Marriage without dating ep 14 recap

Marriage without dating ep 14 recap

Episode Cold Open: In his apartment, Gi Tae is getting interviewed and having his pictures taken. Gi Tae:

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 14 Recap

Episode Cold Open: In his apartment, Gi Tae is getting interviewed and having his pictures taken. Gi Tae: At that time, I had the memories of happiness and warmth. After that woman flipped this house upside-down, she ruined the innate meaning of the house. Jang Mi: I told you not to laugh. I really want to be different this time. Until now, with just the desire to be together, I thought that was all it took and put everything into it. Then, in the end, I messed everything up. I even got a criminal record and got labeled a stalker.

She also wants them to keep their relationship a secret for the time being since if their parents find out, everything will be chaotic again. Gi Tae needs to put his hospital back to where it was and she needs to find her place as well. She tells Gi Tae that his mom thinks that she stays next to him because of money.

He thinks they can just resolve that misunderstanding but she thinks that unless she changes, the misunderstanding will never get resolved. She hates hearing that. After she earns money and becomes a dutiful daughter to her parents, she wants to stand by his side proudly. Gi Tae looks at her seriously until he starts smirking.

He offers to drive her home but she tells him to stop being so clingy since they agreed to date coolly. To lessen his grouchiness, Jang Mi gets on her tippy toes and gives him a kiss before saying her farewells. At his clinic, his nurses tell him that the blogger took down her critical post about him. When asked how he managed to do it, he just tells them that he had a scene maker better than this scene maker.

Mom tsks tsks Hoon Dong for running a restaurant where his only customers are his family and friends before storming off. Hyun Hee also leaves and Gi Tae sits down at a table, still unable to contain his giddiness. He says that if she wants to learn how to be cool, she needs to end it. Yeo Reum tells her that not everyone can learn how to be cool and then says that the mystery investor should almost arrive.

Turns out, it was Hyun Hee all along! His money is his money so instead of having to pretend to be an angelic wife and daughter-in-law for the next 30 years for it to be her money as well, she would rather just take care of herself before then. That way, she can confidently give her mom allowances as well. Hyun Hee guesses correctly that her boyfriend is Gi Tae and congratulates her. The store sign arrives and Hyun Hee and Yeo Reum continue to insist that she join them on this business venture.

They even put her name on the sign. Gi Tae explains that mom misunderstood; what she saw was Jang Mi trying to help him convince the blogger to remove her post. Grandma gets excited and asks if Gi Tae is still meeting Jang Mi. He just likes her on his own and is clinging to her. Aunt hilariously sits on the side and tries to help Gi Tae gain sympathy points by saying that Gi Tae must be so sad, losing his love and regretting is actions.

Gi Tae continues to say that Jang Mi only accepted Yeo Reum because he kept smiling at her but they are definitely not in a serious relationship. Dad invites Gi Tae to sit down and have a drink with him. Dad says that mom allowed Gi Tae to live his life the way he wanted but in the end she called him back and must have meddled in his life. I understand you. How you had your heart taken away by a woman like Joo Jang Mi.

How suffocated you must have felt. We need space in which to breathe. It may not have been an advisable method, but I looked for a realistic and reasonable alternative. Anyway, love and marriage are completely separate issues. Love requires unending change and trembling, but marriage requires stability. So, did you get stability from mother? And from that woman did you get change and trembling? Gi Tae tells dad that at one point, he tried to understand him.

How bad it must have been for dad to do that? Dad thinks Gi Tae understands this burden as well, since why else would he have made a fuss about living alone. After his interaction with dad, Gi Tae returns back to his apartment looking rather down. She wants him to try the food and give her his evaluation on the Korean pancakes and makguli. Gi Tae asks if she invented all of the different styles of pancakes but she tells him the chef did. When he hears that the chef is Yeo Reum, his chopsticks stop mid-air.

Jang Mi tries to explain that Yeo Reum and her have ended all of their romantic feelings for each other coolly and with certainty. Gi Tae asks if he has to understand everything just because she told him honestly. Jang Mi assures him that she thought a lot about this as well. She thought about not working with Yeo Reum but since her feelings for Gi Tae have become real, she needs this work even more. Before he answers, he thinks back to his mom giving him money to pass on to Jang Mi and his dad telling him to marry someone like Se Ah and only date someone like Jang Mi.

