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Welcome to the Cambridge University Geotechnical Society

Thursday, May 9th, at 6: Event Date: Saturday, Oct 13th, at 1: Friday, May 11th, at 7: Thursday, Apr 5th, at 6: Saturday, Mar 24th, at Thursday, Mar 1st, at 6: Thursday, Feb 1st, at 6: Saturday, Jan 20th, at 6: Tuesday, Jan 9th, at 6: Thursday, Jan 4th, at 6: Thursday, Dec 7th, at 6: Friday, Dec 1st, at 6: Thursday, Nov 2nd, at 6: Thursday, Oct 5th, at 6: Sunday, Oct 1st, at 1: Thursday, Sep 14th, at 6: Thursday, Aug 3rd, at 6: Thursday, Jul 13th, at 6: Thursday, Jun 1st, at 6: Thursday, May 4th, at 6: Thursday, Apr 6th, at 6: Sunday, Apr 2nd, at Thursday, Feb 2nd, at 6: Saturday, Jan 28th, at 6: Thursday, Dec 8th, at 6: Saturday, Dec 3rd, at 6: Thursday, Nov 3rd, at 6: Thursday, Oct 6th, at 6: Sunday, Oct 2nd, at 1: Thursday, Sep 1st, at 6: Thursday, Aug 4th, at 6: Thursday, Jun 2nd, at 6: Thursday, May 5th, at 6: Wednesday, May 4th, at 7: Wednesday, Apr 27th, at Thursday, Mar 3rd, at 6: Saturday, Feb 27th, at 7: Thursday, Feb 4th, at 6: Thursday, Jan 7th, at 6: Thursday, Dec 24th, at Thursday, Dec 10th, at 6: Friday, Dec 4th, at 7: Thursday, Nov 5th, at 6: Sunday, Oct 4th, at 2: Thursday, Sep 3rd, at 6: Tuesday, Aug 18th, at 6: Thursday, Aug 6th, at 6: Thursday, Jun 4th, at 6: Saturday, May 9th, at Thursday, May 7th, at 6: Saturday, Apr 11th, at Wednesday, Apr 8th, at 7: Thursday, Apr 2nd, at 6: Saturday, Mar 21st, at 1: Tuesday, Mar 17th, at 7: Thursday, Mar 5th, at 6: Thursday, Feb 5th, at 6: Wednesday, Jan 28th, at 7: Saturday, Jan 24th, at 6: Thursday, Jan 8th, at 6: Wednesday, Dec 24th, at Thursday, Dec 11th, at 6: Saturday, Dec 6th, at 7: Willem H.

Tuesday, Nov 18th, at 7: Thursday, Nov 6th, at 6: Wednesday, Nov 5th, at 7: Thursday, Oct 23rd, at 6: Thursday, Oct 2nd, at 6: Wednesday, Sep 24th, at 7: Sunday, Sep 21st, at 2: Thursday, Sep 4th, at 6: Thursday, Aug 7th, at 6: Wednesday, Aug 6th, at 7: Inter Milan: Tuesday, Jul 29th, at 7: Thursday, Jul 10th, at 6: Wednesday, Jul 9th, at 7: Monday, Jun 16th, at Celebrating Recollections of May Ball!

Thursday, Jun 5th, at 6: Saturday, May 10th, at Thursday, May 8th, at 6: Wednesday, May 7th, at 7: Wednesday, May 7th, at 6: Turi King Jesus: Friday, May 2nd, at 6: Sunday, Apr 6th, at Thursday, Apr 3rd, at 6: Thursday, Mar 20th, at 7: Thursday, Mar 6th, at 6: Friday, Feb 21st, at 6: RSVP required. Thursday, Feb 20th, at 3: Thursday, Feb 6th, at 6: Wednesday, Jan 29th, at 7: Saturday, Jan 25th, at 6: Thursday, Jan 9th, at 6:

Cambridge University Law Society · August 18, ·. *SAVE THE DATE* Congratulations to all those who've just got their A Level results and found out they're. You know what you need now that the first essay crisis has blown over? Love. Someone who will hold you as you weep over your latest.

