Dating spot in singapore

Dating spot in singapore

Image credit: White Rabbit Facebook Page. Set in a beautifully restored s chapel, The White Rabbit has the perfect ambience for a charming date, day or night. The restaurant serves modern European Classics such as Basque-style chicken, ocean trout and lavender honey glazed duck.

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They are lots of dating spots in Singapore for couples on a tight budget. Here are a few ideas…. Image credit: Christian van Elven. Soaring 50 storeys high, this huge housing complex is connected by two skyparks. The 26th floor is open to residents only. Head to the 50th floor, which is open to the public, and check out the great views of the city and the port. There are seats and benches to lounge on if you are stopping for a while. The views from Marina Bay Sands are of course much more spectacular but they come at a premium.

You are also in the middle of a neighbourhood with lots of cafes and little eateries. Cross over to Everton Park opposite the Pinnacle and share some delicious ice cream and waffles at Everton Creamery or stop by Nylon Coffee Roasters for a caffeine fix. Not your average movie date night, The Projector is an independent cinema that has revived two cinema halls of the historic Golden Theatre on the 5th floor of Golden Mile Tower.

The vibe is old-school cool with many of the original features of the halls remaining. Movie buffs will love the specially curated programmes of indie, foreign, classic and arthouse films. The two halls are called Green Room and Redrum and both are spacious with free seating. Redrum is more casual with beanbags you can cosy up on while watching the show. The Projector regularly runs special movie events.

Follow Jurong Hill road up to the peak and you will find a tranquil garden and a spiralling tower perched on top. The Jurong Hill Lookout Tower was built in the s and at the time was a popular place to host foreign dignitaries and even royalty such as Elizabeth II, Queen of England. Many of the famous dignitaries also planted trees to commemorate their visit and these can still be seen today in the garden at the foot of the tower. At the top of the lookout tower, you can get a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Watch the twinkling lights of Jurong Island as it gets dark before setting off for dinner. Try affordable but delicious options such as Saveur , a popular group of restaurants serving quality french food. La Petite Cuisine is a casual bistro at Serene Centre which offers French food with a neighbourhood price tag. Breton , formerly The French Stall, is now a live lobster restaurant. There are lots of picturesque stops along the way but one of the highlights is Henderson Waves.

It can get really hot here in the afternoon so an early morning or late afternoon walk would be ideal. At night, the bridge lights up making for a lovely evening walk. Henderson Waves lights up between 7pm and 7am daily. Discover a new band together or chill out with some classic songs at a live music bar. The ever popular Timbre Substation has a great ambience and also a varied menu to choose from. The Substation itself is an interesting space where experimental and contemporary works in music, theatre, literature, dance and visual arts are staged.

When the pace of the city gets all too frenzied, the Botanical Gardens is the perfect antidote. Wander around the garden paths and admire the lush green spaces, pretty tropical flowers and shaded rainforest. Just lay out a blanket and some delicious snacks. The Botanical Gardens are open from 5am to midnight. Admission is free. Check the event schedule for upcoming performances and other activities. Richard Lee.

The Southern Islands are a collection of eight islets to the south of the mainland in the Singapore Straits. Since three of the islands have been connected, you can easily do some island hopping here. Once you are there, Kusu island is only a five-minute boat ride away. Explore the paths through the islands and relax upon the tranquil little beaches. You might want to carry a beach towel, sunblock, insect repellant and your swimming gear too in case you both want to take a dip.

Lazarus island probably has the best beach. There are free areas around the Gardens by the Bay, but the conservatories are still my favourite. Escape the afternoon heat inside the two domes, where temperatures are blissfully cool like springtime. Explore the misty Cloud Forest, with its stunning indoor waterfall and unique plants. Since the Flower Dome displays change throughout the year, there is always something new to see.

As the sun sets, head to the Supertree Grove. Marvel at the avatar-like structures from below or walk along the metre high OCBC Skyway, a bridge connecting two of the towering supertrees. Stick around for the light and sound show when the supertree grove comes to life at 7. Elena Leong. Soak in beautiful views of the coastline at Changi Point. The walk starts near Changi Village where you can have some yummy food before setting off.

The walk has six sections going from East to West: Along the way, you can spot some interesting local flora and fauna. There are also lots of good photo opportunities for you and your loved one. The sea view is especially pretty when the sun sets. Take your time and enjoy the rustic ambience of a place where time seems to slow down. The Changi Boardwalk is open to the public 24 hours. Also read: Good luck! Becca is a fan of impromptu travel, world cultures, ocean views and chocolate anything.

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My personal recommendations for things to do that I give to friends who visit Singapore. No guide books, just my experiences! Click to read the grand plan for spending two weeks in Singapore — without leaving its borders. See all the famous landmarks, and then some. Have a longer transit in Singapore? Here are what you can do in 24 Hours around the airport or city of Singapore.

Here are a few ideas… 1. The Projector Image credit: About Author. Rebecca Mei Dook Becca is a fan of impromptu travel, world cultures, ocean views and chocolate anything. See the world with us. Subscribe now! Related Posts. Staycation Ideas. Village Hotel Katong. Village Hotel Albert Court. Village Hotel Changi. Hotel Boss. Winsland Serviced Suites by Lanson Place. No iPads Required! A Guide to Endau Rompin: A Guide to Gunung Pulai: Western Coast vs. Eastern Coast: Encore Melaka: The Scotland Highlands: My Road Trip Experience Scotland.

