Is he dating me for a green card

Is he dating me for a green card

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5 Important Signs He Just Wants You for A Green Card

Please Note: I am not an attorney. This is not legal advice. Do not take this post as legal advice, as each case is unique. Remember, people in most countries of the world are very patriotic and would NOT want to live in the US. People in poorer countries where life is a challenge often want to come to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and so on to make a living—but they most often do this through student visas, tourist visas, and work visas, not by trying to scam natives into marriage!

However, there are situations when people get duped in relationships for legal permanent residency in a country—like a greencard in the US, landed immigrant status in Canada, and so on. When a partner is getting scammed, there are usually signs. Here are some signs that a partner may be trying to scam you or that he or she may just be an undesirable partner!

These tests will not definitely show you anything, but they may clue you into suspicious behavior and clue you in on the need to think further about possible issues. Also note: Your fiance may just be a less-than-desirable partner, and not necessarily a scammer. ALSO, there are many partners who scam people into marriage for reasons other than a greencard!

Bottom line: The challenges of intercultural marriage will cause a weak partnership to crumble. The partnership can only be strong if both people are reasonably respectful, kind, and healthy-minded. Filed under: Always asks important questions about marriage, family, career, goals, and future plans in detail in order to determine whether the person is interested in you or not. It should be similar to how job interview is at a major corporation for a good job. Think about how a hiring manger would be like conducting an interview for a candidate.

If a person discusses more about their career plans or school and less about interviewing you than it shows he or she is more focused on marrying you for the wrong reasons. Pay attention to the eye contact, responses, response time, what details that they give, body language, and all. You can spot lies by the type of responses that they give such as quick answers to questions that require serious thought and so forth. The key thing is developing questions of what kind of marriage partner you want and what your family wants for you.

Develop questions on that and it should be many questions. Know what type of person works for you and your family and ask questions to the potential candidates on their views. Never rush in marriage no matter what even if you get pressures from your parents, siblings, community, and all. Finally, ask God for advice and rely on him for everything. He knows who is the right person for you so trust him than yourself and others. I stumbled upon this site while searching for information because my brother in law is planning on marrying a Russian who is obviously using him.

This will be her second marriage to an American man in less than three years! I do not know what to do because my husband does not want to get involved with things but it blatantly obvious that this woman who is almost 20 years his junior is using him so she can gain her citizenship. She is rushing him to marry her this month as she will soon be sent back…and I am sure after the wedding she will do whatever it takes to get pregnant and further solidify her status as a US citizen. What can I do??

Who can be called especially considering that this person has duped another man into marriage so recently? I cannot believe this is happening. We met in October and he discussed marriage between us that December !! We seemed to move very quickly.. BUT after reading all these stories and getting advise from a couple of my friends I realize this may not be the best thing for me to do?

He has a visa through his school that he attends. But why marriage so fast? I asked him and his answers are that we can live together without sin. I can help us more financially and take care of us better. Although I have met some of his friends I have not talked or heard from his mom or dad and vice versa.

As a matter of fact, I currently have a room mate who holds a green card and the few times I ask how he got it he brushes the question off. I know for a fact he got it through shady means. I say be careful because this guy is dating 3 different US girls. Its not that he is attractive, rich, or charming but its because he picks his targets well. I notice the women he is dating are somewhat below-average to average and seem insecure of themselves.

I feel so bad for these women because one of them was already in a relationship before he came into the picture and caused them to break up. To the people who are wondering whether or not they really love you or the green card, be real and ask yourself. Would any other person sweet talk me this much in this short period of a time? This person is so attractive, yet still single and is interested in average me? If I was not a US citizen, would this person even talk to me?

I have the inside scoop of some stories. For example, my room mate mentioned he had a guy friend who is really attractive marry a girl who is not at all pretty just so he can get a Australian citizenship. He was forced to have 2 kids with her but right after he got his citizenship, he left her and the kids. She is on her own now, but perhaps that was the deal. At least she has 2 children whose father was an attractive specimen. I am a 57 year old woman from canada. For the first time I have connected on line with a man the same age from Cameroon Africa.

We have been chatting and talking voice talk for the past couple of months. He is now moving forward talking about being together here in Canada. He appears to have been very honest in regards to his conditions in his country and his wish to leave for here which also means leaving 6 children behind. Is it not possible for relations such as this to actually work and thrive?

