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Here are reviews of shows at the Orlando Fringe Festival, arranged alphabetically. Shows whose titles begin with A-J are listed here. For shows with titles starting with K-Z, click here: Orlando Fringe Festival reviews, K-Z. That's What You Get! The Orlando Fringe Festival review of "Bare: A Pop Opera" in the Orlando Sentinel. Joyride" in the Orlando Sentinel. The Orlando Fringe Festival review of "Craigslust: A Sexploration" in the Orlando Sentinel.

The Musical" in the Orlando Sentinel. The Orlando Fringe Festival review of 'Flight: A Crane's Story" in the Orlando Sentinel. The Orlando Fringe Festival review of "Frankenchrist: The Orlando Fringe Festival review of "Hungry! A Rap Musical" in the Orlando Sentinel. Orlando Fringe Festival review of "Jem Rolls: Off the Tongue" in the Orlando Sentinel. Skip to content. Orlando Fringe review: May 17, 9: By Matthew J. Palm and Orlando Sentinel Theater Critic. May 16, 1: May 19, By Lania Berger and Orlando Sentinel correspondent.

May 16, May 14, 3: May 21, May 20, May 22, May 17, 2: May 15, May 18, By Jon Busdeker and Orlando Sentinel. Palm and Orlando Sentinel Arts Writer. By Sandra Carr and Orlando Sentinel correspondent. May 17, May 15, 1:

Shirley Kirchmann, a Canadian Fringe award-winner and stand-up comic, takes the stage by exposing her hopeless dating life in the show. I got some good laughs out of South African performer Shirley Kirchmann's Deranged Dating, which is about her attempts to find love—but they.

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Deranged Dating. Photo Credit Essie Esterhuizen.

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Welcome to the Fringe 4 Fringe Presents: Birthday Bash 6 Opening Night: Raffle 27 Fringe Lovers are Fringe Heroes! Donate Pick Some Shows! So you found your Program Guide at a Blenz Coffee location and checked out vancouverfringe.

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Here are reviews of shows at the Orlando Fringe Festival, arranged alphabetically. Shows whose titles begin with A-J are listed here.

At age 35 and perpetually single, Kirchmann recounts her humorously horrid experiences on bad blind dates "they would make you wish you were blind" , crazy computer encounters and miserable matchmaker-assisted meetups. Kirchmann begins with some really clever commentary on this universally understood subject, performing an interpretive dance to the five stages of breakup grief Denial, Longing, Denial again, Epiphany and -- most satisfyingly -- Rage and recruiting a male audience member to clean up the stage as a "social statement.

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Adult diapers, half naked sweaty men, mullet wigs, sassy set changes, cat food, boobs and … Continue reading So much more Dicky Dicky! Deranged Dating Carol Sinclair A year-old single woman shares her attempts at finding love and all the bizarre, cocky, perverted men she has had disastrous dates and relationships with. For anyone that has had a tough time in love will appreciate her eccentric anecdotes and relate to her epic failures in the game of love. Deranged Dating. He seems surprised to see her, but as their story unfolds the lines begin to blur on what the dynamic of their relationship really is. What is real and what is only being … Continue reading Moonlight After Midnight. The Man is Still a Mystery. Iredea Carol Sinclair The impending apocalypse seems to be quite the popular theme at Fringe this year, and these kinds of shows often fall into the trap of being one-dimensional or kitschy, but Iredea, the apocalyptic dance rock opera is anything but. The story of how the world ended is complex and engaging. It is … Continue reading Yes:

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REVIEW: Deranged Dating at Ottawa Fringe 2014

Happy Fringe, everyone! Shirley Kirchmann, a Canadian Fringe award-winner and stand-up comic, takes the stage by exposing her hopeless dating life in the show Deranged Dating. With the help of a professional matchmaker, Kirchmann seeks out men through her and online dating. Your Email required. View More….

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