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Zafar Mohsen came afterwards. His opponent Ismael Foscarini was a very experienced guy. But anyhow ,Zafar could make good takedowns and control him almost the whole fight. Finally Zafar won the fight on points Both fights were awesome an the public rewarded this matter of fact with standing ovation written by NtD Victorious at Integra on the the It was a mixed gala with a tournament and later on ,pro fights. His first opponent was Danijel Solaja ,a Tai and Kickboxchampion.

Later on he fought Jabrail Dulahtov the current Integra champion. The tactics for zafar was clear. Bring the opponents to the ground,and finish the fight with ground and pound or submission. This tactics was important, because his opponentes were pretty much taller than him. Furthermore both of them were prefering the stand up fight. He realized the tactics and won the tournament. Now Zafar is the current amateur grand prix champion from Integra. More over ,he got an further bonus this night.

He is allowed now to have at least one fight in M1 global. Written by NtD Age of cage 13 main event of the evening heavy weight On the Written by: The only big difference between the Mannheimer Hafenkeilerei, they used here a cage insteed of a boxing ring. As to be expected the polina attacked Raffael with strong kicks and punches,but she knew how to defend herself. Skillful she took the polish girl to the ground and could show her dominace in Grabbling.

Two times, the fight was scheduled and canceled again. But on the The good preparation paid off for Siver. Conditionnel and tactical he was superior to the two times former world champion the premise from the start,to make pressure,was the right way to win over Penn. Only in the second round BJ could knock down Siver ,but was unable to take advantage of this situation. Dennis was the more active and good punch and kicking man this evening in the octagon.

Of course this rewarded the referee on their score sheet. So the fight went to the distance and was mostly coducted in the stand. Winner by points ,Dennis Siver written by: NtD Mixed fight Gala 21 Heilbronn Tempel Fightschool Fazit: His opponent this night was Kevin Hangs,a specialist on the ground. By the way ,we have to appreciate both fighters not only because that fight was the fight of the night Usually this bout would not take place. For not disappointing the public ,Kevin agreed to fight against the allways motivated, substitute opponent Paata Tschapelia.

Good decision. Paata could show a good stand up ,awesome leg kicks ,good groundescapes and a solid ground and pound. Hangs was successful too. He could takedown Paata very often, and put him with his leg techniques into deep trouble. With standing ovation ,Paata Tschapelia could win the fight very close by split decision. Hafenkeilerei On saturday the What do you want more!? So it can go on Written by NtD Respect 17 On the Short resume: This fight was very tough, but fair.

It was excited until the last moment. Good stand up,good sumission attempts, and a brutal ground and pound This fight went to the distance over 3x5 minutes and was very exciting as well Written by NtD Respect. Fc Caged 2 NtD Hafenkeilerei 4 on the NtD FEN 9 7. NtD Respect 14 On the Quincy Dwamena ,who fought for KIBOJU, had to give up because of an injury at the ende of round one,although he leads with points,against his opponent Francisco de Souza.

This close fight went to the distance,and ended with a victory for Kawarjiri. Thassilo Lahr could win by points against Wilfried Edmund in the co main event. Finally ,Florian Gardan has won in the mainevent against Shely Santana by split decision. At the beginning of the first round ,big daddy could keep Tassilo on the distance with some weak chaps.

This was a clever tactic but finally Kraniotakes took a couple of big punches to the head. From now on Lahr took advantage of the fight. His stand up was pretty much better. And even Kraniotakes typical tactics ,pinning the opponent on the fence did not work,because Lahr was able to takedown big daddy in each round at the fence and punished him with a following ground and pound. At the end of the third and last round the ringbell saved Kraniotakes of a premature defeat. As usual the Tai tank dropped him down and punished him with big elbows on the ground.

Tassilo climbed the backmount of Kraniotakes. From than on there was no escape for big daddy anymore. As i mentioned only the ring bell could save Kraniotakes from his first defeat in his first light heavyweight debut. And now the scandal judgement: This judgement was really unfair, and even the public rewarded this decision with buh call. Now, let us summarize. All Takedowns were made by Tassilo Lahr 3. To be honest with you , I dont know.

I myself travelled all over the world in terms of MMA but only rarely I have seen such a wrong decision I recommend the organizer of GMC ,that they should rethink the scandal judgement and correct it. Otherwise this wrong decision will cast a shadow over the whole event and GMC could be equated with fraud.

This doesn t deserve neither the organisation nor the MMA sports. How to be expected, right from the beginning Quinzi Dwamena dictated the fight. At the end of round one ,a wild brawl and a little knockdown for Quinzi happened. Against the advise of the corner Dwamena nevertheless tried to keep on fighting. A last desperately attempt ,to put his austrian opponent to the ground, failed. Now Martic took advantage of this situation. After a brutal ground and pound the bull Dwamena had to give up the fight in the second round, because of an injury.

