My ex is dating a felon

By Erica Tempesta For Dailymail. Johnna, 26, from Tampa, Florida , started her romance with Garrett, 25, four years ago after a wine-fueled search for love online led her to write him a letter. After serving a nearly seven-year sentence for burglary, grand theft, and several other counts, Garrett was released from prison and moved in with Johnna. True love? Johnna, 26, from Tampa, Florida, started her romance with Garrett, 25, four years ago after a wine-fueled search for love online led her to his 'hot mugshot'. Making it last?

Mugshot Boo – Would You Date A Jail-bird?

Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Aug 27, 1. For example this man in Indiana stole a taxi at gunpoint when he was 17, went to prison, got out, and became a model citizen and activist leader, but at 59 could still not run for any office. Even non-violent offenders, if convicted of a felony-level offense, can never legally own a firearm in the US. As well, someone convicted of, say, a misdemeanor violent domestic assault is bumped up into this category and similarly banned for life.

As soon as you're convicted of a felony, you run the risk of having your license revoked, or authorities can choose to not reissue you one. For any felony offenses involving narcotics, your license is automatically null and void. Beyond that there are numerous travel restrictions. Additionally, most countries won't issue a visa allowing you in Losing the right is called disenfranchisement , and the process for getting those rights back varies by state.

In some states it's a permanent ban, in others you have to apply and lobby to prove you should be able to vote. In still other states you regain the right after a set time depending on the crime. You may have also seen a box, asking if you've ever been convicted of a felony. When you check that box, your rental prospects get increasingly difficult. Virtually all landlords have the right to deny anyone, and they have every right to ask about felony convictions.

Most states look into a criminal record with great scrutiny before issuing licenses. Some other states don't require a license at all, which some might consider scarier than being inked by a licensed felon. If, in the extremely rare case there is a great need for soldiers, they do make exceptions but the dire need for new recruits has been low in recent years. Some prisons have even trained felons to become barbers, a skill that would easily translate into getting a job in the real world.

However, this Texas man , who was trained in prison, passed the test, but was then denied a license, even though the state knew he was a felon every step of the way. Thanks x 13 Sad x 1 WTF! Aug 27, 2. Number 9 is so fucked up! How you gonna waste someone's time and get their hopes up just so they can't utilize the training when they get out of jail? Thanks x Aug 27, 3. Only an idiot would take an ex-felon seriously as a partner.

It's like purposely shooting yourself in the foot. Why would you do that to yourself? Thanks x 18 Disagree! Aug 27, 4. That out of country travel would be a problem. Can't leave the country on cruises. Thanks x 7 LOL! Aug 27, 5. Tbh, when you take into account the prison industrial complex and the fact that you can get a felony for the smallest things in some state, I think a lot of this shit is just unfair and is put in place to keep people disenfranchised.

You are perpetuating criminal behavior when you put things in place that prohibit someone from being able to make it out. They can't get help to go to school? Education is the one way to reduce criminal behavior, even if they get it in prison. However, prison is a big money maker so you have to encourage criminal behavior. With that being said I'd feel stuck in life.

Like, they can't really do shit and you have nothing to fall back on as a family. Aug 27, 6. I do feel bad many of those things aren't fair. But I still would never date a man who went to prison or jail for that matter. Aug 27, 7. Can you imagine if women were in charge? They'd probably open every cell in this country. Aug 27, 8. These are a few of them many reasons as to why people who've been in prison, often end up back in prison. Aug 27, 9.

Many do it cause felon dick is supposedly the best. Aug 27, I know two licensed social workers and two big shots at non profits who are felons. It really depends on the felon and how motivated they are. They got degrees post prison and the whole bit. When I met these people through my work several years ago, it really changed my perception of what felons can do and what they were.

I used to think that felons could only work at McDonald's or be personal trainers. While I personally will not date a felon, I do not judge a woman that does. Some people make honest mistake, wrong place, wrong time and shit happens so nope will not judge. Of course you have to use common sense in picking your felon though, don't pick up a professional criminal. Last edited: Thanks x 2. Most felons never learn their lessons and tend to be repeat offenders and will return back to jail.

Not worth it. Thanks x 5. Being a victim or victims family influences thoughts on this issue. Thanks x 4. That was interesting to read. I didn't know felons couldn't receive financial aid. No wonder most felons go back to illegal activity if they can't get financial help to better their lives. Thanks x 8. Aug 28, Thanks x 3. Aug 29, Thanks x 4 LOL! Thanks x 1. The laws are setup so people end up back in prison and provide money to the prison system.

However I do know felons that are doing very well in life right now. So there are obviously programs being put into place to bypass many of the things you listed. Thanks x 6. Yee'aint never had no prison bae dack OP? Because I feel like that and the idea that you can "save" them are the biggest driving factors. Not having the ability to do these things would certainly make one life HARD no doubt about it. Having said that these aren't even the biggest reasons I would never date a felon.

The biggest reason I would never date a felon is because it would almost certainly mean dealing with a person who have a disregard for the "rule of law". It most likely mean dealing with a person who have no regards for other people. It would mean dealing with someone who likely is willing to hurt or even kill someone. And while a lot of dumb girls out there might consider such a person a "strong" individual obviously I know better.

Obviously this is the type of person "sane" folks want to stay far away from. Aug 30, Mar 14, Thug D isn't worth it ladies! For the many women who won't date ex-cons or men who are still in prison, there are many women who will. These fools never had a shortage when it came to women who will look their way twice.

My ex-wife and I (we'll call her M) divorced in August of last year after I found out she was having an affair with an old ex-boyfriend. She came. If you don't actually do anything about it, then she has no restrictions. If you believe that, based on the number and nature of prior felony.

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Recently, every heterosexual woman in the nation fell into fits of lust over Jeremy Meeks' mug shot.

View Full Version: I hooked up with my man a month after he was released.

Your Turn: “I’m Falling in Love with a Felon”

Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Oct 20, 1. This question came about from the thread about ex felons finding employment.

Your Turn: “I’m Falling in Love with a Felon”

View Full Version: I need ya'll help! Has anyone had to deal with this before??? I don't have any answers for you, though I do believe a few people on here have gone through such situations and may have some insight for you. But I just wanted to say that I'm very sorry you're going through this and I will be praying for a good outcome for you. Hopefully someone with some answers will come along soon. Take care. Thanks for you prayers! I will be needing them!

Lipstick Alley.

My sister-in-law has been dating an ex-con on and off for the past months now. Felons are not nice guys, otherwise they would not have been arrested.

Why would any woman date a EX-CON?: Things That Felons Can't Do When They Get Out of Jail

There even seems to be some sort of movement to raise up his bail. They may begin exploring dating their own sex. And many may start dating men they may not have considered in the past, like ex convicts — like Phaedra on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. For some women, having a fine man is all that matters — criminal record and all. What kind of future could one possible have with a convict for a husband? But our choices are our choices right? Easier said than done. My sister would think I lost my mind if I brought home someone straight from Rikers. Everyone has made mistakes, some just got caught. Rapists, murderers, child molesters…none of them would ever get the time of day from me.

Dating An Ex-Con: 3 Questions To Ask First

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My ex is dating a felon





Dating- Marrying An Ex Con
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