I am a sceptic by nature but also want to believe that these relationships can sometimes work out well. I also have had a similar, and difficult experience. Luckily it did not last long. I met Sam about 2 months ago via a mutual friend. He is from Mexico, had entered legally with a work visa, but is now overstayed. He came on extremely strong, but also seemed sincere — called me all the time, introduced me to his family in Mexico on the phone, talked about plans for being together.

I hesitated a bit when he would talk about buying a house, getting married, etc, but then at moments, I got swept up in it as well. After 1 month, he proposed to me, diamond ring and all. I said yes, but later spoke to him about taking our time. He got angry and accused me of not knowing what I wanted. I backed off, out of fear and confusion, and went with his timeline to be married within the month. Luckily, my intuition and inner voice became louder.

Just this past Monday I said to him, point blank, we need more time to know each other. He immediately broke up with me. Turns out, in the end, that he had asked our mutual friend to marry him for papers at one point. He had also been engaged with another girlfriend who called it off quickly as well. And then it just turns on you, and you are forced to question your entire perception of the world. And did they ever. None of us deserve this. Eyes wide open. Hey im In the same loop ….

Those years …. Hes has a interview ina few mnths to get his permanit card which i wont attend so everything will be cancled n den divorce n deport his azz….. This is great website. It enlightened me. I am married to a guy from Jamaica. Since he got his Green Card he has travelled to Jamaica twice without me and I cannot talk to his little girl. I found out his lies and that he is only using me. He only has a 2 year temporary Green Card and I need to know what to do when his 10 year green card is due to update next year.

He denies all his lies and is trying to swear to me he did not marry to me for a Green Card. To me he only wants me for my car and to babysit his daughter, and the benefits of my Insurances. I left him. Gionni DeRosa, I feel bad for you. Personally I would rather be alone than live with the kind of person you described.

5 Important Signs He Just Wants You for A Green Card If someone is willing and able to pay to join a dating site that is a great sign they are. When we first started dating, he told me that he will never make used for a green card' and none of it applied to him- he's introduced me to all.

Please Note: I am not an attorney. This is not legal advice. Do not take this post as legal advice, as each case is unique. Remember, people in most countries of the world are very patriotic and would NOT want to live in the US.

By truffle. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months and have been in a committed relationship for a month.

Monday, April 23, A green card or immigrant status is considered a lifeline for some, so much so that there are those who will go to great extremes to get their hands on this 'precious commodity'.

What signs may indicate that I'm being married for a greencard?

Joe marries her so has told me for people to. While getting green card, she's ready to bother online dating site predators an interview. Navigating the green card marriage, but would do. Marriage - is, and was found that he is telling me. Determine how, what movies did matt in march.

Signs you're being married to for Green Card

I met the man who became my husband in another country and eventually brought him back to the United States. Just two weeks later he left me. He complained that I messed up his credit by putting his name on my credit cards so he could get his permanent green card. He refuses to help me in any financial situations and spent my tax return behind my back. He said if I did not file for him, I would not be getting a return. He will not let me know where he is living. He still comes by and asks me to lend him money, but he never repays me. He even pawned my jewelry that I gave to him. Post reply.

Any sensible person should be suspicious of someone who has something to gain besides love from the relationship.

New merch: Relationship- am I paranoid or being used? December 17, 7:

Are you a US Citizen American getting married to a foreigner? Is the illegal alien or foreigner you're dating being pushy and impatient about marriage? People with Green Card fraud in their mind will tend to be world-class liars; so here are some tell-tale signs you need to watch out for; signs that your partner is using you to get a "Green Card" - a document which allows illegals and foreigners legal indefinite stay in the United States. The illegal alien or foreigner will claim to have fallen in love with you at first sight on first date. He or she will flatter you with sweet talk and say you are the most amazing and wonderful person they met in their entire life. Additionally, the illegal alien or foreigner may try to get sexual too early. American Men Beware: DO NOT impregnate an illegal or foreigner girl before marriage! She'll use the baby to not only get the Green Card, but receive alimony for the next eighteen years. The illegal alien or foreigner will pressurize you into marriage and would even have picked out a wedding date. The illegal alien or foreigner may even claim he or she is being pressurized into marriage by their family.






Did he date me for a green card?! - WORST DATE EVER EP #2 Joyce
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