Unfortunately it confirmed the assumtion of a broken hand Dwamenas in the hospital. Written by NtD Age of cage At the Our second fighter Abu Dzamaldaev could go to the distance ,but finally he lost against his opponent Dustin Stoltzfus by unanimous decision. His opponent was Bogdan Barbu. This fight was about the championship kg. It was a tough fight and this bout goes to the distance.

Hafenkeilerei took place in the alten Seilerei in Mannheim. It was to be expected,that the Keilerei would be a success again. The responsibles had made a lot of effort to satisfy the public. Quinzi the "Bull "Dwamena had dominated his aggressive opponent over the entire three rounds and finally he knocked him out. Unfotunately Kecks nose was broken. After an initially spanking attack from Lyons, Ciprian got used to the striking of his opponent and countered very clever with good doublelegs.

He slammed Lyons on his back and finished the bout over three rounds with a huge ground and pound. Ciprian was victorious on points. One round of most brutal striking ,until an illegal knee to Konstantins head puts an early end in the first round. Now Johnas was in the full guard of Gumuljo. In the following ground and pound an ellbow cuts Johnas front head very badly. So the fight took a premature end. The winner is Rochel Gumuljo because of a doctors decision.

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National Professional Boxing League of Ukraine promoter: Yuriy Ruban Union Boxing Promotion matchmaker: Dmytro Yeliseyev.

In Paris with You by Clementine Beauvais Ten years after they parted, Tatiana and Eugene meet again in the Paris Metro and begin to explore their past, when they might have fallen in love, as well as their possible future. Unclaimed Baggage by Jen Doll Told from three viewpoints, teens Doris, Nell, and Grant find friendship and the possibility of love while working in Unclaimed Baggage, a store that sells items that went missing during airline travel.

Bout E Winner vs. Luis Tavares vs.

Fight fans 4 oktober matchmaking

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The year-old Ross, who fights out of Dublin, Calif. Despite an advanced skill set and a handful of highlight reel worthy performances in the ring, Walker of Atlanta, Ga.

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Eine sehr sportliche Geste seinerseits. Mikel Rodriguez Kuraia -Donosti. Prudencio Ayite WIN 2: Aerts rose at the count of six but referee Joop Ubeda waved the contest off after deciding the Dutch Lumberjack was not in a fit state to fight on. Aerts outworked a sluggish Spong in the first round despite being on the back foot for most of it, although the second session was a lot more competitive. Spong stepped on the gas in the third and landed a right to the chin which froze Aerts on the spot, then delivered the decisive blow after backing him to the ropes near a neutral corner. Ngimbi held his own in the first round but Souwer held all of the aces after that, proving the more active and diverse of the two with boxing combinations, knees and low and high kicks. Verlinden staggered the defending champion with a first round knee but Ilunga recovered quickly, setting a high tempo with his hands. Tall and rangy, Verlinden kept pitching in and the crowd got right into the action as he clipped Ilunga with a high kick and the pair went toe to toe in a rousing finale. Poturak came to fight but Ghita showed exactly why many kicboxing fans think he is the best big man in the world right now with a ruthless display of body kicking.

Dating brooksville fl

Jay Dee "B. Penn built the pound division". Gennem sine fremgange i Brasiliansk Jiu-jitsu blev B. Penns karriere var i UFC 46 den I starten meddelte UFC at man forligedes med B. Penn tabte kampen i tredje omgang TKO slag.

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Zafar Mohsen came afterwards. His opponent Ismael Foscarini was a very experienced guy. But anyhow ,Zafar could make good takedowns and control him almost the whole fight. Finally Zafar won the fight on points Both fights were awesome an the public rewarded this matter of fact with standing ovation written by NtD Victorious at Integra on the the It was a mixed gala with a tournament and later on ,pro fights.

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Yeonae stays behind and puts the lock Kidae gave her on the fence. At some point I really wanted him to wake up and love himself enough to walk away. She stands among her friends and he drives up in a convertible decorated with balloons. When shes better she and Jingook meet for a date. There was certainly some irony in her seeking help with her love life at the moment she needed it the least. They agree to meet by the Han River. Falling in love is not a matter of emotional exercise anymore.

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Im reminded of my early WoT days back when I had yet to burn money for SerBs lunar base first games in Tier were traumatic and KV was a horror on tracks. If you are interested contact for detailed information. There is no reason to be rude. No shows are not acceptable. Many thanks again. Ive seen that my tier IIIs never did see tier s. Mason will ask questions to get to know you better This will help the matchmakers understand if you are a good match hellipT still one of my favorite tanks but the limited mm now not as special.

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