He reluctantly tells her to do it. Gi Tae just tells her to be sure to become successful. Since the opening is tomorrow, Jang Mi tells Gi Tae to drop by with some flowers. Hoon Dong finds that strange since Gi Tae was flying around from excitement just the other day. Is it the hospital? Or is it a woman? Gi Tae says that Hoon Dong will be surprised when he sees her. I sense a future romance. Gi Tae arrives with some orchids and Jang Mi runs out to greet him.

When Jang Mi and Hoon Dong notice each other, both are shocked. She changes it to say that there are no seats but then Yeo Reum joins them outside. Love him. He embraces Jang Mi and they go inside. In the kitchen, Jang Mi and Yeo Reum work closely and happily while making the pancakes. Gi Tae sits at his table and watches them; obviously giving Yeo Reum the stink eye but every time Jang Mi looks his way, he puts on a forced smile.

Yeo Reum just laughs and nods his head in understanding. Se Ah shows up and congratulates them on their opening as well. Se Ah also congratulates them on officially dating but Jang Mi goes ahead and seats her next to Gi Tae. Her efforts are so exaggerated that everyone in the restaurant notices. These two. On the drive home, Gi Tae and Jang Mi sit together awkwardly. Jang Mi tries to initiate some conversation by saying that Gi Tae was really manly and awesome in front of Yeo Reum today.

He returns the compliment and says that she was completely confident in front of Se Ah. Jang Mi voiceover: He even opens the bathroom door for her. When she asks for an extra toothbrush, he rushes in to get her one and also tells her to try his face cleanser. This boy. Inside his room, Gi Tae tries to move her hair aside but she gets on the bed, complaining about her legs. Jang Mi gazes at Gi Tae affectionately and falls asleep.

Gi Tae lays own beside her and pulls her into his embrace. As he chatters on about how awesome he is, Jang Mi falls asleep, again. Gi Tae just pulls her close and caresses her hair. Thanks to the sweet sleep, I have been able to endure all the time I have to be awake. Unbeknownst to the restaurant owners, standing outside their restaurant is Hoon Dong and Gi Tae who watch everything with sad puppy dog expressions. They actually sound a bit disappointed at the number of customers that are going in and out and Hoon Dong points out that Jang Mi is laughing in front of Yeo Reum because she likes it so much.

For shame! He gets deflated and Se Ah can tell that he was waiting for patients. He invites her to lunch.

Marriage Not Dating wraps up in a satisfying and poetic way, bringing us back full circle to remind us why we've all loved this I still have to catch up on the drama, but I did read all the recaps. .. August 24, at PM. Ki-tae talks to Hoon-dong about their dating-not-marriage arrangement, and .. Sigh, I could go on.. loved this episode, loved the recap. . 14 yumii. August 22, at PM. UNREGISTERED. Thank you for the recap.

There is a sequence full of frustration for poor Ki-tae, both emotionally and physically, when he learns about life as a friend of a successful entrepreneur. Because if your girlfriend Ex will give relationship advice, you're probably doing something wrong. Ki-tae is interviewed at his home, where he discussed his love of his house. He says he once was alone here as a child, and therefore he loves alone to be here now. It rings and he tried to ignore it, but the ringing is increasingly hectic and Ki-tae said that this girl is here, recently began the rest of the house invading and ruin.

Ki-tae is interviewed in his home, where he discusses his love of his house. He says he was once alone here as a child and this is why he loves to be alone here now.

They stay true to themselves as the show manages to tie up all the loose ends nicely, leaving me feeling like everyone gets the ending they deserve. Ki-tae and Jang-mi stand in their wedding finery, at an altar under a stormy sky, both of them looking angry and hurt.

Recap And Reviews Kdrama Marriage is not dating: Episode 14

As it always is with this couple, whether fake or real, the greatest obstacle they face is family. Ki-tae thinks confrontation can be avoided, but Jang-mi has learned a thing or two about relationships, and knows that there is no difference between marriage and dating when it comes to Mom. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here.

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