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In March, Londoners were introduced to naked speed dating where I myself stripped off in the name of potential love. Then, during summer, it was time for exercise dating — where you incorporate different workouts while bonding over your bods — and finally, speed darting. Come dressed in kinky PVC or leather outfits, themed nurses uniforms or latex — all themes are welcome. On each table, you will find toys to play with, such as whips, dog collars, paddles and blindfolds.

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During the conversation, that statement turned into a question and became the best example of how the titles and the topics of all the tables were deconstructed and reconstructed in the discussions. On my way from Berlin to Leipzig the tram to the main station stopped to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. During the devotional silence I remembered my Facebook feed of the previous days.

Some of my friends overlaid their profile pictures with the French flag as a statement of solidarity while others started to engage in discussions that shed light on battlegrounds and victims beyond the attention of Western media. The issues of solidarity and the overcoming of the Eurocentric perspective of the Cold War era were major topics in the conversations in Leipzig. At the same time, the typical conference format with invited speakers who often read their paper out loud to the audience is not conducive to in-depth discussions and seems anachronistic in our world of digital communication.

Usually, the most interesting and inspiring discussions at a regular conference take place during the coffee breaks or outside the official program structure. The point is not to find your academic soul mate but to talk to almost every participant of the conference during four rounds of minutes-discussions at each table. Yang-Wen Zheng works on the adaption of ballet in Maoist China as a space of negotiation between artistic modernity and communist politics.

Elizabeth M. Holt concentrates on literature of the Arab world in the field of tensions of cultural politics sponsored by the CIA. The regional focus on China and the Arabic peninsula delivered a valuable additional perspective on the out-dated Eurocentric perception of the Cold War era. Although the conversation commenced with the aforementioned has the Cold War ever ended?

However, the allotted time was unfortunately too short to get at the interesting details of the individual projects. As the gong sounded to launch the second round everybody except the table hosts moved to the next table to enter a new debate. Since decolonization and postcolonial solidarity are highly theorized and politicized concepts, it was necessary to clarify those key terms first to bring the participants into line. Some of the questions and statements addressed in this conversation included: What does it entail?

Can you create solidarity? What does postcolonial do to solidarity? Is solidarity always positive? Instead of jumping right into the discussion both table hosts introduced themselves and their research interests. The introduction was extremely helpful and could be adopted as a recommendation in preparing the discussion hosts for this event format.

Slobodian and Perla follow a historiographical approach towards a re-evaluation of youth movements and the radical left beyond the romanticizing or sociological range of revolution. It may be said that during the Cold War era solidarity could be shown more easily because it was part of the official doctrine in the battle against communism with direct opponents.

The concept of solidarity was converted by the radical left into a strategy of resistance but was at the same time an integral part of the existing global governance. The example of the RAF in Germany demonstrates that solidarity has not always been positive. Rather, solidarity can also cause cultural divides and terroristic acts.

In the discussion, we agreed that performing solidarity has lost its significance today, but now in retrospect I would rather say that solidarity has become more selective based on common grounds. Hardly anybody hesitated to commemorate the victims of the attacks in Paris, but showing solidarity with the numerous victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria or in Beirut was a greater obstacle for the global audience. The hero is dead, long live Che Guevara. As the object of many paintings, iconographic references to Christ can be observed.

Che Guevara represents a masculine culture of revolution and became a hero for the radical left. The conversation at this table was very vivid and touched upon various issues like the Eurocentric view of feminism and the representation of Che Guevara in cinema. Very enriching was the contribution to the discussion of one participant whose family was involved in a politically active group in El Salvador.

As the gong sounded for the last time, it was almost hard to believe that one afternoon with many interesting round-table talks had come to an end so quickly. The success of the event was due to the pleasant atmosphere, the smaller audience size and the spatial breakup of the frontal setting of a traditional conference into a round-table format.

Nevertheless, some issues remained such as the inability for some common discussions to reach in-depth levels. One possible solution could be short presentations by the hosts and participants to enrich the discussions from the start. Cold War globalization Science Reporter solidarity Veranstaltungsdokumentation. The Max Weber Foundation promotes global research, focused on the areas of social sciences, cultural studies and the humanities.

Our research is conducted at ten institutes in various countries across the globe with different and independent fields of focus. Through our globally operating institutes, we are able to contribute to the communication and networking between Germany and our host countries or regions. By promoting academic dialogue and merging academic and non-academic employees from several countries with different cultural backgrounds, the Max Weber Foundation is able to strengthen the internationalization of research.

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Our research tells us that a Los Angeles Rabbi called Yaacov Deyo invented speed dating in the late nineties as a way for young Jewish. Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process which has the purpose of encouraging eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a .

