700r4 transmission hook up

700r4 transmission hook up

The GM r4 is a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. In a world filled with rising gas prices, the General needed to keep its product line relevant. Adding a 4th overdrive gear allowed them to make their sports cars and pickup trucks more affordable to drive. The r4 transmission replaced the 3-speed TH, and became a popular upgrade for older rear wheel drive GM vehicles. Another common issue with the r4 is overheating.

700R4 & 2004R Installation Instructions

For some, only a manual gearbox will do — they want to row through the gears themselves, and for projects destined for track days on road courses, a stick shift is the way to go. But for the vast majority of would-be swappers, an automatic transmission is the preferred gearbox. TCI will build you a TH or TH in configurations from mild to wild, in various tailshaft lengths, and forward or reverse shift patterns and even transbrake-equipped for dragstrip duty.

However, the torque converter bolt pattern and pilot length is different on the LS transmission applications. The Chevrolet Performance catalog click here to download your own copy lists an extensive array of torque converters designed to pair their LS and even Gen V LT engines with the correct converter for both 4L60 and 4L80 type transmissions. For owners of classic musclecars already equipped with a serviceable, original automatic, this will be the simplest and least expensive solution when doing an LS swap.

Between the two options, a flexplate swap using the original converter will be cheaper, but considering that the new engine is likely going to have a very different powerband than the one coming out, a torque converter with a more aggressive stall speed is likely to be the more desirable way to go. A properly built version can handle 25 percent more than that. The R4 represents a Rubicon between the old and new — while it gained an additional overdrive fourth gear and lockup torque converter capability over its TH ancestor, it retained mechanical, rather than electronic operation.

The R4 was renamed the 4L60 in , then evolved into the 4L60E when electronic control was added. Moving to an overdrive gearbox does have some special considerations to keep in mind in terms of space and controlling lockup and line pressure, though, and in the case of a fully electronic transmission, overall control. Your chosen transmission and engine combination will also determine what you need for transmission control. Factory-style LS throttle bodies have no provision for a kickdown or TV cable, so some degree of finagling and fabrication will be required to use a TH or R4.

Once you start mixing and matching engines, computers, and electronically controlled transmissions, though, you may end up wishing for a turn-key solution. Chevrolet Performance offers multiple transmission control systems for both factory-style EFI setups and carbureted LS engines, as well as 4L60 and 4Lbased performance automatic transmissions.

They are designed just like our LS fuel injected controller kits in that they are pre-calibrated to function after they are hooked up and plugged in. The software if you decide to use it is very easy to navigate and most people are able to make the changes they want without having to refer to the help section. Doing the transmission right for your particular LS swap will involve not just the big items like the gearbox itself, the crossmember, driveshaft, converter, and flexplate, but supporting components such as the shifter and control electronics.

Though aftermarket support for all aspects of doing an LS swap in popular vehicles is good and growing Holley is a good example , you can expect some level of fabrication and adaptation will be necessary. TCI offers a pressurized cleaning product that is designed specifically for back-flushing coolers and lines that will be reused, to help prevent the introduction of sludge and metal shavings into your new transmission. The fluid level is critical as well: Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Chevy Hardcore, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE!

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The B&M THR4 is a specially modified transmission intended for performance tions on connecting the TV cable in vehicles not originally equipped with a. The R4 transmission is a three speed overdrive transmission This will aid when connecting the torque converter and flywheel by assuring the free.

I have a Chevy K20 Pickup. It originally came with a Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. It has a R4 installed now, which is shot.

Your transmission and engine combination is very important.

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LS Swap Automatic Transmission Guide

Remember Me? Home Latest Posts! Results 1 to 5 of 5. Chevy r4 trans speedometer hook up? I need some help as I am completely lost with the what and how to hook up the speedometer from the transmission to the supplied harness. I am running a Chevy r4 transmission which was built by Phoenix Transmission.

What’s Needed to Install a 700-R4 or 4L60E Trans Behind Carbureted 350?

