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Shoryuken interview: Mark Essen of MESSHOF on Nidhogg II’s development and inspiration

It has now been two weeks since the implementation of the latest update to Dragon Lords and Xeno Wars. First of all, we want to thank you all for the feedback we have received — we are extremely happy to admit, that the overwhelming majority of it was very positive, and the data we have collected from the game seems to confirm that. The new features have become instantly popular — Nidhogg and Xenomorph have already been defeated over a thousand times, and the number of duels between players is simply astonishing.

Of course, as with any new feature, it will still require some tuning and tweaking. We have underestimated the players slightly it would seem, as the demon fight appears to be not quite as challenging as we had intended it to be — some of you have managed to defeat the mighty demon within just a few minutes! We have also noticed some players are concerned with the number of relics which can be obtained by defeating the demon, we are considering shifting the balance slightly towards the other reward categories.

The overall value of loot should not change, however we want to prevent the devaluation of drakonian relics — this would have a negative impact on many aspects of the game, primarily its economy. This Sunday will see the launch of our next, month-long event, the first Season of the ranked duel ladder. This should shorten the waiting time for ranked PvP, as well as allow for much more precise matchmaking.

One of the main issues in the early weeks of the dueling system was the matchmaking mechanic, which quite commonly resulted in unbalanced fights, favouring the higher level champion. The introduction of cross-realm duels should alleviate this problem, and hopefully eliminate it completely. Ranked duels will also provide champions with experience — after all, practice is the best of all instructors, and what better way to practice, than by facing off against your peers? Another adjustment which will be made due to the cross-realm system is the necessity of increasing the spirit cost of ranked duels on Hardcore realms from 5 to 8, to compensate for their faster spirit regeneration.

The top competitors in the ranked duel season will receive valuable rewards at the end of September, ranging from relics and potions, to avatars, titles and epic units. We are also happy to announce that the next Tournament will begin in two weeks, on Sunday, September 14th. This edition will bring some changes to the reward system — we will be adding an all new VERY epic unit, the immortal Colossus, to the reward pool — the top contenders will have the opportunity to add some of those majestic, godlike beings to their armies for the period of three months.

We will also introduce a new version of the Tournament Trophy avatar, as well as the traditional custom avatars for the winners. This edition will also see a new set of rules when it comes to calculating valor points, linked with land size, as the previous one clearly indicated that an adjustment is required. Xeno Wars is not forgotten though, any content and change being prepared right now will find its way to both games. As for gameplay changes we are currently working on, and that you can expect to see next — some of them, perhaps all, will hit the realms in September: After a busy and eventful summer, we are not planning to slow down — you can expect much more to happen in the upcoming months!

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Jan 14, But issues are still issues. 1. it myself, so I'm not making a judgment call here other than, there seems to be an issue with the matchmaking. Jan 14, Whenever I try toplay an online versus, the matchmaking can, at most, find 3 or 4 players I feel it's not working the way it should be working.

Nidhogg might have just hit Steam, but it has already been around the block a few times, snapping up awards at trade shows over the years. First, an introduction is in order. Developer Messhof first started touring the game around and winning contests in Although it is not the only fencing game in existence, it is certainly part of a rare class of titles.

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What happens when you take the complex and time consuming sport of fencing, simplify it down to its bare basics, fuse it with gymnastics, then add a sprinkle of Vikings, who of course know kung fu, before finally grinding it all up in a Commodore 64 shaped oven? You guessed it - Nidhogg. If all that sounded confusing then, let me tell you, Nidhogg is far from it.

Latest Nidhogg Steam Update Improves Matchmaking And More!!

You and your opponent stand a few metres apart, raising and lowering swords, probing for a weakness. You take a few steps towards and away from each other, feinting, then suddenly your opponent strikes and you flick the sword out of their hand, stab them, and run past, gaining vital ground for a few seconds before you meet again. Nidhogg is all about that millisecond of success or failure, where strategy and instinct crystallise into a single decisive instant and either you or your opponent slumps in a pixellated puddle. In single-player Nidhogg is a great, tense, and energetic sword-fighting game, good for a few hours of fun, but in multiplayer it is essential. You fight across four brightly coloured worlds, with simple hazards like clouds that dissolve or moving conveyor belts to further enliven your one-on-one face-offs.

En Garde! En Ligne! Nidhogg Improves Online Multiplayer

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Nidhogg Store Page. Global Achievements. Matt View Profile View Posts. I try play online, but i cant, matchmaking system doesnt search any players, what the heck? Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments.

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The Wurm has returned and it must feed! Shed your garments and paint the walls with the flesh of your enemies, for only one can be worthy of sacrifice.

Nidhogg update addresses online multiplayer issues on PC

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Nidhogg Store Page. Global Achievements. Having bought the game and played around with it, I've found some issues with it. Don't get me wrong, the game is really fun when you get into it. But issues are still issues. Inconsistent interface controls. The menu controls in this game are absolutely absurd. You control the main menu with the keyboard or gamepad, but when trying to get an online versus match going or change the controls you suddenly have to use the mouse.

Nidhogg II: Trophy / Achievement Guide

With the kooky and brutal tug-of-war fencing fighter Nidhogg II now out in the wild and available for PlayStation 4 and Steam players, we caught up with MESSHOF co-founder and creative director Mark Essen to talk about the new game — and the design choices behind both the original Nidhogg and its sequel! Going back to the original inspiration: How did the multi-screen tug-of-war system come about? Mark Essen: I was interested in weapon-based games that dealt with the awkwardness of holding a weapon, and getting it to do what you wanted. Bushido Blade was an inspiration, as was the fencing game, Great Swordsman , which was all about blocking and poking with a fencing foil. I thought that game was super funny!

Nidhogg 2 Review: A New Look For An Old Friend

There's a folder on my PlayStation 4 that's reserved for the really good stuff. It's where Towerfall Ascension sits alongside Nidhogg and the brilliant compilation that is Sportsfriends. It's where I head when friends are around, when I want a guaranteed good time, and ever since creating it there's been a little slot reserved for Gang Beasts, that party game par excellence. I've been waiting on it a fairly long time. You've already played Gang Beasts, I'm sure. Whether that's at one of the many game events where it's been a fixture since , where you'd follow the sound of laughter until you found four people huddled around a monitor knocking merry hell out of one another. Maybe you've already got it on PC where it's been out in Early Access for a good few years.

Nidhogg [ official site ] is one of the very finest local multiplayer games. That version also brought online multiplayer and… well, Nidhogg was not one of the very finest online multiplayer games. The fruit of their labour, a new patch, is now out. Remember that a connection is only as fast as the slowest player! Nidhogg with only the latency of two controllers and the PC running it is a beautiful thing, full of ridiculous quick movements. Still, do get some mates over. Tagged with messhof , Nidhogg. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

Don't miss: The first Nidhogg was an indie surprise. It was a game that sprung from Messhof thrown into the gaming convention circuit, where it found an audience that would sing its praises. Nidhogg was a minimalist 1v1 fighting game, prizing the core aspects of dueling above all else. And it worked. It was the kind of game you could load up and have a blast with friends, once they figured out the controls and mechanics. So how does one follow that up?

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Let's Try Nidhogg 2 - The Struggle is Real
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