Your enquiry has been sent successfully. How to Spend Two Weeks in Singapore Click to read the grand plan for spending two weeks in Singapore — without leaving its borders. Singapore Layover:

If your special day is coming up, find the perfect place for it! Here's a list of 12 of the most romantic places in Singapore to make that date a. From museums to the great outdoors, these romantic spots in Singapore don't cost a thing.

Who says Singapore is boring? Although if you really must watch a movie, at least go for breezy outdoor cinemas. After all, memorable experiences are priceless, right? Before you scroll through our list below for suggestions, consider surprising your other half with a non-mainstream fried chicken bouquet before your romantic night out. Every Friday night, the Science Centre Observatory opens its doors to welcome anyone interested in stargazing.

From an amorous rendezvous at a luxury spa to a secluded floating restaurant, Culture Trip has come up with a seductive list of secret dating spots in Singapore for you and your partner to enjoy. Stimulate your senses and fall in love all over again at these 10 best secret dating spots in Singapore.

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The 10 Best Secret Dating Spots in Singapore

Plus, we feature a few unique activities you can do in Singapore, just to mix it up! Special packages for proposals, anniversaries and birthdays are also on offer. Tickets sell out quickly, so book early! The gigantic waterfront garden has a cool, futuristic feel and plenty of exotic plants, making it a wonderful spot for a leisurely walk. Must-see bits include the Flower Dome, which focuses on Mediterranean flora and the Cloud Forest, a misty tropical wonderland with a roaring indoor waterfall the tallest in the world.

35 Cool & Fun Things To Do In Singapore

Our little sunny island can sometimes be too boring for couples who have seen and done it all. Okay, maybe not. At the end of each lesson you could present your work of art as a personalised gift. Aww …how sweet is that? Mud Rock: Other baking workshops include Kawaii Deco Tartlets , ombre and rosette cakes, and Rilakkuma Cookies. All of which looks too cute to be eaten. Bake Fresh Studio: Tuesday — Sunday usually It includes a 75 minutes body treatment, a choice of drink, specially decorated suite, and other perks.

If renting a whole yacht for a romantic evening is way too extravagant for you, settle for a floating donut instead.

We might not have the oldest of cultures, but our food culture is absolutely power, lah. Care to dine in a vintage wonderland or Chinese cartel-inspired den? A seafood classic and signature Singaporean dish, this delicacy can be found at these chilli crab restaurants in Singapore.

Your ultimate guide of 75 fun and amazing things to do in Singapore

With an average temperature of 32 degree celsius, Singapore is a melting hot pot for outdoor dates. As a result, most couples prefer to stay indoors. But more often than not, the first dates usually result in a dinner and a movie which can get boring over time. The plus side of playing sports indoors is not having to worry about getting sunburnt. Varies due to National Skating Association training sessions. Public skating sessions can be viewed here. As an air-conditioned climbing gym, you and your date can spend less time worrying about sweaty pit stains and focussing more on bonding through the challenging exercise. Register here. You can split into teams and work together to see who can hit the most strikes. Plus, you can come up with a team name by combining your names together. Branch locations found here Opening Hours: Instead of jumping straight into bed, try jumping on a trampoline with your future partner, where both of you can unleash your childish selves while burning calories.

35 Cool & Fun Things To Do In Singapore

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to museums here. Catch the latest Hollywood releases and all-time classics on the big screen like they used to do. All you have to do is show up with your picnic mats, popcorn and each other. No doubt, Esplanade is a star when it comes to date locations. From its romantic waterfront space to its spacious outdoor theatre, there's always something to do here.

The best free date ideas in Singapore

Singaporeans are soon becoming an endangered species due to our declining birth rates. Also, Singapore is not big on love hotels. So what are the alternatives? Are there any private places left in the city? If you are looking for quiet places to chill or where to make out in Singapore and as far as possible from Marina Bay , you have landed on the correct place. If cost is an issue for you then fret not, you can earn Cashback and look for the best offers like a Hotels.

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Singapore's pretty skyline, gritty nooks and quaint back alleys are great backdrops for making out, whether or not you live with your parents. Here are some of the classier ones we know, near places you might actually be for a date. Have fun! The ambience: This spot is equal parts prettiness and convenience. Take the discreet set of stairs next to Siang Cho Keong Temple and enjoy a postage-stamp sized city park with winding paths and ample benches.

12 Romantic Dining & Dating Spots in Singapore

I know many people who whine about how boring Singapore is. From those who have not seen our " 52 Things to do in Singapore " list boo!! It's always the same old places, same old food and same old activities year in year out. The point of this list is to feature 12 of the most romantic places in Singapore. Whether its to add a little more spice to your relationship or to find somewhere in Singapore perfect for celebrating that special moment or anniversary. But if you can look past how commercialised some of them are, they actually make for a terrific time.

They are lots of dating spots in Singapore for couples on a tight budget. Here are a few ideas…. Image credit: Christian van Elven. Soaring 50 storeys high, this huge housing complex is connected by two skyparks. The 26th floor is open to residents only. Head to the 50th floor, which is open to the public, and check out the great views of the city and the port.

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