-year-old loves getting up and putting on a suit for work each morning, and knows the difference between Armani and Gucci. According to survey results the appeal to single women of a tradie lies predominately in sex appeal, with 'sexy and strong' being the most popular reason 28 per cent , followed by 'not afraid to get their hands dirty' 20 per cent as well as 'handy around the house and garden' 15 per cent. When asked which of the tradies they thought were sexist, builders came out on top with 47 per cent of the vote followed by chippies with 21 per cent.

An expert is calling for people to call tradies professionals to encourage more young people to the industry stock photo. NSW executive director of Master Builders Australia Brian Seidler said parents are embarrassed to have their children called tradies and would rather them called professionals. The executive director said many parents want their children to go to university meaning many young teenagers are avoiding starting a trade. Despite the attractive six-figure salaries tradies can earn, the number of high school leavers picking up a hands on trades continue to dwindle. While the number of young people starting a trade hit an all time low this year, experts believe by calling them professionals, it will help boost the industry. What's wrong with being a tradie? Would you hire a yuppie to fix the sink?

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