Dating kodachrome slide mounts

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This directory contains scans of about 35mm color slides taken by my late father-in-law H. William Stolmack. Bill and Molly's slides were not well organized when I inherited them in Most of the slides are Kodachrome, and most of those survived the passing years well. Some used other color processes and are now badly faded. The slides were not well cared for, and I didn't perform extensive per-slide cleanup before scanning, so many of the scans show scatches or dirt.

He took slides through the early s, but then switched to prints. I believe the few post slides listed here were taken by other people. Slides are grouped here chronologically. Dates for earlier slides are just educated guesses directory names yyyy or yyyy a etc. Kodak slide mounts provide hints to approximate dates in the era before slide mount datestamps. Collections Amaro, Cloisonne, Movie stills Computers Computer-related pages: Family Family history, Genealogy, Our house Favorites Favorite pages.

Lists Cultural events, Films, Recipes, Restaurants Photos My photos, Event photos, Travel photos, Panoramas San Francisco: Other A few more pages Validate HTML. Validate CSS. Bill Stolmack photos from Kodachrome 35mm faded color slides in undated slide mounts. Approximate date Approximate date per Molly's handwritten captions. Dated per handwritten notations by MKS on the slide mounts.

From Kodachrome 35mm slides in undated slide mounts. Painted Desert and Grand Canyon. Molly pregnant with Alan. Alan's first steps, Youngstown. Approximate date per Alan's age. Boulder Dam, Lake Mead. Trip to Chicago and Youngstown. A few have handwritten notations by MKS on the slide mounts. Approximate date per kids' ages and slide mount dating. A few have dates handwritten on the slide mount by MKS, e.

Lake Tahoe. Date is purely a guess. Alan playing baseball. These are the earliest HWS slides with slide mount datestamps. Ferry trip on SF Bay. Estimated date , guessing from kid's ages ca. Two half-frame 35mm color slides from HWS. Slide mount label: Presumably the unknown figure in the pictures is a Brazilian student Luis Roberto?

Undated; guessing date to be ca. Family gathering at Moraga. Slide mounts labeled "C.

Here 6 tips for dating, scanning, cleaning, organizing, saving, and sharing The original Kodachrome Slide Mount Chart was published here. Dating Kodachrome Slide Mounts Kodachrome, The History and the Era.

Kodachrome is a brand name for a non-substantive, color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak in For many years Kodachrome was widely used for professional color photography, especially for images intended for publication in print media. Because of its complex processing requirements, the film was sold process-paid in the United States until when a legal ruling prohibited this.

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Save Cancel Drag to set position! Vintage Kodachrome. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I found this page online that helps to date Kodachrome. I saw that someone had posted it on the other Kodachrome community and thought people in this group would be particularly interested. Dating Vintage Kodachrome Guide Enjoy!

Dating kodachrome slide mounts refers

Discussion in ' Photography Beginners' Forum ' started by oldkodachrome , Oct 22, If prints were made from slides in , would the lab have done the following? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Oct 22, 1. Oct 18, Messages: Kentucky Can others edit my Photos: Photos OK to edit. Would the processing lab have torn open the cardboard slide holders to remove the film to make the prints? Were there several different ways a lab could have made prints from slides back then?

This directory contains scans of about 35mm color slides taken by my late father-in-law H. William Stolmack.

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60 year old Kodachromes

Dating Kodachrome Slide Mounts. Just discovered this site. Lot of good info here. Check it out. This is a good one too! It is the ending of an era. Other mounts, non-Kodak? The links you provided are fantastic, but I was wondering if it was possible to find Kodachrome mounted in cardboard or plastic mounts that DID NOT have the word "Kodachrome" on them? For example, I'm working on scanning some older family slides from the 50's and 60's. One box has a graphic on the lid that says "Brown Photo", with the word "Slides" printed to the right. Probably the name of the local camera store, I would assume.

Kodachrome Slide Number help needed

Probably a stupid question for the old salts, but here goes. I am scanning over 1, "Kodachrome Transparency" color positive slides that my late father shot years ago. Luckily he hand-numbered the slides in order shot, however, at the top of most of the slides in the white paper border there are date stamps, either in ink or actual impressions in the slides, e. What are these dates? Or are they slide expiration dates? Please help. I am trying to determine if I should append the date to the slide number after each scan.

Kodak slide dating guide. Dating French kodachrome mounts

I'm just now starting to archive all the photos my Mom has. Most of the ones we are doing now are the real old ones—her family photos and my Dad's family photos. The problem is she can't always narrow down the date enough to come up with a year. So that's causing me to have a lot of photos with '19xx-xx-xx' as the date. There aren't really any other family members who will know the answer so I doubt if the dates will ever be completed. Any suggestions as to how to handle situations like this so I don't have a long list of '19xx' photos? I would suspect that most family photo collections have a considerable amount of paper prints that weren't dated or even captioned.

We are thrilled to contribute to the APPO blog to talk about rare format slides. We scan a million slides a year at EverPresent and they are a fun and easy way to relive your old family trips and special occasions. Slides can be color or black-and-white. Slides are pieces of celluloid that are often framed in mounts made of cardboard or plastic. Most mounts are roughly two-inch squares, but you can tell different slide formats apart by the size of their actual images:. You can use this chart to determine whether you have medium or large format.

A photo slide is a specially mounted individual transparency intended for projection onto a screen using a slide projector. This allows the photograph to be viewed by a large audience at once. The most common form is the 35 mm slide, placed inside a cardboard or plastic shell for projection. Early slide projectors used a sliding mechanism to manually pull the transparency out of the side of the machine, where it could be replaced by the next image, and it is from this that we get the name "slide". Modern slide projectors typically use a carousel that holds a large number of slides, and viewed by a mechanism that automatically pulls a single slide out of the carousel and places it in front of the lamp. Standard 35mm film, such as Kodachrome, Ektachrome and Ansochrome transparencies from the 's, 's and 's are commonly in 2" by 2" slides with paperboard mounts, usually stamped with Kodak identifying information. Other film manufacturers such as Fuji also may be identified on the slide mount.

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