Couchsurfing hookup

Couchsurfing hookup

My apologies for the delay in posting, noble readers; I have recently relocated to Vimutti Buddhist Monastery and have limited Internet access. Some Couchsurfers may have already had the fortune of reading Sleeping Around by Brian Thacker, the story of a man surfing his way across the globe; incidentally, if you are in New Plymouth, New Zealand, I left my copy to their CSing community — find it and leave your autograph to the ages. From Kenya to Iceland, Thacker takes us on a global tour of the hospitality of those bearing their souls… but mostly their couch cushions. If I had read this back in , I would have been pleasantly shocked and awed.

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This week, a year-old assistant film producer who recently broke up with her boyfriend in front of a new guy: Day One. My mouth tastes disgusting. Blue Gatorade is the only color that cures hangovers, FYI. He actually witnessed the phone call where my ex-boyfriend and I decided to end it, just a week ago. New Guy and I were outside smoking when it happened. I say maybe. Seeing him three nights in a row might be overkill.

The city is expensive — I work hour days at a TV-production job during the week and write for a blog on the weekend. Some friends from college want to go out tonight. I agree to go even though I feel like death. Out with my friends and drunk-texting New Guy. He somehow finds me in this very dark, very loud techno bar. We hold hands. Once we get inside his room, he goes down on me until I climax. We cuddle naked and listen to music until we fall asleep.

Day Two. I throw up in his bathroom and call a Lyft to get the fuck out of there. Everything I drank last night is hitting me at once and I feel like I could throw up again. I run outside. The Lyft has bottled water, thank god. The great thing about this job is that I can do it from anywhere. New Guy texted to ask where I went. My phone dings. I tell him no.

Not one bit. They all want to go out after. I lie on the couch, watching Friends from his Netflix account. I crack and text my ex: He writes back almost instantly. When can I see you? Day Three. Against all better judgment I have agreed to see him tonight. I have some time to plan. I decided not to change. Why am I nervous? We walk up the street to a neighborhood bar. At some point during our conversation I lean across the table and kiss him.

I say yes. He knows exactly what I like, without asking. I love his mouth. He goes down on me for as long as I want and then comes back up and kisses me. Then he fucks me until we both come. Eventually, we fall asleep with his head resting in the crook of my neck. Day Four. He left marks all down my stomach and thighs; I can feel the button of my jeans pressing into a particularly fresh bruise.

He wants to know if I want to hang out tonight. On my lunch break I go into the bathroom and send my ex photos of the bruises he left on me. I tell New Guy yes, I will see him tonight. We are pushing a scene and are going to wrap later than usual. I text New Guy to tell him we need to reschedule. My ex texts to ask if I want to hang out. I say yes without hesitating and ride all the way to his apartment.

We hang out with his roommates for a minute and then he brings me into his bedroom and undresses me on the couch. I am clean; I know he is too. I still worry about getting pregnant, though. I clean up and we get in bed. Day Five. Alone time on the train gives me an opportunity to slap on some makeup. Normally I hate people who do that, but the cars are usually empty this early.

New Guy texts and wants to know if he can see me. I say sure. My excuses are getting repetitive and dumb. My ex texts and asks if I want to come over. Day Six. A girlfriend texts and asks if I want to go to a show. She says her hot friend who recently moved to the city is coming too — I met him once, at a party. Taking a Lyft to grab dinner with my friend and Hot Friend.

He says he misses me. Hot Friend buys me a drink at the bar inside the venue. I vow to use the train from now on. Hot Friend asks if he can buy me another drink. He also lets me know that he has Champagne at his apartment down the block. I tell him I love Champagne. We end up inside his apartment, where he immediately pushes me against a wall and kisses me. He takes me into his room and throws me on the bed. We start having sex and then he pulls out and finishes on my stomach — not my favorite.