The church was built around , its shape being inspired by the rotunda in the church of the Holy Sepulchre , Jerusalem. It was built by the Fraternity of the Holy Sepulchre, who were probably a group of Austin canons. It consisted of a round nave and an ambulatory , with a short chancel , probably in the shape of an apse. Around this time structural alterations were made to the church, with the rebuilding of the chancel and the addition of a north aisle , the aisle being shorter than the chancel.

The Cambridge University Law Society is one of the oldest founded and largest student run societies in the University, the country and indeed the world.

The afternoon will begin for students… Read More. Read More.

Cambridge University Surgical Society

After years of disrepute in several countries, Industrial Policy IP is back in vogue of late at regional, national and international levels, driven by concerns over competitiveness, globalisation, de-industrialisation, unemployment and, in the European case, by comparatively slow growth. Modern industrial policy is a broad concept and has moved beyond entailing specific industrial policies that aim to improve the competitiveness of particular firms and sectors ; rather, it is increasingly viewed as the architecture through which the state enables businesses and people to acquire new capabilities to enhance growth and socio-economic development within geographical places. A selection of the papers from the conference will be published in the Cambridge journal of Regions, Economy and Society. The conference themes included:. Speakers included:

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Bangalore

Thank you to everyone who was part of the 25th Cambridge Science Festival. We've had a wonderful two weeks of spectacular science! We see it as a central part of our mission to share the remarkable work that goes on, often unseen by the wider public. Dr Susannah Gibson gives a brief history. Biomedical Campus welcomes back the Science Festival. Visit Cambridge Biomedical Campus on Sunday 24 March and see the difference hospitals, researchers and industry are making to the healthcare both now and in the future. Cambridge Science Festival prepares for another busy weekend. Is the Milky Way special? Cambridge Science Festival welcomed famous visitor on Saturday. On Saturday 16 th March, actor, television presenter, writer, director, comedian, and producer, Warwick Davis and his wife visited the Discovering Sepsis exhibit on behalf of the UK Sepsis Trust.

Studying at Cambridge.

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University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy. The Spirit of Inquiry: Teaching and research in chemistry, physiology or experimental philosophy had long been peripheral to the activities of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. For much of their year histories, these institutions had trained young men for ministry in the church, or acted as finishing schools for their more aristocratic classmates. But things were changing.

2019 AGM Venue and Date

Thursday, May 9th, at 6: Event Date: Saturday, Oct 13th, at 1: Friday, May 11th, at 7: Thursday, Apr 5th, at 6:

The Cambridge Philosophical Society and the invention of science, 1819-2019

University of Cambridge. Ethnomusicology has become an important part of the degrees on offer at the Faculty of Music, and with the recent appointment of Dr Peter McMurray as a permanent lecturer, the discipline is set to grow in the coming years. At an undergraduate level, ethnomusicology is introduced to students in Year 1 as a core subject and there are optional modules throughout Years 2 and 3. At graduate level, the Faculty has recently restructured its Masters program, offering a 9-month MPhil in Music Studies from October There are also optional modules in the discipline that vary each year depending on staff research interests. The Faculty also attracts exceptional PhD candidates that pursue research in ethnomusicology and its intersection with other sub-disciplines such as popular music studies and historical musicology.

Here's a map to find it. Note there is a one way road system from Maris Lane to Grantchester Road. There is sometimes a peal, quarter peal, training event or ringing by visitors at weekends. The heaviest tenor bell weighs just over half a ton cwt, kg tuned to the note G. Here are the detailed Weights, Notes and Inscriptions of the Bells. The bells were recast and rehung with new fittings in an extended frame with two additional trebles to form an octave in The 50th anniversary of the bells was celebrated in with some special ringing.

To join the Oxford and Cambridge Society of the Netherlands, please follow the link. Do you enjoy asparagus? Have you ever wondered how they are grown or how, while still under the earth, they can be cut without damaging the delicate tops? If you would like to know the answer to these and other interesting questions and if you would like to taste really fresh asparagus, please come to our asparagus event. Aspergehof Noordam, Woubrugge Price: More information [ here ] and registration form [ here ]. The Oxford and Cambridge Society is inviting you to a visit one of the oldest deep tech A.

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