View Full Version: Run engine without tv cable hooked r4? Will I hurt my trans if I run the car with TV cable not hooked up to tune the carb? The setup I have right now to connect the tv cable to the carb doesnt work well. I have plastic tear drop shaped connector that should snap onto linkage for carb. I still have doubts about the small spring "correction" device that allows the carb to go to WOT without pulling the TV cable out of "calibration. It's been a number of years since I messed with r4's so I don't recall exactly. The way I remember it though is that the TV cable does have an effect on the oil pressure in the tranny and if you leave it disconnected you can basically fry the tranny.

The R4 transmission is a three speed overdrive transmission manufactured by General Motors in various forms since

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Can i run 700r4 without lockup?

Return to Tech Info Page Return to Sumner's Home Page. Next Page of R4 info. I am not a transmission repairman. I use a R4 in my truck and have accumulated the following information that might help you. A lot of problems with this transmission after installation are due to improper TV cable hookup and adjustment. I have that info here along with wiring information for the lockup converter. If you are having internal problems with the transmission I'm sorry, but I can't help, so please don't e-mail me about those kind of problems. You need to talk to a repairman or you might trying posting on Rodder's Roundtable Forum and post the question to Tony board name is Crosley. He works on these transmissions all the time and you can trust his answers. It is very important to set up the Throttle Valve T. I can't stress how important the geometric relationship of the hook up point on the carb for the T.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A GM With A 700R4 Transmission

Asked by 93Hammer Mar 04, at Took the destroyed 4L60e out of the truck when I bought it and replaced it with the R4. Was not planned but when I went to buy it my tranny guy said they'd be identical. But anyways the had less than , on it for sure and was hooked up to its matching transfer case. Hooked up real nice except for the dip stick one for tranny was broke off in port so we used the 4L60e tube. Had everything hooked up except for the TV cable.

700R4 Lock Up Kit

The THR4 is easy to find, either as a used part or a rebuilt unit, and can be retrofitted into earlier transmission applications relatively easily as well. Another way to identify one of these units in the car is by the square, bolt oil pan. THR4 transmissions have a lock-up torque converter, and they use an electric control solenoid to operate the lock-up function. From , the THR4 came with a spline input shaft. Later production units were equipped with a spline input. Although the later spline version is more desirable, both units can be interchanged if the proper mating torque converter is used.

About R4 Lock Up Kit No matter how long you have been driving, nothing is quite as awkward as attempting to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission when you are only used to automatic ones. However, manual transmissions offer far better fuel economy, less heat, and reduced slippage when compared to automatics, and a R4 lock up kit lets you enjoy the convenience and reliability of an automatic transmission with many of the benefits of a manual one. Shifting from gear to gear is not only hard on your transmission, but it also uses up a lot of fuel. A lock up kit allows you to lock your engine in fourth gear, ensuring that it stays there even while you are changing speeds rather than automatically going from gear to gear as you travel. Browse through the vast inventory on eBay to find a R4 lock up kit that can reduce the chances of serious issues with your transmission and allow you to save on fuel costs without having to master the art of driving with a manual transmission. Skip to main content.

What do I have to do to use a R4 trans with a carbureted engine? The trans is new enough that it has a lot of wires going to it. It works well. This time, I will use an electronic speedo. You need to distinguish between the R4 trans which can be set up to run without a computer and its later descendent, the 4L60E family which is a fully electronic, totally computer-controlled transmission. There are usually provisions to hook up a conventional speedometer cable on the lefthand side of the extension housing, although on some models, a vehicle speed sensor VSS with an additional two-wire connector replaces the conventional speedometer drive and driven gears.

Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. Terms Of Service. Privacy Policy. The Ford Barn FordBarn. Sponsored Links Register now to hide all advertisements. My new 51 F1 has a with a r4 auto transmission. Can the original speedometer be hooked up to this trans?

How to Install a 700R4 Monster Transmission Internal Lockup Kit
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