He hands me a hand towel from the bathroom and asks if I want a shirt to sleep in. I tell him I have work early in the morning, then give him a quick kiss and leave. I text my ex: Day Seven. My ex and I are at an intimate sushi spot with candles on the tables. We have a bottle of wine. We have a really nice time, then head to one of my favorite bars. He rubs the back of my neck while I jerk him off a little. We briefly discuss taking this situation to the bathroom but ultimately decide we can do way more at home.

In his apartment, on his bed. He brings me water and we finish the Slender Man documentary we started a while ago. I feel my eyes start to close as I lie on his chest. Want to submit a sex diary? Email sexdiaries nymag. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Getty Images. Get Sex Diaries delivered every week.

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Unsurprisingly, the pickup artist culture found Couchsurfing to be a ripe area for exploitation. Mike Nudelman/Business Insider Riccardo G.'s profile on STARCMANTOVA.COM, the website that partners intrepid wanderers with willing hosts.

Couchsurfing is one of the oldest sharing-economy travel websites out there. It and sites like it, such as BeWelcome, Servas, Hospitality Club, and GlobalFreeloaders is one of the best ways to connect with locals, get off the main tourist travel path, make new friends — and save money by getting free accommodation. My first host was a woman in Athens who let me stay for two nights.

Up until Berlin, I was a couch surfing virgin.

He describes himself as "amazing, outgoing, funny, smart" and says his interests include friends, eating, drinking, the gym and puppies. His photos show the good-humored Latin American native — dark, handsome, and fit — in exotic destinations around the world, from Cairo to Capri.

I’ll always remember my first time … Couch Surfing

Six men, one van: Sounds like a nightmare? Including that group of five men. Three in the bed, one underneath the bed, one on a chair. Normally, he takes solo travellers or the odd couple. Carlson, who works as a wedding photographer in the summer and freelances for Amazon off-season, lives his life on the road.

Couchsurfing’s Sex Secret: It’s The Greatest Hook-Up App Ever Devised

This week, a year-old assistant film producer who recently broke up with her boyfriend in front of a new guy: Day One. My mouth tastes disgusting. Blue Gatorade is the only color that cures hangovers, FYI. He actually witnessed the phone call where my ex-boyfriend and I decided to end it, just a week ago. New Guy and I were outside smoking when it happened. I say maybe. Seeing him three nights in a row might be overkill.

In , I was a professional bellydancer and went on a self-organized tour of Canada and the United States.

But what I am here to do is clear up a bit of the glamour surrounding the concept of gorgeous foreigners showing up at your doorstep. Picking someone up at the bar requires approximately three hours of lame, dry martini-fueled discourse. Picking someone up at the airport, preparing your home for their arrival, making them feel comfortable and safe and taking them on numerous adventurous outings is actually quite a bit more work. Hosting couchsurfers can be an excellent experience but it can also be costly, time-consuming, risky, and detrimental to your work schedule.

6 Unfortunate Realities Of Couchsurfing Hook Ups

She proposes then to meet at my place. I then tell her another surfer will be coming later. She stops to buy beers and arrives at my place. We drink, have chat on the couch. After 15 minutes we just decided to fuck. I also like Eastern Europe girls, especially Russians and Ukrainians. Last week I hosted a Russian girl who was traveling alone. In fact, she was taller than me with not so nice teeth. She spent the first night on the mattress. The second on the couch next next to my bed. And the third night she spent it on my bed after I offered her a nice massage. She ended up spending a week instead of 3 days as she planned.

How to Crush it on Couchsurfing

What if I told you that a gorgeous blonde chick speaking with an exotic foreign accent will be coming to your house, partying with you all weekend, then coming back to your place for some afterhours fun? I discovered Couch Surfing accidentally back in while roaming around Latin America. One of the backpackers briefly mentioned it over a few beers at a rundown hostel I was staying. I made a mental note to check it out at a later date but never did. Two years later I started using it as a tool to get to know a city, meet interesting people, and, of course, to bang chicks. My roommates and I hosted extensively at our Rio de Janeiro apartment and did quite well.





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