In , a Los Angeles rabbi and his students came up with a new way for single people to meet each other. In , Rabbi Yaacov Deyo and his students came up with a new way for single people to meet each other - they called it "speed dating". It started as a programme for Jewish singles in Los Angeles, but soon spread all over the world. Men and women take part in an evening of silent speed dating in a bar in east London on 23rd September See all episodes from Witness History.

Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process which has the purpose of encouraging eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a very short period of time. It was created in by Antony Beilinsohn a Los Angeles-based television executive after his rabbi, Yaacov Deyo, encouraged him to conceive of innovative ways for eligible Jewish singles to meet and marry.

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Fetish speed dating is coming to London

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Are you tired of the dating scene in Tokyo? Remember speed dating? With the invention of dating apps like Tinder, we sometimes forget how people used to meet back in the day. In the land of overworked singles with little free time, it should come to no surprise that organized dating events are so popular. Speed dating is still very much alive in Japan with dozens of events happening every week. If these events are mostly geared towards a Japanese speaking clientele, do not despair if your nihongo skills are not quite up to par. Tokyo Speed Dating has been organizing international events for lonely hearts since Always up for a challenge, I decided to join a friend and try speed dating when he asked me to accompany him. How about I tried building a real connection for a change, instead of looking for instant attraction.

A brief but fascinating piece in The New York Times on how speed dating was invented:. This entirely practical measure would inspire matchmakers all around the world — Jews and Gentiles alike.

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Fetish speed dating is coming to London

Speed date is now very slow rather than its starting time popularity because of availability of so many dating apps on mobile phones. Dating apps are very less time consuming and in budget too. My brother one of matchmaking website which is Kelleher International joined just last month and there he got his best soulmate in 10 days with less charges. I have recently started a blog, the info you provide on this site has helped me greatly. Best Dating App London. Most men who engage in online dating most likely do not understand why women are different and what they expect from an Internet dating experience. Learning about the female dating perspective can help a man become far more successful with any dating experience. Remember a few years ago, when speed dating was all the rage? Is it still popular since the huge rise of mobile dating apps like Tinder? Speed Dating was an invention round about the beginning of the century, which makes it seem such a long time ago now, but at the time it was like a breath of fresh air. However, with the development of online dating sites and more recently those smartphone swipe right dating apps, do we still have time in our busy lives for actual face to face meetings with strangers? She states that when the company first started some 14 years ago, dating apps didn't exist and if you wanted to try online dating, there were really just two companies to sign up to Match.

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You are here: A group of about people were divided into teams of around 15 to 20, assigned one member as a facilitator, provided with some guidelines get ideas fast, say out loud, no evaluating ideas, etc. Key aspects of the technique include going for quantity of ideas, withholding evaluation, welcoming unusual ideas and combining ideas to improve them. Writing the ideas on Post it, with sharpies and then speaking and posting the ideas on a board in the room, obviously, came later! When it came time for questions and comments after the experience, many attendees in the room acknowledged that they, too, used brainstorming in their firms, but comments were made as to its shortcomings: So, if you are looking for breakthrough, go deeper. If you are running your own brainstorming sessions, here are a few techniques to get you there:.

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Sure, some of the titles in our lineup may be bigger, longer and more star-studded than others. Way back in January, we introduced you to our Project Involve Class of Since then, these amazing filmmakers have been working tirelessly in collaboration with one another to create an eclectic collection of short films — from sci-fi parables, to relationship dramas, to incisive works of social commentary. So without further ado, please enjoy this exclusive peek into how the short-film sausage actually gets made:. I learned about Project Involve when I was researching Sloan opportunities for my romantic comedy script about Isaac Newton. While on the Film Independent site, I stumbled upon the Project Involve page and thought that the program would be perfect. I submitted my application and a few months later I was asked to interview.

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We want to make our website more user-friendly and continuously improve it. If you continue to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. This idea was as simple as it was ingenious: In order to make the concept of a motorized vehicle accessible to a wider public, Benz invented the bus. All the experience that Carl Benz had made with his automobiles was put to good use in developing his bus.

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Speed-dating conception is quite simple, just like most worthy inventions. Equal number of men and women seeking a. Live speed-dating events have been popular for quite a while, because they: This fun and easy date conception worked very well on dating sites, too. Instead of meeting in person people could exchange private text messages, or chat through web cam with a number of date candidates sitting at home with a cup of tea. SkaDate Dating Software developers are now making the speed-dating feature available in the upcoming script version.

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At a matchmaking event he organized in , Rabbi Yaacov Deyo brought along a gragger , the noisemaker Jews use during Purim. This entirely practical measure would inspire matchmakers all around the world — Jews and Gentiles alike. Weeks before, Deyo invited a group of friends to convene in his living room and brainstorm about how he could best serve the local Jewish community. This being L. The rabbi and his think tank decided that Jewish singles needed to identify marriage partners with maximum efficiency, and they designed a wacky game in which participants would table-hop their way through a dozen dates in a night.

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